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Postgame quotes

Nov. 1, 2012

Recap |  Final Stats

HEAD COACH Ryun Williams

(Overview of the game)
“I didn’t know what to expect. We have been scoring the ball better and executing offense better. I thought we were a little timid and cautious early on. We let Mines dictate offensively, which shouldn’t have been the case tonight. I think we had two really nice runs in each half, built the lead, and started playing comfortably. We cannot play comfortable; we’re not good enough or athletic enough. We have to play like our tails are on fire with great urgency for every possession. You saw when we did that in those two stretches in each half, it triggered offense for us. We need to play like that more consistently.”

(Offense effecting defense)
“It triggered our offense. If you’ve taken the ball out of the net, then it just gears you down. It allowed LaDeyah (Forte) to go out and get it. We got to the foul line a little bit in the first half and at least got some transitions. It let us establish a better rhythm offensively. We were grinding there for quite a while in each half. When the ball goes into the basket it helps too. We are a better shooting team; I think we had a little bit of the jitters in the shooting category. Just go out there, shoot, and light somebody up, that’s our mentality. We got some good shots tonight, we got Sam’s 16 shots, LaDeyah’s 14 shots. They’ll be more productive, ten assists, and one turnover is a pretty solid night.”

(New players and veteran players playing together)
“It’s still a work in progress. (Taylor) Varsho played well, a lot of determination, and eleven rebounds, that was solid. I think you saw a lot of our inconsistency and our lack of rhythm. We just got to get used to playing with each other. The kids were in the right spots for the most part. We’re a work in progress.”



(On his first win with CSU)
“That’s what was on the agenda, we won the game. So we can go back to the drawing board, cut some film up, and show the kids, ‘I told you so.’ Maybe we’ll play a little more intelligent defensively. The two areas that concerned me the most is that we didn’t get the foul line very much and we could have played with more braun.”

Taylor Varsho

(on pulling down 11 boards)
“In practice, that’s basically what they preach. You know, I worked really hard to get to the boards all the time, and that’s what they count on me doing out there. They want me to be tough in the lane and to grab those rebounds. That’s one of my jobs out there.”

Sam Martin

(on Varsho’s play)
“We call her the baby gorilla.”

(on the game)
“We weren’t getting into the post. We were just looking to take our shot and when things are going in, you’ve got to go in and get those easy shots. We’re going to grow and utilize our height. We had a little rough start, but it was our first game. A new coach and this bold new era. We got the jitters out and now when we play Montana State we’ll be ready. We’ll be good to go.”

(on what they need to do to be better)
“We play off each other and it just rolls. We got glimpses of what we’re going to be. Like how we’re going to be in these next couple games to come, and that’s what we can do the whole game and not just little spurts. Once we get a little more practice beneath us, we’re good to go.”

(on the win)
“It’s always nice to start on a good note.”

LaDeyah Forte

(on the game)
“I felt a lot better in the second half. We meshed better together. We just had to get more organized. We’ll get it next game.”

(on what they need to do to be better)
“(Coach Williams) talks about defense every day in practice. That’s our main focus. So our defense creates our offense. That’s where we need to focus on and get better at. Defense triggers the offense. So when we do our stuff, we’re good.”

(on her 10 assists)
"(It’s about) finding the open man at the right time."

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