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Feb. 15, 2014

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HEAD COACH Ryun Williams

(opening statement)

“That was a good win, they’re not all going to be pretty, they’re not all going to be smooth, but this group just keeps finding a way. Fresno State was really good defensively, they were a big reason why we got disrupted.”

(settling for outside shots)

“That’s what Fresno does, they pressure you enough to where the game speeds up in your brain to the point where you don’t play as comfortable and you don’t see things as well. We settled a lot early, a lot of quick threes on the wings. I thought we caught the ball on the high post a lot and could’ve attacked from there but didn’t. Big game, the kids wanted it a lot and sometimes when you want something really bad you just choke it to death, you just squeeze it and I think they were just trying to squeeze this victory too much. (In the) second half they found the courage and we got a little more attack mode. We got to the rim and the foul line a little bit and we had enough composure and poise.”

(on good second half)

“We had 27 shots at halftime and four turnovers. Were they awful shots? No. If three or four of those threes go in like we’re capable of, it is probably a different story. The kids were composed at half, and we had a lot of halves where we played well. All you have to do is win by 12 ladies, just win this half by 12. The start of that second half was crucial, we turned it over our first possession, but we got the ball right back and we got two fast break lay-ups and then that got our crowed involved. Our crowd was the MVP today, our energy level was really good, and that crowed willed us to a victory.”

(on wanting this win)

“They’re competitive. They like to compete and they’re just going to do whatever it takes to put themselves in position to win. Fresno (State) represented our conference in the NCAA tourney last year, they beat us at Fresno, and our kids wanted this and I’m proud that they got it.”

(on close game)

“We talked about it. How will we respond playing in a close game? How are these kids going to handle it? We’ve been in close games all year, the whole first half of the season was close. That’s how it is, in this conference. It is going to be close against good teams, it is going to be a couple-of-possessions games. It’s good for us. Boise (State) should be very similar. They’re a very gritty team with talented athletes, so we will have to go with a good plan and play better than we did today.”


Gritt Ryder

(on second half)

“Everyone was so motivated to win this game, to be down by 11 in the first half was just not who we are. Everyone was motivated to show that we’re going to make a difference in the second half. As Ellen (Nystrom) said, we needed to get to the basket. The looks we were getting were good looks we just needed to make them. A lot of people stepped up in the second half to make more shots.”

(on defending Fresno State)

“It’s super frustrating. We thought we were working hard and flying at the shooters, and then they were making it from half court. We thought we did a pretty good job they just made some shots. We knew if we kept working hard and keep contesting the shots they would stop falling.”

(on winning)

“It was huge for us to show that what happened at Fresno (State) was not who we are. It was really good for us to be down in the first half and come back. It’s been awhile since we tried that just to win a close game and it put us ahead of one of the teams we’re fighting for the conference championship.”

(on competitiveness)

“It was funny because during half time no one was nervous. We knew that we could beat this team even though we were down by 11 at half. I think that comes from us being competitive, we know that we can out tough other teams and that’s what we did in the second half. That comes from our competitiveness, practice and preseason practice that pays off now.”

Ellen Nystrom

(on second half)

“Our threes weren’t falling so we had to be more aggressive and take it to the basket.”

“We haven’t had a close game in a while and we were kind of nervous about it, but we got over it and fought through it.”

“In the first half I wasn’t that aggressive, but in the second half I took it to the basket so that was the biggest difference.”

(on shooting)

“We’ve been shooting well lately, but you have those games were you can’t shoot a three so you have to be more aggressive and take it to the baskets to get some easy ones.”

(on aggressiveness)

“They shot really well and we didn’t shoot well. I think they made six threes when we only made two in the first half so that’s twelve points. We were just talking about that we needed to be more aggressive.”



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