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Jan. 27, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

HEAD COACH Ryun Williams

(Opening Statement)
Whoever wrote that article on the starts jinxed us.  I thought that was the key to the game, we just got off to a very timid start with a lot of turnovers.  That was the key.  Two turnovers in the second half, and that's the same team that turned it over thirteen times it seemed like in the first six or seven minutes was the same team that turned the ball over twice in the second half.  That's the team that we need to show up more consistently. 

(On the team being intimidated)
Absolutely.  You know what? That was an active team.  With Moore and Thompson up top, those two kids can turn you and spin you.  They do have great athleticism and quickness but they also have great intelligence.  They always seem to be a pass ahead of you all the time.  They know where you want to go with the ball.  We threw a lot of what you call "habit passes" early, with kids who you think are going to be open, just because you think they are going to be open.  Our guard play early wasn't what it needed to be but that's a team that averages a lot of steals, and they made us pay early for our tough guard play. 

(On the offense)
Yeah, I mean if we can get some more shots up, you know the 39 shot attempts, that number needs to be closer to 50 and the percentage was ok.  They were tough to crack, that zone you know they just extend that thing so much, and when we did crack it, we did get some shots.  You have to have an aggressive mindset at the right time to play against that thing (Fresno's Zone).  The longer the game went on, we started to figure that thing out and I think our kids got a little more comfortable. 

Sam Martin



(On their playing)
"I think we played really tentative. We played on our heels; we were literally just passing it to them and we weren't really getting it past half court. When we did get into our offense, we got really good shots, and I think they just took us back for a second. They took us out of our game, and we had to regroup. We kind of let their press break beat us in those few minutes of the first half."

(On turnovers)
"That's something we have to get better at. We have the players to match these players and who can do this. When we see them again, we'll have another chance. It's definitely something we can change."

(On looking forward)
"There have been a lot of positives from each game. We just need to put them all together and hopefully Wednesday we'll play better against Boise. It'll be a big game for us."

Alicia Nichols

(On coming off the bench)
"The past few games I haven't been playing pretty well, so just the mind set and going at it. Now I have the mindset I need to do. I stepped up. Coming from the outside, you see what's happening so it always helps in a way."

(On looking forward)
"There's a ton to take away from this game. The passing was one of our weaknesses at the beginning of the game, but our shooting percentages were much better. Personally this game helped us. There are always things to take from a game."

(On coming out stronger)
"We just need the mindset to come out pepped up and ready to go."

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