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Water Polo moves to new facility

Beginning this season, the Rams will host all home events at the Veterans Memorial Aquatics Center

Beginning this season, the Rams will host all home events at the Veterans Memorial Aquatics Center

Nov. 23, 2011

By Nic Hallisey
Athletic Media Relations

THORNTON, Colo.—For years, Moby Pool has been home to the Colorado State water polo team. But beginning in 2012, the Rams will relocate to the Veterans Memorial Aquatics Center (VMAC), a new facility located in Thornton, Colo.

While the water polo program has appreciated Moby Pool over the years, the VMAC will allow CSU to practice and compete in a regulation-size pool for the first time.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the state of Colorado,” water polo coach Mike Moody said. “We’re more centrally located there. I hope to bring a good fan base from the Denver and Boulder areas.”

A regulation water polo pool is 25 meters in length by 20 meters in width, and at least seven meters deep. Moody estimates that Moby Pool, in addition to EPIC, where the Rams have also competed in the past, is about 2.5 meters short on both ends, and three meters shy of regulation width.

“Moby Pool is our home and has been great,” Moody said, “but just like any sport, you need to practice and spend time in a regulation course, and Thornton’s pool gives us that opportunity.”

The VMAC is a $19.5-million facility that features a 765,000-gallon, 50-meter Olympic-size pool. The facility opened just over a year ago.

“When it opened up, John (former coach John Mattos) and I started really talking about potentially moving down there,” Moody said. “This is something we need to do to get better, and we’re very fortunate that our administration offered their full support.”

Moody explained that the advantages of moving to the VMAC are twofold.

“First, it will provide more home games, and second, it gives us a chance to play real water polo in a right setting.”

Because Fort Collins does not offer a regulation-size pool, it has been hard for CSU to schedule opponents, and therefore, CSU rarely has held home events.

“We hope to bring in better teams and more teams throughout the years,” Moody said. “It’s a great opportunity for our girls and our program.”

Moody also explained the altitude advantage.

“If we can get teams to come out here, it gives us a huge advantage,” Moody said. “We train at a higher elevation than anyone else.”

Beginning this year, the Rams will play all home games at the VMAC, in addition to practicing there on Saturdays.

“It’s a beautiful facility and everything we need,” Moody said. “The Veterans Memorial Aquatics Center is very excited to have us there. They’re working with us really, really well.”

CSU opens its 2012 season in the Michigan Kick-Off, Jan 21-22. The Rams’ first home event at the VMAC is Jan. 26 vs. UC San Diego. The entire 2012 schedule will be released next week.

The VMAC is located at 5310 E. 136th Avenue.




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