CAM the Ram

CAM the Ram is the official mascot of Colorado State University. His name reflects CSU history in that the letters of his name stand for Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College, the university's former name. The current CAM is a Rambouillet Ram and the 22nd CAM to serve Colorado State. He travels to cheer on the Rams football team and has his own troop of student "Ram Handlers" and a traveling trailer. The truck and trailer were made possible by the Rocky Mountain and Denver Metro Ford Dealers. Additional contributors include the CSU Bookstore, Action Signs and Liberty Mutual.

Was there life before CAM? Yes, and even before the Aggies. The school's first mascot was an English bulldog named Peanuts. Later, in 1919, a black bear cub became the mascot for a short while, but throughout most of the Aggies era, the University had no mascot at all

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