Green & Gold Student Spirit Code

Colorado State students, faculty, and staff pride themselves on behaving with integrity at all Ram events on and off campus - something known as "Ram Pride." In keeping with that tradition, the Associated Students of Colorado State University - the governing student body - adopted the Green & Gold Student Spirit Code, with the expectation of ensuring a safe and enjoyable time for all fans attending a CSU event as well as encouraging the proud display of Ram Pride. All students are encouraged to uphold the Student Spirit Code while attending CSU events, which means:

  • Upholding CSU as a campus of character.
  • Taking responsibility for individual actions.
  • Understanding Student Rights and Responsibilities listed in the CSU Handbook.
  • Following all CSU policies and obeying the law.
  • Behaving courteously with other fans and teams regardless of a game's outcome.
  • Following the rules of tailgating in various on-campus venues.
  • If 21 or older and chooses to drink, does so legally and responsibly.
  • Projecting a positive image of Ram Pride.

Keep up that Ram Pride!