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Getting to know CSU's Lauren Mulhern

Most improved last season, Mulhern looks to become a more well-rounded player in the upcoming season

Sept. 27, 2011

By Amanda Bader
Athletic Media Relations

CSURams.com recently had the opportunity to sit down with Lauren Mulhern in order to gain some insight on the Rams’ junior on, and off the courts.

Showing the most improvement of anybody on the team last season, former walk-on Lauren Mulhern established a 17-18 singles record for the Rams during the 2009-10 season. Mulhern added to those victories during the 2010 fall tournament season, earning six wins in both singles and doubles with partner Tori Arneson.

Here are some of her thoughts on the upcoming season in addition to life off the courts for Mulhern.

On how she got her start playing tennis:
“My dad played tennis in college, as did my mom, but I actually didn’t get into playing until I was around 15 or so. One day I went to a few matches with my parents and I just decided I wanted to give it a try.”

On her experience prior to college:
“I played high school tennis for four years and then I also did the individual tournaments and the intermountain. I won some of the local tournaments. I never got too into the intermountain tournaments because I was such a late bloomer, so it was more of learning and growing experience during high school than anything else.”

On who she admires/looks up to:
“I really like Kim Clijsters because she is such a fighter. The fact that she can retire, have kids, come back and still dominate everyone is unbelievable.”

On which professional player her style is most like:
“I like (Elena) Dementieva. I think I play with her in the sense that we both have the same style of strokes and game style as well.”



On her biggest strength on the court:
“Well, I play left-handed so that gives me a big advantage because the ball spins the other way. My serve is another strength of mine. I have a really big serve, which gives me an advantage.”

On her most memorable college match:
“Last year against Utah there was a match where I lost the first set 6-4 and was down five-love, but then I managed to pull out three sets and win. That was a match that I just felt like everything was working for that and me I was playing to the best of my ability.”

On her hobbies outside of tennis:
“I have a dog, so I go to the dog park a lot. I like going like doing things outdoors and going up to Horsetooth and hiking around up there. The team is also really close so we all hang out on the weekends.”

On some of her personal goals for this season:
“I am really working on learning how to mix up my play and becoming more of a well-rounded player, so that is definitely one of my goals. Also I want to work on confidence, and not necessarily having a winning record, but that’s always a hope.”

On playing with partner Tori Arneson:
“I think we work well, especially with my serve because it is a different spin and it is pretty hard. Tori can also get a lot to move at the net. We kind of have a one-two punch system going for us.”

On the hardest part about being a college athlete:
“The hardest part is finding a balance for everything, finding time for school, tennis and a social life as well. But other than that it’s a great experience and I wouldn’t change it.”

On a quirky fact that people might not know about her:
“If I weren’t a tennis player and I hadn’t gotten into sports, I had always wanted to be a ballerina and do ballet. I tried it out a little as a kid, but I always wished that I was a little more graceful to continue more with that.”

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