Softball Blog No. 2

Sophomore Lyssa Roberts

Sophomore Lyssa Roberts

Nov. 9, 2009

Hi Rams Softball Fans!

With the ending of our fall season, we will slow things down a bit as far as games and practices go.  Although we cannot practice as much as a team, individual practices are in full force.  With individuals, we get two hours of instruction with a coach per week, but as athletes, we know that is not enough work to be great by spring.  We must work together with other teammates to make sure we get ourselves prepared by the time our spring season rolls around.  We have plenty of open times to use the gym as well as our new facility to work on various skills with teammates.  With the snowy weather lately, we have been able to use the new indoor practice facility to its fullest potential.  It is so nice not to have to compete with basketball and volleyball for open gym times.

As excited as we were to see the new weight room open, we were twice as excited when we finally got to use it for the first time!  The new weights are phenomenal and we believe this new strength room is going to benefit us very much, especially in the next few weeks, because this is the time of the season where we work the hardest on our weight lifting and conditioning.  We currently get to ‘beef up’ our muscles with our strength coach Fred Greener three times per week and condition four times per week (twice with our strength coach and twice with our coaches).  This year we are really trying to focus on our footwork and increase our core strength to improve ourselves in all aspects of the game. We are all very motivated to work hard during our designated times and we know the hard work is only going to bring us to success.

As we stated before we have had some snowy weather; the Colorado State University campus was closed down on Oct. 28 from 2 p.m. until the end of the day.  Classes thankfully resumed on Thursday, and by Friday, all things seem to be back to normal, including classes, the community, and of course our practices!  Ever since, we’ve had some beautiful weather, and you would never even know that it had snowed less than two weeks ago. 



Stay tuned to our blogs for any upcoming events.

Go Rams,

Lyssa Roberts, Christine Thomsen, and Rebecca Penland

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