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Nov. 16, 2013

HEAD COACH Ryun Williams

(opening statement)
"I thought our second half defensively was outstanding. I think that first 18 minutes they only got 26 points, so they made a couple of threes there late. I thought we really dug in and had a great start to the second half defensively. It allowed us to settle in offensively. We got enough cushion to play relaxed and get some separation against a good team. That was a tough Midwest team right there."

(on the bench play)
"I am really proud of our bench. Really the last two games, you look at the Colorado game and you look at tonight, and you look at what Caitlin Duffy and Alicia Nichols have done for us. That's why we score the ball consistently, and in some ways we get better, when those two kids come in, both offensively and defensively. To have that as a weapon and to see those kids play with that confidence and that productivity.

"It's a pretty good night for Alicia, 10-of-13, no turnovers, a career high, I hope she gets the game ball because she deserves it."

(on shooting better today)
"There was nothing different. I'm proud of how our kids responded. You know, we needed better play out of AJ (Newton) and Gritt (Ryder) and they both were pretty productive tonight. AJ 6-of-12 and Gritt 5-of-11, and they both made threes and got to the basket a little bit. You know what you guys, we still start two freshman, and two junior college kids. Usually, when you recruit a junior college kid, it takes a year for them to get their feet underneath them. And so we're asking these kids to do a lot. And it takes some time to settle in, and the fact that they had a really nice game tonight, it shows the maturity of those two. They'll keep getting better."



(on the low number of turnovers)
"Yeah our decision making for the most part tonight was pretty good. That's why that turnover number is down, when the ball is in AJ's hands and Gritt's hands, we're usually under control. You saw us grind out some nice motion possessions, and we scored 50 points in the paint, and we probably should have gone there more. Sam got into some big foul trouble tonight; she scored eight points in 7 minutes on 4-of-4 shooting. We knew we could take advantage of them down there, especially in the second half and that is exactly what got done. So I'm really pleased with our paint play, as well as our guard play."

(on the defense)
"That hand-check rule is difficult. I don't think it is a weakness, I just think, a team like Drake who runs in action to really drive the ball at you, and we got on our heels and played a little cautious on that defensive end. We got to learn to play better defense, we still are pretty solid there, we still took how many charges tonight. How many charges did we take against Colorado? All on the perimeter. So we are good there but we are not as consistent as we need to be, and you know what that is going to be a thing all year, it's every team, us included, we can drive the ball, we're going to see a lot of hand check on the top of the perimeter. We're going to practice our zone, we got a week now, so we're going to get better at our zone, so we can maybe protect some kids a little more.

"Good win for our kids coming off of a tough lose against Colorado."

CSU Player Quotes


(on well roundedness)
"In order for us to keep competing with top teams this is great because we're going to be a threat from everywhere."

(on Nichols' performance)
"That's what I think is so great about our team. Even if one of our best players gets in foul trouble we have someone who can step up and do what Alicia did today."

(on upcoming road games)
"It feels good to end it on a win so we're ready to go on the road. We bounded as a team in the preseason and these first few games at home so I think we're ready to go."

(on coming off the bench)
"What we're really focused on is what we can bring to the team when we come in and be a spark."

Alicia Nichols

(on shooting)
"We've been working on that, being ready and set to shoot. Personally I've been working on my post moves."

(on career high)
"Sam got into foul trouble, so that put pressure on me.

"They told me `Hey, be ready' and I'm not used to posting up so much, but we worked on it all week."

(on upcoming road games)
"We're a lot closer team and we're going to have fun where ever we go. We just have to compete and be ready to play."

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