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Where are you now, Kristin Elliott-Fox: Born to Swim

By CSU Athletic Historian, John Hirn

Ram Alumni Athletes Association Kristin Elliott

By John Hirn
CSU Athletics Historian

Kristin Elliott was born to swim. Both of her parents were competitive swimmers and as a child she was drawn to the water and did not want to get out.

The 1992 Pomona High School graduate had 35 NCAA Division I programs courting her to swim at their schools. She could only visit five and ended up passing up Arizona State, Iowa, Tennessee and Florida State not because of the facilities at Colorado State University, but thanks to CoachJohn Mattos.

Kristin remembered in a 2014 interview, "I picked CSU for one reason and it was not because we had a great pool... I visited some amazing pools on my recruiting trips. I picked CSU because ofJohn Mattos. He believed in me, he made me want to swim fast for him, for CSU and for myself." She continued about her coach, "He is an immensely talented coach that truly cared about us. He wanted us to succeed at everything we did, from school, in the pool, to personal life." She also could not forget assistant coach Cathy Drozda who helped complete the package at CSU.

Kristin Elliott developed into one of the finest swimmers in CSU history and in her freshman year she won the individual WAC championship in the 100 and 200-meter backstroke competition and also competed on the WAC champion relay teams for the 200 and 400-meter freestyle. During her career at CSU Elliot won six individual WAC championships and seven relay WAC championships. She was named to 21 All-WAC teams, was named WAC swimmer of the year in 1996, All-American in 1994 and was the winningest swimmer in WAC history when she graduated. Many of her records still stand at CSU and in the WAC.

Kristin remembered that the teammates she swam with at CSU during her career were also extremely good. She said, "The depth of talent on the swim team during 1993-1996 was extraordinary. We had powerhouse swimmers in every event." One teammate that stands out in my mind is Michelle Watson. Kristin said, "We came together as freshman in 1992. She was an incredible person. She was very competitive and loved to swim. Michelle Watson, 26 years young, died July 23, 2000 of breast cancer." Elliott remembered one thing Michelle Watson said which was, "If there is any message I could pass on it would be to take today's opportunities and live your dreams. I know sometimes it's hard not to be stressed out by life and bogged with minor problems. Try to remember what matters most to your heart and be thankful for what you do have."

Kristin Elliott was not just an amazing athlete, but also an excellent student who was recognized as an academic All-WAC athlete. After CSU she took that and earned a second degree from Regis University in Nursing and worked several years as a neonatal care nurse. Today she has her own business as a daycare provider and has the opportunity to be involved with her children's lives.

Kristin was married to Brian Fox and has two children who have also become swimmers. Kristin Elliott-Fox said of her children, "Mind you they are both breaking my personal best records at that age. Elliot, my daughter, (10 years old) is already recruiting Woody the Head Coach at CSU; she plans on breaking all my records."

In 2005, Kristin was inducted into the CSU Sports Hall of Fame and continues to be a member of the Ram Alumni Athletes Association. She continues to keep up with CSU athletics attending football games and swim meets.

She looks at the pool she swam in 20 years ago, which is the same pool her coach swam in 44 years ago and says, "The swimmers at CSU deserve a new pool. With that said I saw some breathtakingly beautiful facilities on my recruiting trip. When I decided on which school to attend, the coach was more important to me than the facilities. To this day CSU continues to have a great swimming coach in Chris "Woody" Woodard. Now let's build a pool worthy of CSU's Swimming Program."

She summed up her career as a student-athlete by saying, "Swimming for CSU was the best time of my life. From traveling across the country to three weeks of training in Hawaii each year to the life long friendships I made. Looking back on my career I feel truly blessed to have spent my college swimming career at CSU. Being inducted into CSU's Hall of Fame is one of my most memorable awards."

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