Student Athlete Information
Athletic Academic Services

Colorado State University continues to boast of one of the nation's most successful athletic programs.

The success the Rams enjoy on the field or in the arena is not nearly as important as the achievements of individual student-athletes in the classroom. The university and entire athletic department is committed to providing the most efficient and effective support for all student-athletes.

The Rams' academic student service office provides academic, educational, intellectual and personal development support for more than 350 CSU student-athletes. The goal of the program is to assist in the development of every student-athlete in reaching the individual's fullest potential.

Colorado State's support program includes:

  • Individualized advising with student-athletes
  • Supervised structured study
  • Laptop computer check out
  • Tutorial assistance
  • Academic performance monitoring
  • University resource referral
  • Early registration
Colorado State's program is an integral part of the overall "Lifeskills" program offered to every student-athlete as an approach to continued growth and development.

The G.O.L.D. (Goal Oriented Leadership Development team) is a group of campus professionals who provide programming and counseling in areas such as drug and alcohol education, health and nutrition, career counseling and diversity education.

Colorado State's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) meets with athletic department administrators to exchange ideas and provide feedback about the athletic program. Through the perspectives in higher education class, first-year student-athletes at Colorado State learn skills to adjust to the learning and social environment at Colorado State.

Student-Athlete Handbook

The Department of Athletics has published this handbook as a reference for students to use throughout their student-athlete careers. By reading the handbook, student-athletes will become aware of the importance the athletic department places on developing the whole person, academically, socially and athletically.

The handbook is intended to serve as a general guide to assist in answering many of the frequently asked questions that arise. Important information on university policies as well as those of the NCAA and Mountain West Conference is included for reference.

The department of intercollegiate athletics at Colorado State has an outstanding group of coaches and support staff. Student-athletes should never hesitate to contact their coach, trainer, academic coordinator or other staff members with questions or concerns.

The Colorado State Student-Athlete Handbook