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Transcript: Weekly Assistant Coach Press Conference

Tim Sipper

Aug 28, 2013


(on young linebackers)
“It’s always fun to get the young guys in. Deonte Clyburn is a guy that sticks out in my mind. He’s very physical, he’s a student of the game, picked up our defense pretty quickly. I think he’s a guy that you’ll see out on the field helping us out this year. Kiel Robinson brings some speed. He has a nice frame, good size on him. He’s a guy that hurt his shoulder in the offseason and didn’t get to lift but now that he’s getting healthy, his body is already starting to change in this early stage because he is starting to really lift some weights. I think you’ll see some big things from him in the future. Evan Colorito is a bigger backer. He’s probably the biggest backer that we brought in. He’s kind of in that Shaq Barrett mold that can be a pass rusher and drop in coverage and do multiple things. We’ve got some good young guys that I’m looking forward to coaching in the years to come.”

(on whether he worries about playing true freshmen rather than letting them redshirt)
“To me, you’re either ready or you are not. It is not an age thing. If you’re ready you play, if you’re not, you’re not. To me it’s just play the best guys. We have to win. That’s the bottom line.”

(on whether Deonte Clyburn will play on Sunday)
“We’ll make that decision when we get through our ‘Perfect Thursday.’ Everything kind of gets finalized then, so we’re still letting them compete out there and then we’’ll let them know who is playing then and how the rotation is going to go. Right now, we’re just competing still.”

(on Kevin Davis and Nolan Peralta)
“The impressive thing that they’ve done is when nobody is watching. They’ve been in that training room, they’ve been grinding, and they’re going through the blood, sweat and tears of rehab. They’ve been out there. They’re out there every day. They’ve gone through two-a-days, they’ve done everything that we’ve done as a team. They haven’t missed anything. It’s been real good to see those guys out there and just grinding through camp as if they weren’t injured last year. It’s been good.”

(on whether he is surprised that Kevin Davis will play coming off a torn ACL)
“You get the medical prognosis and you’re kind of like, ‘OK he’s going to have to sit out,’ then all of a sudden he’s running around, doing a great job. You have to tip your hat to him. He’s really busted his tail to get out there.”

(on preparing for Colorado)
“Scheme-wise you are kind of looking at San Jose (State), player-wise you’re looking at what Colorado has returning. We’ve gone back looking at Paul Richardson from his year before his injury. We’ve researched that too. You watch all of it. You’re constantly looking for information that is going to help you when you get to gameday.”

(on the linebacker pass rush)
“I hope it’s a lot better. Passing rush, in this day and age, with all this passing offense is huge. A lot of people look at it as just d-linemen. I don’t see it that way; I see it as all 11 guys getting to the quarterback, however we want to schematically do it. It’s all of us, collectively, having to get pressure on him. Also, you might get coverage sacks too. It’s a full package and that’s our job, to get better in all phases of that.”

(on improvement of Cory James)
“I think you’ll see pass rush in general being a lot better. Joey’s little secrets that we have that I’m not going to talk about. Really, I think you’ll see a big difference.”

(on whether CU WR Paul Richardson sticks out on tape)
“I think so because he can run. It’s like when you see a fast car it sticks out. That’s how he is. He’s the same type of guy, he can go.”

(on how many linebackers will travel)
“The guys that’ll travel. We’ll probably bring about 12 and if they’re coming on the trip we anticipate them playing in some fashion, not just on defense.



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