Volleyball European Travel Journal - Dispatch 2

May 16


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Kristin & Melissa, with the city of Prague in the background

After everyone crashed at midnight (we were strongly advised to stay awake until at least 11:00 pm), we all got up for the continental breakfast of meats, cheeses, yogurt ? including an almond flavored one - granola & orange juice. We then drove 10-15 minutes to practice.

Everyone took a lot of swings in practice and it was a tough 2+ hours, but it is the only practice of the whole trip. After practice, we drove back to the hotel for a Czech lunch of Wienerschnitzel (fried chicken) and boiled potatoes with a dessert of chocolate mousse swirled with cake and a banana in the center.

After lunch we had an hour to get ready and then we headed back to Old Town Square and an afternoon of shopping. We all split up into groups of three or four and hit the stores. No one bought a lot ? knowing we?d have to trek across Europe carrying it for the next two weeks. We spent from 3-6:15 shopping and hitting the internet caf?. Heather K might have found a new favorite snack when Bri introduced her to a vanilla hazelnut wafer in the open-air market.

Katie & Casey try the carnivore sandwich

Katie & Casey sample the carnivore sandwich

We then went to a Czech pub for dinner. We ate all sorts of things ? cheese in oil, potatoes with garlic mayo, potatoes with spinach, chicken curry, french fries, chicken with potato pancakes and mushrooms, spring chicken, potato balls with a tartar sauce, beef and dumplings, sauerkraut, dumplings, sausage and a raw hamburger ? carnivore sandwich. Several of the players were too chicken to try the sandwich, but a lot of them ate everything ? or at least sampled it.

The team met some Italian kids in the Old Town Square. One said he had been to America and told Casey he had been to ?Steakhouse.? Casey looked at him weird and he said, ?Ranch?? She questioned back, ?Texas?? And he said ?Yes.?

A volleyball player from Utah State, Zuzana, was at dinner with us and told us stories about all the old Rams, Stew Morrill and Raegan Scott-Pebley. She tried to convince Tom that Utah State needed to play in Colorado before she graduates from school.

By midnight everyone was back to the hotel, thinking about a breakfast at 8 a.m.

The Rams

(Thanks to Heather Kennedy, Assistant Director of CSU Media Relations)



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