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Nov. 13, 2012

Recap |  Final Stats

HEAD COACH Ryun Williams

(On this win)
“This feels better than Sunday.”

“It was a tough determined game on the defensive end. I think that’s where it started for us tonight. I think our kids were determined to not let them score so I’m proud of the effort and the contribution from everybody. It was a total team effort. I thought the bench was outstanding tonight and they really picked us up when we needed to be picked up. Great win.”

(On UNC’s run in second half when Williams called timeout)
“I just calmed things down. We didn’t come out and guard with the same urgency that we needed to guard with, so we’re going to hold them accountable. We needed to just get settled down and grit our teeth on that end of the floor. We got some stops and a couple of baskets, and got that lead back to ten, and just kept a comfortable distance from there. But the main thing at the timeout was start guarding again.”

(On keeping UNC to low scoring at end)
“That’s a great response. That’s a word we used to get prepared for this game. The thing that I was anxious to see in this group is: How are we going to respond to that Montana State loss? Because our kids did battle. They put themselves in a position to win and it was a tough loss. But how are we going to respond? I thought our kids responded with a determined effort and they corrected some of the things on the defensive end that needed to be corrected in the Montana State game.”

(On ball movement)
“Right now let’s be honest, we have some limitations offensively. That’s just how we are right now. We have to defend. We have to be tough on that end and that can lead into offense. We’re okay when we run a little bit and we run organized and we got some stuff at the rim. We got some kicked out threes so our defense does fuel our offense. Defend, rebound and score. I thought we rebounded a little better tonight, that was a little better than Sunday.”



(On bench importance)
“That’s always a huge consideration for a coach, especially when you don’t have a D team. With those one day turnarounds, preparing our bodies for enough rest, and to come and compete. We were a little tired, I thought, in the beginning but our mind stayed fairly strong so I thought our kids did a nice job with the circumstances. I always like two days to prepare, we gave ourselves one, so I give our kids a lot of credit. That was a tough situation, and to play a rival game after a game on Sunday, that was a tough task. I’m really proud of their effort.”

(On fouls)
“It’s something that we try to preach is unnecessary fouling. I thought our post kids did a good job. We didn’t want to bail them out with fouls. We had a size advantage for the most part. We just wanted to make them shoot over Meghan and Sam and Spot. I thought those three kids did a nice job. We contained their penetration. It was a collective team effort. We made them a jump shooting team and contested everything else without fouling, so that was big.”

(On offensive rebounds)
“It was a better effort. We’ll keep working on that obviously.”

(On first win as CSU Ram)
“I’m just happy for that locker room, our kids. This is the first win for that group, although there’s a lot of kids back, they’re in different roles right now. They’re responsible for big wins. For these kids to get a tough win at home, I’m really happy for them.”

(On LaDeyah Forte)
“LaDeyah had a great game, you guys. We can be critical on our point guards, but LaDeyah’s a tough cookie, she’s getting better. That’s a solid effort. She did a nice job in quarterbacking our team.”

Meghan Heimstra, Amber Makeever AND Alicia Nichols

(On outscoring the other team 29-5)

Nichols: “The last game we came off of, for me personally was not a game for me. We had a mind set to come out and score and shoot around today.  It was just focused on scoring.”

(On the timeout after the second half started)

Heimstra: “We had to become focused and we knew that they were going to come back. So he (Ryun Williams) just got us refocused and we were good to go after that.”

(On their first win)

Heimstra: “It feels really good. We shot the percentage that we usually shoot. Last game we didn’t shoot well at all, which is not normal for us. We rebounded better and just did everything all around better. We listened to coaches and executed even though we didn’t really have a lot of time to prepare for this team. I think we did pretty well.”

(On the starters)

Heimstra: “We had a lot of great players so it’s hard to guard right when someone comes off the bench, they’re just as good.”

(On defense working with offense during the game)

Nichols: “In practice we focus on rebounding and getting out and going. Defense provides your offense and that’s what we need to focus on.”

Heimstra: “Montana State got a lot of o-boards on us and that’s what killed us. So we really focused on making sure that the guards got boxed out and that everybody got boxed out. It helped a lot tonight.”

(On her improvement of her last performance)

Heimstra: “I did a little better tonight; I think we also could improve in little areas. I think we all played a lot better; just more confidence, poise, and control.”

(On being back)

Makeever: “It feels good. It’s a long time coming and it felt good. I’m glad I can contribute to the team too. Being that bench player and making threes.”

(On her confidence of making a three pointer in the corner)

Makeever: “It helped a lot. After that I was like, okay I’ve got this, I have one under my belt and I can keep going. It was good.”

(On other players scoring more rather than the norm, Martin)

Heimstra: “Amber, Alicia, everybody, we just all can contribute. If they’re not going to guard one of us, then we can be an offensive threat too. So if one of us does have a bad night which I’m not saying that Sam had a bad night, she just didn’t score as much as she usually does. So we all step up and someone can have a really good game, then the next game, and then someone else, it’s hard to guard. Sam maybe didn’t get as many points as she wanted, but she got a lot of other good things. During the next game, who knows what she’ll get.”

(On being a three point shooter)

Makeever: “That’s my role. They tell me to come in and shoot the three and, that’s what I’ve done all my life. It’s just kind of my trademark.”

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