Fum's Song

The most recognizable name in CSU athletics remains Thurman "Fum" McGraw. McGraw was the school's first consensus football All-American in 1948 and '49. After an illustrious career in the NFL - helping the Detroit Lions to two world championships - McGraw served more than four decades in a variety of campus capacities including athletics director from 1976-86.

During his days as a student and fraternity member, he sang a song poking fun at regional institutions. The ballad later became known as "Fum's Song."

"I'll sing you a song of college days, and tell you where to go.
Aggies, where your knowledge is, and Boulder to spend your dough.
C.C. for your sissy boys, and Utah for your times, D.U. for your ministers, and drunkards School of Mines.
Don't send my boy to Wyoming U. a dying mother said. Don't send him to old Brigham Young, I'd rather see him dead.
But send him to our Aggies, it's better than Cornell.
Before I'd see him in Boulder, I'd see my son in hell!"