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CSU volleyball NCAA tournament selection show

Dec. 2, 2013

NCAA Tournament Selection Show Quotes

Head Coach Tom Hilbert

(on Cal State Northridge)

“Cal State Northridge is very good and was nationally ranked for part of the season. They’re in the same region that we’re in, so I’ve been on the all-region calls all year. They have some good wins; they beat Hawai’i this year, for example. They beat a lot of good teams. They have a setter who’s outstanding. They’re probably very similar to us – they’re a good, efficient team; not overly athletic, but they’re going to be very good.”

(on it being a tough draw)
“Once you’re not a host, you’re going to go into a cluster where there are some very good teams. I thought that if we didn’t host we’d probably go to San Diego or USC.”

(on potentially having to face sixth-seeded USC in the second round)
“SC is really good. They were ranked No. 1 in the nation at one point this year. But have no problem with it, to be quite honest. I think SC is a very good team, but again, we’re a good team. We’re efficient, we play well on the road. I don’t think that’s an overly intimidating place for us to play. I think it’s a good pod for us.”

(on the sub-regional in general)
“We’re kind of an unknown commodity, even to ourselves. We haven’t played a team the caliber of SC, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be successful against them. I’m not afraid to do it, and in fact, I’m looking forward to playing two great teams: Northridge, and then you assume USC, should we be fortunate enough to win on Thursday.”

(on the quick turnaround)
“It’s very difficult. We’ll go back to the office tonight and start trying to arrange some film exchange, and then try and find as much out about these teams, and get ready for them. We have two days, essentially, to do it before leaving Tuesday evening.”

(on being in the NCAA tournament  once again)
“I’m very happy. I’m happy to be in the NCAA tournament, I really am. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year, and we had an incredible year; I’m happy to be here. This isn’t a question of how much we’re respected; it’s how they do this tournament. We’re playing good teams, and we’re playing in the NCAA tournament; you have to be happy about that.”

(on his team being wide-eyed going into the tournament)
“It would shock me if they were scared going into this matchup. I think they just want to go play volleyball.”

Adrianna Culbert | Sophomore | Opposite Hitter

(on the draw)

“We’re really excited to head to California and play Northridge. It’ll be tough competition, but it will be a really fun time, and that’s what the NCAA tournament is all about. It’ll be a tough spot to be in, but it’s not unobtainable.”

“This will really show what we’re made of, and let all the hard work throughout the season pay off.”

Samantha Peters | Senior | Middle Blocker

(on the quick turnaround)

“Honestly, I think it’s more rushed because of school, and we’re getting ready for finals and all of that. We are such a good prep team, and we always have been, so I think that puts our minds at ease a little bit, and we’re more ready to go play them.”

(on making a statement)
"I think it's a great opportunity for us, maybe show people that we were underestimated. We haven't really had the chance to prove ourselves. It will be fun to get out there and see what else is against us."

Deedra Foss | Junior | Setter

(on the quick turnaround)

“It’s tough both for preparation and academically. We’ll practice Monday and Tuesday, and then leave that night. We did it two years ago, though.”

(on playing different teams)
“I think it’s awesome playing teams that we haven’t faced, because they don’t know us and we don’t know them. It’s something different. It’s a different look for us.”



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