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Postgame quotes

Jan. 4, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

HEAD COACH Ryun Williams

(On team’s energy)
“I thought our kids came out with a lot of energy on both ends of the floor. They came out with confidence. The energy was outstanding all night.”

(On players going into double digits)
“Tonight we had a lot of kids have really good game performances. It’s fun to see the ball go in.”

(On the win after losing so many)
“Losing is frustrating. I think a lot of people beat them down, they don’t listen to that. I’m proud of them.”

(On looking forward)
“It’s always nice to get a good performance going in to the next game.”

(On ball movement)
“We moved the ball well tonight. The ball went inside tonight. Spotton and Sam were really good early. Shot selection was solid.”

(On practicing)
“Everything we do in practice is solution based, and our kids are taking that to heart. They’re learning.”

(On not playing for a week)
“We do need a break. We need to get some kids healthy.”

(How the win is important to the team)
Sam Martin: I think it was really good for us because we have been struggling in the offensive end. It wasn’t just one person, it was a bunch of people scoring and doing what they do best. What else that was really big was that we were making that extra pass, finding an open player, and we were making unselfish plays. LaDeyah had eleven assists and our team together had a lot of assists. That was a big part, playing unselfish basketball.

(How playing a smaller school affected the game)
Sam Martin: We had a little bit more confidence than we normally do going in a game which was really good for us to compete against. They’re still a good team and we played good basketball which came from the confidence. It’ll help us as we go along in the conference. ”



(On their offense)
Kara Spotton: At halftime we talked about a matter of principle and playing to our strengths and not really going down to their level. We knew how we can play basketball and we just came out to play and we stayed with it. I think it really showed today.

(On the importance of the game)
Kara Spotton: It was very important. It gave us an ego boost since we’ve been struggling a little bit, especially offensively. I think this will help us going into conference.

(On current practices and how it lead to this win)
LaDeyah Forte: Practice is very important because that’s when you focus in on what you need to do for the game, prepare yourself, and prepare your mind. Then you can get to the game and do what you’re supposed to do.

(On turning it around at conference play)
Sam Martin: I don’t want to predict anything, but I think that’s something that our team can do. We’ve been building up to being where we were tonight. I think that we can continue building on tonight and keep moving forward. I really do believe in this team, I think we all do.

(Overview of the game)
Sam Martin: It was fun. Just ask LaDeyah, she just got to run the court. I think we just had fun as a team, our bench was into it and it’s fun when we get going like that which I think we can do most nights.

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