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Jan. 23, 2013

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HEAD COACH Ryun Williams

(On New Mexico)
New Mexico was good tonight. They have some nice pieces. Their performers performed.

(On New Mexico’s rebounds)
They were pretty tenacious on the glass. They’re quicker, and athletic and stronger. They won too many battles. We just don’t match up physically with these teams right now. Sam and Meghan can with their size but you throw athleticism and quickness in that and that gives us some fence.

(On rebounding)
We always say rebounding is a will, and we need a greater will on the glass. It was tough to match up with them up there tonight.

(On getting stronger)
We do toughness drills every day, but we’ll keep grinding and get better on it.

(On CSU’s final minutes)
Those turnovers were costly. That’s where they got some opportunities. They made a big three and got a put-back there.

(On not giving up)
The kids kept clawing and kept battling. 

(On player Mandy Makeever)
She is a nice piece for us. She gives us a very savvy guard play, who can shoot it, and that’s only going to get better. You saw her attacking and getting to the rim, finishing with contact. Those are all positive things. If we can still insert her in that lineup and she still progressive, that’s going to help us. She sees like a coach does. She’s got a great present about her. You’ll see her get stronger. It was nice having her out there tonight. It’s time to get her out there and help us.

(On New Mexico’s frequent rebounds)
Sam Martin: “Rebounding is a team effort; we all have to box out or go to the guards. We didn’t do that tonight, that’s pretty apparent. It’s going to be something that we’re going to work on in practice. That’s something you have to do, you have to finish the play. We played really good defense and then for them to get the rebound, makes it harder to get another 30 seconds of really good defense. We beat ourselves up in that category.”



(On the mental focus of the game)
Mandy Makeever: “We don’t want to say that we did, but they kept scoring and getting rebounds as we played our hardest on defense. It’s always going to be hard. I’m sure we got down.

(On returning to the team)
Mandy Makeever: “I’m a little rusty. I haven’t played since last year, but I’m trying to do everything I can to help our team succeed. I’m happy to be back.

(On New Mexico having an 11-0 run during the second half)
Sam Martin: “I think that it was that they came out and hit some shots. They weren’t missing, they were getting those rebounds, and we weren’t converting on our offensive end. It showed that we did get a little down. That’s something that we have to grow with as we keep going on and it’s something that we have to get better at.

(On their offense)
Mandy Makeever: “We’ve been working on it a lot in practice and I think in practice we’ve been succeeding at becoming better at it. That’s something that we’re continuing to work on because we have struggled. I do see it going in a positive direction.

Sam Martin: “We have shots; we just have to hit them. They’re there; they’re good shots for our players, and for people who can hit the ball or the threes. They’ll start falling, but I thought we took a lot of good shots tonight and got the ball where it needed to be.

(On Makeever being back)
Sam Martin: “It will be really good for us having another player who is experienced in the guards. I think she’s going to bring a lot to our team.

(On her offensive end)
Sam Martin: “Hayley set some good screens for me to get those threes. I was able to see a little bit closer to the basket and get some passes to my teammates.  It just happened to work out. We worked on passing and finding each other this week. I think my teammates did a really good job on finding me where I was open tonight.

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