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March 20, 2014

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HEAD COACH Ryun Williams

(on the game overall)
“I think all that emotion that we’ve been riding at the end of the year just ran out. We were an empty unit tonight, for whatever reason. That’s unfortunate. We obviously didn’t play our best basketball tonight.”

(on Southern Utah being the more physical team)
“They were more physical, they were more active, they kicked us on the glass pretty good. We weren’t moving the same way, we didn’t respond, we needed to score early and we had some opportunities from the foul line and from layups and we didn’t do it. We kept putting too much pressure on our defense tonight, and it caught up to us.”

(on cutting the second-half deficit from 13 to 4, but not being able to overcome the hump)
“We can look at a number of layups and free throws and wide-open threes. We created enough opportunities, but you’ve got to convert. We could just never get that momentum. We couldn’t find that groove offensively. We just didn’t play well.”

(on looking at the big picture on a record-breaking season)
“It’s no fun playing like we did tonight. We surely appreciate the crowd that came out and supported us. I’m disappointed that we didn’t come out and deliver a nice performance for them; they’ve been great all year.

We’ve got to not look at just this game. We have to look at what we just accomplished, and how this group breathed life back into Colorado State women’s basketball. That group is very, very competitive, so it’s hard to get them to look at the big picture, which is a really, really good basketball season where they were extremely consistent. There were a lot of nights we weren’t the most athletic team on the floor, and we weren’t the quickest or the tallest, but we were the best team on the floor most nights. They were a really good basketball team, really all season. We are proud of them for that. What they’ve done for this program, and how they’ve helped turn this thing and start this momentum, this will always be a very, very, very special group. When those oldies come back – Haley, Alisha, Sam – they’re going to be in those rafters; they’ll always have a banner hanging in the rafters for a Mountain West conference championship. Do you know how hard it is to win a championship? It’s very, very difficult, and they did that. They should be very, very proud of the year they had.”

(on the experience of playing in the postseason for the returning players)
“It should fuel some fire. It’s obvious we need to get in the weight room, we need to get stronger, we still need to get more athletic. We need to grow our individual games. We just told them, ‘We can’t stand still.’ Our program will forever be moving. We’ll get some rest, but then we have to start moving again; we have to get better, there’s no doubt about it. They like to work. That’s what I love about these kids. We’ll rest, and then next year’s here.”


Senior F Sam Martin

(on if CSU was able to match the physicality of Southern Utah)
“I honestly think yes. I think that we frustrated them a lot. We let a little thing slip. Besides O-rebounding, they definitely outrebounded us by a lot, that was something that definitely hurt us but I don’t think that’s what beat us tonight.”

(on the biggest reason for Southern Utah’s success)
“We weren’t playing like ourselves. We were missing little layups, we weren’t getting rebounds, we weren’t making our free-throws and all those little things matter. All those little layups, they matter in the end.  You look at the score, if we would have made all those little bunnies, we would have been right there.  If we would have made those free-throws and gotten those rebounds. That’s the little things that killed us tonight.  We didn’t do the little things right and that’s why we lost.” 

(on Southern Utah’s success on the offensive glass)
“Honestly, I don’t know. They were just tougher in there. They were just tougher to the ball; they were pursuing the ball more than we were and that’s what it came down to. We weren’t just grabbing them as a team.”

(on experience of playing in postseason having been a part of the team’s rebuilding process)
“It’s definitely been one of my dreams, and it was very, very cool.  The atmosphere was awesome, we had a great crowd in Moby tonight. It was a fun atmosphere.  It sucks to lose like that. But this program is going somewhere and I think that that is something everyone can look at.  This year it’s the WNIT. Next year who knows what’s going to happen. We’re rebuilding this program and this is one of the first steps. We’ve got to win these, but it’s a great step for this program, getting us back on track to how it used to be.”

(on which of the team’s accomplishments stand out most this year)
“You know, I think that this team accomplished a lot, and that’s something that you’ve got to focus on. We made a lot of history this year. We played together a lot of the times; we made great friends. I think that something we can focus on, as a whole, is what we did in getting this program back on track.”  

Junior G AJ Newton

(on the team’s shooting struggles, and whether they were getting the looks they wanted tonight)
“Yes and no. I think we did need to reverse the ball a few more, get some kick-outs. It’s just frustrating because the shots that we were taking as a whole are shots that we can make, it’s just maybe they weren’t the shots we should have been taking. Maybe we should have gotten something a little bit easier until we got into a flow.”

(on which of the team’s accomplishments stand out most this year)
“I think we made a lot of history, but also, that game (vs. Southern Utah) I think we could have won, we should have won. The Fresno State (MW championship) game, we were more than capable of winning. So, it’s not to say that what we did isn’t good enough, but it’s like we could have done more. We could have been playing in the NCAA tournament, and we should be going to the second round (of the WNIT) right now. Yeah, we’ve come a long way, but at the same time, we’re better than that.  That wasn’t where we should have stopped.”



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