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Postgame quotes

Dec. 16, 2012

Recap |  Final Stats

HEAD COACH Ryun Williams

(Opening statement)
Winning at this level is never easy.  You saw two teams that fought until the very end there, and it’s nice to come away with a win.  I believe it was the same thing in Bakersfield last year, when it came down to two Sam Martin free-throws and getting a two-point win.  Whether it was ugly or pretty or whatever way you want to put it, it was a much needed win, and maybe this is the start of something else. 

(On Caitlin Duffy)
She doesn’t overthink it.  She just goes out there and plays.  You see it when she steps backs and hits a three.  She has a 15-footer and she takes it.  She sees an open driving lane and she takes it.  And as a freshman she is our go-to player.   You can see that she is young player and has a lot of room for improvement, as you can see by a couple of plays there towards the end but she is becoming our go-to-player.

(On halftime adjustments)
I don’t know why it ends up being that way but surely we need to start coming out with a bit more energy.  We certainly communicate it to them in the locker room.  But you know, we need a more consistent effort throughout the entire game, and not just in one half or the other.  

(On the last play of the game)
Well we made them start from about 80 feet away from the basket and all we wanted to do was stay with them and their speed.  LaDeyah (Forte) got a bit undisciplined and took a bad angle and they were able to get a good look but you saw they missed it.  We got lucky. 

(On three point shots)
Sooner or later they are going to fall.  I think one night we need this place to light up like a Christmas tree in order to get out of our funk.  Maybe that’s Thursday night?



Sam Martin

(On free throws)
“Actually free throws have always been my strong point, and you have to shoot a free throw the same every time. My shot wasn’t falling all night even in the lane, but every time you step to the free-throw line, you can’t even think about the score. You have to think about your shot. I’ve been shooting free throws since I was in the fourth grade, so you have to shoot it like your shot.”

(On redeeming herself)
“I was thinking this is the time to redeem myself. I didn’t shoot very well tonight. Sometimes you have to let go of what happened in the game.”

(On second half energy)
“We need to play our first half like our second half. We need to play confident and run our motion. That’s going to come with us by growing. We’re a young team. We’re getting there. We keep making steps. The biggest thing from the game is that we took a step forward. Our energy was so much better in the second half. That’s something we need to bring.”

(On breaking losing streak)
“It feels really great. We have another chance to keep that going on wins at home where we play our best games.” 

(On Bakersfield’s last shot to tie the game)
“That was a nightmare.”

(On Caitlin Duffy)
“As a freshman she has done really well. She’s stepped up and taken the role. I’m confident that every time she gets the ball, she will score. She’s going to do what she does. She’s someone we can depend on. She’s been consistent the entire season.”

(On winning after being down)
Right now it feels great. But we will definitely change our game.

Caitlin Duffy

(On her game plan)
“I was looking to attack a lot. It took me a while, but once I did, I think it opened up things.”

(On last minute points)
“Thank goodness Sam was there to get the rebound after I missed the second one. I think it was a good play to run.”

(On Bakersfield’s last shot to tie the game)
“It wasn’t the prettiest game, but we needed to get a win. I wasn’t thanking God it didn’t go in.”

(On team’s mentality)
“Our mentality knows we can come back and claw our way back, and then finishing. Proving to ourselves we can win a game.”

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