GAME NOTES: Colorado State hosts Georgia Southern

Senior WR Luke Roberts

Senior WR Luke Roberts

Head Coach Sonny Lubick

Nov. 12, 2007

Sonny Lubick weekly press conference transcript

"We played a hard, courageous game on Saturday. We played solid defense and our offense moved the ball. But, the final score was not in our favor. Still, I'm so darn happy with the players and how they're doing it. They're playing with character and with heart. We did have some personnel problems, with injuries. We had three players go out - one on offense, and then on defense Darryl Williams and Mike Pagnotta, who tweaked his ankle. That hurt our nickel defense situation. Zac Bryson went on the trip, but couldn't play. I was impressed with how the coaches adjusted. We had three defensive backs out and couldn't get the nickel defense going. I thought we had a good rushing attack, and played a bit better there. Rocky [Long] said the same thing. I tell you, [Steve] Juedes gets the iron man award for that game. He was in on 97 plays, with a broken wrist and a few broken fingers. He was in on all 27 special teams plays, and in on all the downs as a safety. He's not on scholarship, but is an inspiration to the football team and to me. He's a humble guy. As far as injuries, I don't know where we are. There wasn't much change, I don't think. We may get Bryson back. He's a dependable guy, but he just has that bad knee. New Mexico has a soft surface on the field they play on. We're used to something harder, and that contributed to a lot of turned ankles. We had about three ankle injuries. We're playing a darn good football team this weekend. I don't know 100 percent about them, other than back in the old days - I say `old,' but I mean the 80s and 90s - it seemed like every other year they were winning the national championship. Back then they were using the wishbone play. They don't do that anymore, they run more of the veer and the option, but they're still a good football team. Their quarterback gives everybody trouble. He's quick, fast and can run the option. I was watching film, and in his last three games he's had at least one 60-yard touchdown. They also have a good running back. And their defense - they've gotten some good transfers from major schools. I'm impressed with that conference; they've got some good football teams."

On if he would prefer playing Georgia Southern earlier in the season: "I probably would. This is the latest we've ever played a non-conference game, I believe. The reason for that is because of the change in athletic directors over the past few years, we've had openings in our schedule, and some of the conference teams don't. [Georgia Southern] is certainly a worthy opponent, with good players and a great tradition."

On if CSU would be treating Georgia Southern QB Jayson Foster as more of a running or passing threat: "You can play four deep and watch for the pass, and if you cheat on their receivers, you get burned. But then, if you hang back, he'll run. I think we'll play him more as a running back, but that puts you in a bind. Those kinds of quarterbacks give everyone trouble."

On if the defense will prepare differently this week for a mobile quarterback: "We might a little bit. But you can't say, `Boys, we've done it this way for 10 weeks, but this is how we're going to do it today.' I think we'll mostly do the same thing for now."

On who did schedule Georgia Southern: "I don't know. It should be a good, good game. It will be interesting for us. I believe they've averaged 36 points a game. It's a really good conference."

On the secondary, if DBs Michael Johnson and DeAngelo Wilkinson will play: "DeAngelo has a shoulder that needs surgery. It's gone out a couple times in practice. Johnson, he's in a bind. He's still highly touted, but started the season as the No. 3 strong safety. He wasn't getting the reps, and so it was hard to get him up to playing position. You may see him in action this week."

On LB Nathan Pauly and his performance against New Mexico: "He did good for us, he's a great kid. He's had a tough season. He's a solid guy, had shoulder surgery. He's a fifth-year senior, and instead of staying in the training room, doing his homework, he was out on the field at practice, out with the scout team. He's the one linebacker we have who can play all three of our positions, because he's been here so long. We saw improvement in him this season, and all of a sudden he's in there."

On if CSU will play at a faster tempo: "Well, if we didn't play offense the first quarter because we were on defense, then yeah. We try to take care of our considerations. You can't call every play you want, depending on their defense."

On WR Johnny Walker receiving MWC Offensive Player of the Week honors: "It is a great tribute to Johnny and the coaches. I was shocked when you guys told me after the game that that was Johnny's first touchdown pass in two years. We have a great receiving corps in Damon [Morton], Johnny [Walker], George [Hill] and Luke [Roberts]. Johnny is steady, and a good blocker. I know our record is rough, but I wouldn't trade this group of players for anyone, especially Johnny. I still remember the great catch he had two years ago against CU. That's why it shocked me so much that he hadn't had a touchdown. But he's tough, perseveres, and is a good team player and teammate. When he got hurt against Air Force, he was blocking and the whole team rolled up on him. Most guys would have gotten out of the way, and I wouldn't blame them, but he stuck to his block. A team that loses doesn't usually win Offensive Player of the Week honors, so that's good."

On talking to New Mexico head coach Rocky Long after the game: "I called him. I said, `Thanks for saying nice things about me.' I also called Dave Baldwin, he and I coached together at Stanford."

On S Jake Galusha: "I don't know if he'll play this week. I hope he can. We're in a bind at safety. Jermaine [Walters] did a nice job, though."



Nov. 12, 2007

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Game #11
Georgia Southern (7-3, 5-3) at Colorado State (1-9, 1-6) • Sat., Nov. 17
Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium • Fort Collins, Colo.
12 p.m. MST

Sonny Lubick (Western Montana `60)
Colorado State:
  15th season, 106-74
Overall:  19th season, 127-93
vs. Georgia Southern:  0-0

Chris Hatcher (Valdosta State `95)
Georgia Southern: 
first season,7-3
Overall:  eighth season, 83-15
vs. Colorado State:  0-0

first meeting
In Fort Collins:  first meeting
Series Streak:  first meeting
Last Meeting:  n/a
Result:  n/a
Attendance:  n/a

Outlet:  Colorado State Sports Netowrk
Flagship:  KLZ 560 AM, Denver
Play-by-play:  Rich Bircumshaw
Analyst:  Kevin McGlue
Engineer:  Bob Greenfi eld

(This week's contest will not be televised)

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