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Softball blog No. 3

Nov. 11, 2008

Well as you may remember from our last blog, our team had the privilege to participate in an awesome ropes course just a couple blocks from campus! We were all excited to see what sort of challenges we would encounter, and we were not disappointed. We began with a few different games on the ground that taught us about communication, risk and trust. During each game we wouldn’t always realize the significance of the lessons we were learning, but the awesome staff at the course helped us to identify the practical ways that each challenge pertained to us, both in life and in softball.

After the first few games, we were told to pick a partner we wouldn’t normally pick out of the group to complete a challenge of walking across two sets of wires about one foot above the ground. This challenge really showed how we are prone to rely only on ourselves for strength and stability, but when we risk everything and let our partner stabilize us, we could travel much farther down the wire. It also showed us that we need to tell people what we need in life, such as when we need a push to excel and when we need them to take a step back.

Next, we were all given the chance to scale a rock wall. We were first given the task of setting a height on the wall to be the goal for everyone to make and then places where we thought 50 percent and 10 percent would be able to reach. It was awesome to see the determination in the eyes of our teammates and coaching staff, and we decided that we would nix the smaller percentages and say that 60 percent would reach the very top of the wall! We were able to choose from 4 different sections of the wall to climb. The thrill of climbing and the extra boost you felt when your teammates vocally navigated your way to the top was a sweet feeling of accomplishment and victory. When all was said and done, everyone made the 100 percent mark and just above 60 percent of us made it all the way to the top! It truly was a team win!



Our final challenge of the morning was a giant teeter totter. We were supposed to get everyone onto the teeter totter without either side touching the ground. As an extra challenge, we each had to tell the team what we were going to risk or bring back to the team as a result of all we’d learned that day to help our team reach excellence. The whole outing was an awesome team building experience for each one of us, and we are excited to see how we’ll be able to translate all these lessons onto the field this winter and into the spring!

Until next time Ram Fans!

Jenna and Al

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