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Preseason Camp Recap: Practice 14

Aug 17, 2013

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Colorado State took to the practice field for a 10:30 a.m. practice Saturday morning.

Saturdays practice was the 14th of preseason camp and Head Coach Jim McElwain did not have a bad thing to say about his squad.

"I thought we got a lot accomplished today," McElwain said. "What we tried to do (last night) is kind of get the young guys in to a `Perfect Thursday,' little bounce, crisp, all situations and then today, re-hit a lot of those same situations in more of a thud tempo."

McElwain tossed a wrench into the practice plan before the first period could start. The second-year coach quickly got the team into a short 11-on-11 scrimmage pitting the number one offense versus the one defense and the number two offense versus the two defense.

With the early start Saturday followed by an off day Sunday, the Rams will have a 44-hour break between practices before returning to the field Monday.

"We've had a really good, good first part of camp," McElwain said. "We've grinded through. Guys have fought through some heat, some soreness and that's what it's all about."

McElwain acknowledged that during the nearly two-day break, the Rams still have jobs to do.

"Now we look at 44 hours until the next practice and the big thing to me is how the guys now understand that this is the time to help your recovery," McElwain said. "This is the time to show to your teammates you're committed to being in the training room to take care of your legs so we come out now ready for that scrimmage on Tuesday."

Fall Camp Notebook:

Guest speaker: McElwain and his staff invited Trevor Moawad, the Vice President of Mindset Programs at Athletes' Performance, to Fort Collins on Saturday. Moawad, who works with college programs like Alabama and Florida State as well as teams in the NFL, spoke with the Rams before practice and will meet with them again in the evening.

"I think he has done a great job developing out an infrastructure and I noticed it being out here this year. You see big physical gains, all of the things, the attention to detail," Moawad said.

Red jersey: "Injury wise we're getting a little thin at the defensive line," McElwain said. "LaRyan King pulled a little meatloaf in the back of his leg or something (laughs). I don't know the doctors' terms but he should be back on Monday."

"Austin (Berk) wasn't out here. He tweaked his leg a little bit (last night in practice). Moose (Mason Myers) kind of tweaked his a bit too (last night)."

However, Austin Gray and Max Morgan took reps during skeleton drills Saturday morning as they continue to work toward their return.

Position change: Jordan White, a native of Palm Springs, Calif., has move to the tight end position. The former wide receiver has bulked up since spring and McElwain said he will be a solid `Move-H' for the Rams.

"He is going to be that Move-H guy. His weight is up to (215) and he'll be a guy that down the road will be a 245-pound Move-H and know the passing game. Now we have to teach him the blocking part of it," McElwain said.

Additionally, Jordon Vaden has been getting some reps at the slot position.

"Jordon Vaden has been working some on the inside. We're trying to develop some depth at those spots," McElwain said.

AP Top 25: On Saturday morning the Associated Press released the top 25 poll, which featured two Rams opponents. Alabama, who CSU faces on Sept. 21 in Tuscaloosa, Ala., came in as No. 1 and Boise State, which will travel to Fort Collins on Oct. 2, are ranked No. 19. Utah State is also receiving votes.

McElwain quotables:
(on Trent Matthews being in uniform but without a helmet)
"That was kind of on my accord. We stole his helmet. He is actually ready to go but at this point right now there wasn't any reason for it. All the signs are really good. He was actually angry with me today."

(on Trevor Moawad)
"He's a guy who works at API that handles mental conditioning with some of the most major programs in the country, both from a professional level as well as college football. For us I feel blessed that he takes time out of his schedule to reaffirm some of the mental conditioning things we do throughout the year and really come checkup on where we're at. For me personally, being able to sit and visit and actually get my sanity back. To have a guy of that quality and really of his background, they (the team) loves what he does."

Moawad quotables:
(on mental conditioning)
"A lot of the coaches that are continuing to evolve through Coach (Nick) Saban's system and go out on their own, I think they look at things differently. I think most coaches don't even know what they're not doing. As Coach McElwain, Coach Muschamp, and Coach Fisher, these guys have stepped on and they're looking to build an infrastructure that is similar to what they experienced at LSU or Alabama."

“The mental piece is an enhancing piece. It can be that extra three-to-five percent or that four yards between Georgia and Alabama, and (Coach McElwain) is doing a great job doing it. It really doesn't matter if you don't do all the other things well. Coach McElwain does a great job.

(on Head Coach Jim McElwain)
"He is a phenomenal coach. For four years every big game on the bus I sat with coach. I had a chance to be around him and watch him in big time pressure. I'm not just saying it. He's a great coach and he's a great head coach."

(on how many teams take advantage of mental conditioning)
"It's a small field. I would say maybe 5-10 percent of college programs are seriously integrating this piece. I think really the only coaches that are doing it at any significant level are those that have been affiliated with Coach Saban."



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