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Getting to know CSU's Veronika Wojakowska

Veronika Wojakowska led the Rams in victories with 16 last season

Nov. 30, 2011

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- With fall play over and the spring season quickly approaching, the CSU women's tennis team is working hard to improve.
One player to watch is CSU senior Veronika Wojakowska. Last season, Wojakowska led the Rams with 16 overall victories while playing the majority of the season at the No. 4 singles position.
During the first round of the conference tournament last spring, Wojakowska earned a victory over New Mexico's Michaela Oldani, 6-7 (3), 6-4, 6-3. Wojakowska's victory tied the dual against New Mexico and allowed the Rams to defeat the Lobos, 4-3.
CSURams.com recently had the opportunity to sit down and get to know Wojakowska's take on everything from her thoughts on that New Mexico victory to what her goals are after graduation.
On what attracted her to CSU:
"Well, I am from Colorado and I just really love it here. I actually transferred back to CSU. I went to school in the Midwest at Bradley University in Illinois, and I just really missed Colorado so CSU just seemed like the best place for me to be."
On someone that inspires her:
"Rodger Federer; I really admire him because he is one of the top players in the world, but yet he is still so poised and humble. He just doesn't have a big head and he gives back a lot. "
On how she got started playing tennis:
"Well I quit gymnastics when I was 11 and my parents always wanted me involved in a sport, and usually just one sport as opposed to many so that I could just focus on one. So I had to pick up a sport when I quit. We had some racquets lying around and I just picked one up and gave it a try."
On her greatest moment as a player:
"Probably wining state my sophomore year. I played No. 1 singles for my high school (Palmer High School in Colorado Springs, Colo.). No one really expected an underclassman to win and so that was just kind of cool."
On the toughest shot for her to master:
"I would say one of the toughest shots for me during matches was the put-away shot. When you get that short ball and your opponent is on the run, you have the option to make the point. It's a lot of pressure on you and you don't want to miss it so you start thinking too much, which can make it easy to mess up."
On a shot that she will always remember:
"Actually this past fall, I was playing doubles with Tori (Arneson) and our opponents were serving. It was a really good serve and I had just gotten my racquet on the ball, the ball went up and over the opposing team's head and it ended up being a winner."
On her biggest win last season:
"Probably when we played the conference tournament against New Mexico, it was really close and it could have gone either way. We had just gotten a win and so I think that really helped the team out."
On her thoughts as this being her final season:
"It is a little weird. I don't think it has quite hit me yet so I am just trying to enjoy it while I can because I know I won't be in the same position next year."
On Coach Messick's impact on her approach to tennis:
"I think he has taught me to play smarter, hit smarter shots and don't over hit. I really like how he tells us as a team when we get really stressed out not to worry about winning or losing but to just play, play your game, and have fun."
On who she thinks is the most competitive player on the team:
"That's a tough question because I think we are all really competitive and we all really want to win."
On who has the hardest serve on the team:
"Actually, I think I would have to go with my sister, Adrianna. This year she has probably aced me a few times, I don't know where she picked up such an amazing serve."
On advice to younger players on the team:
"I would just tell them to keep playing hard and keep practicing hard but most importantly, have fun and it's only four years so just make the most of it."
On what she would be doing if she wasn't playing tennis:
"I would probably be playing another sport. Which sport, I'm not sure, but I would definitely be playing something else."



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