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Fairchild discusses 2011 signing class

Feb. 2, 2011

General: "Let me start off by, once again, acknowledging the great job our assistant coaches did in this process. Seems like each year that we work together we get better and better. There is a lot of crossing over, so to speak, and dual efforts when you get into this recruiting process. I was just very, very impressed with the way our staff worked, in particularly in the evaluation process, with limited numbers there's obviously some very, very tough choices we have to make.

"I'd also like to acknowledge how impressed I was, once again, with everyone that was involved in this process. When a prospective student-athlete comes on campus they interact with a lot of people. It may be on a fall afternoon out there on a game day with fans, it might be with students, it may be with other student-athletes, with faculty staff, you name it. It just seems like we have a great feel going on at Colorado State and it's a very positive thing to get these kids around these people.

"I'd like to thank Dr. (Tony) Frank and Paul Kowalczyk; they're making this job easier, and easier each year, as we resource our football program better and better and continue to build facilities. This is making this job easier and easier to go out and recruit a top-notch class like we have. I said it when I was hired; this could be as good a football program as we want it to be. I think we're recruiting to move in that direction. We've got wonderful academics, a wonderful campus, a great community, and if we can get guys to take a visit we feel very good about our chances of getting them to sign with us.

"We did not get everyone we wanted; I would be worried if we did. There were some hard-fought battles, some of them we chose to back away from, sometimes the young man chose another university; that's going to happen in this process and it's not over yet. We are focusing now a majority of our attention on the February 2012 class and that process, which is well underway.



"Geographically, we felt like this was our best effort in the state of Colorado since I've been back as the head coach with five (recruits). We felt like we did a good job; that's what we'd like to do every year in the state and we'll try our darndest to do it. Texas, once again, was very, very good with 10 (recruits). The thing that helps is getting a young man in your camp, getting a chance to work with him live, so to speak, and that's easier done, obviously, with prospects in the state of Colorado. We have a good track record of getting them in camps. It's a much harder thing to do out of state, however, because of the proximity of the state of Texas and the seriousness that goes on in their high-school football; we had a number of those guys in camp. I think that helped in terms of numbers there. We covered every inch of that state. We were as far south as Del Rio, which is on the U.S.-Mexico border. We were as far north as Wichita Falls, Iowa Park, which might as well be in Oklahoma, and we were all the way out in West Texas as well.

"We continue to recruit Florida and California; California, again, probably a little better this year than it's been. That's always been, back to Coach (Sonny) Lubick's days, a strong point for this football program and I'd like to rally it back to where it is once again; we felt like we made a step forward. As always, we'll go anywhere and everywhere if need be; year before, we were in the state of Washington. This year we were in Missouri, were in Chicago. So if there's a reason for us to go outside our major target areas we will do so.

"Position-wise, we hit every position on the offense and defensive side. We target the best players; sometimes you go a little heavy in an area, and sometimes you go a little light in an area. We signed 27. There is one junior-college player but he is a three-year junior college player; the other ones are high school. We have four mid-year players that are in our program right now, attending class, and will be participating in spring football."

On RB Dorian Brown: "Young man from Thompson Valley High School, a highly recruited guy. Injury his senior year, obviously, he didn't run the numbers his senior year he had his sophomore and junior year but just a tremendous football player. The thing with Dorian is this has been a multi-year process, recruiting him with his mom Kim and his uncle Mike. We're very glad Dorian ended up with us; we think he is a very talented man, big back so to speak, and he'll challenge early."

On QB Garrett Grayson: "Garrett was the other quarterback in Pete Thomas' high school class. We felt very, very good about Garrett. He is one of the top 25 passers in the country. Very highly recruited kid; wanted to come here but Pete (Thomas) committed first. We got Pete in here first so what Garrett did was go down to San Antonio where his sister lived, trained in San Antonio, did not start his clock so he will be five-year guy when he starts. He worked in the San Antonio area with Ty Detmer, the BYU Heisman Trophy quarterback. He really gained a lot this fall from working with Ty."

On DT Colton Paulhus: "Defensive lineman from Northern California. I felt like losing Guy Miller, we could use another body in there that's played a little football like Colton has in the junior-college level. He is a high-energy, high-motor guy on tape. I just think he'll be a good addition."

On DB Drew Reilly: "Drew Reilly was a member of our very first signing class, played out in Southern California at Valley Center. Dave Lay, who was a coach here, coached him in high school. Drew is a very aggressive man, took a Mormon mission, so he is a 21-year old true freshman. He's in school now and he'll compete for a position at safety."

On K/P Keenan Adams: "He is a kicker from Georgia that we had in camp. Very competitive off the field; he is actually a world-class archer. Very good student. Nailed a 52-yarder when it counted. We feel very good about Keenan Adams. Very strong leg, and the potential to both kick and punt."

On RB Donnell Alexander: "Donnell Alexander is a running back from Missouri. Really a good running-back build. 5-11, 215, going to be 220-pound kid, very low center of gravity. Donnell was very, very highly recruited; he was offered by the SEC, Pac-10 and Big Ten. He was recruited by the Big 12. 8.8 yards a carry."

On RB Kapri Bibbs: "Kapri Bibbs out of the Chicago area was very, very highly recruited, and Chicago Offensive Player of the Year. Set all sorts of records, 520 yards in a game. Kapri thinks he is coming out early for the NFL; he thinks he'll be here a couple years. He kind of reminds me, body type and the way he moves, a little bit like Marshall Faulk. He has that kind of suddenness."

On OL Sam Carlson: "Sam Carlson, out of Poudre High School, great family. his dad's a Pastor up in Wellington. There's no question in my mind, we know what we're getting here. Sam was in camp, has the body type to play any of the positions, long enough to play offensive tackle. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up as a center. "

On OL Trey Cassidy: "Young man from outside of Houston. Again, was one of those guys I was talking about in terms of camp. Had him in camp, got to know him, committed him early before the bombardment started. He was offered by TCU a scholarship. That's not easy for us to go down into that area and beat them on a kid. He is a top-100 player in Texas according to the Houston paper. He's got the body type like Weston Richburg; very nasty, plays beyond the whistle almost, and an Eagle Scout."

On Lee Clubb: "Lee Clubb, from North Texas, was adopted by a family at a very, very young age. They live up in rural North Texas. He's a very impressive kid. Lee (Clubb) played in a Wing-T offense, more of a running back, slot-back type of a guy, and gave up all of that, which he knew was going to be his college position. Very unselfish. His senior year they had a switchover and went to the spread offense, and the new coach asked him to play quarterback. He kind of reminds me of Josh Reed; what Josh Reed did coming out of LSU was kind of a running back, switched him over to receiver. Kind of has that thickness to him but runs like a receiver."

On LB Aaron Davis: "Aaron was one of those guys that committed in the summer; he committed to the University of Washington. He shut it down for a while and we were able, like with Pete Thomas, to open it back up late and get him to commit to us here. He turned down Northwestern as well."

On CB DeAndre Elliott: "He's from another big-time high school program, Dallas Carter; the list of NFL guys goes on forever from out of there. A very tall corner, kind of reminds me of Sean Smith out of Utah a few years back. A 6-1-plus, very long type of corner, plays the ball very well. Very quiet kid, very good family; you can tell education is important to them."

On LB Nu'uvali Fa'apito: "I know his high school coach, as Larry Lewis does; his high school coach Dan Armstrong has been a friend of mine since the early 80s. Usually that area is a very strong recruiting area for San Diego State but we were able to get in there. He is more of an inside-backer type guy, great growth potential and we're very happy he is going to join us."

On OL/DL Justin Hansen: "We knew Justin Hansen was good. We didn't put a very early offer on Justin; he just kind of walked in the door to camp and I almost feel embarrassed we didn't offer him earlier. He's 6-5, 285 and ran a 4.8, just knocking guys around on the board. I'd recruit Justin Hansen if I was at any school in the country and he's just down the road there. He could play offense or defensive line. Very strong kid. I think he is going to challenge for the wrestling state championship and I've always said if you can get guys who wrestle you rarely go wrong on that."

On Cory James: "Cory had an off-the-charts junior year. When you throw that tape on and someone said this kid is going to LSU or Florida State it would be very believable. He was heating up a lot of action, chose not to commit early and went into his senior year and ended up hurting his knee; he played on it the entire year, just didn't play as well. You'd still take him off his senior year but it was not the national type of year he had as a junior. We are very confident like Dorian (Brown) he'll heal up and we got a steal with him."

On TE Blake Jones: "His mom and his grandma came up with him. We had him in camp because of the close proximity and we were able to close this out very early. Dan Hammerschmidt did a nice job. We got this thing done before his season started. We will (begin) this kid at tight end."

On DL Joe Kawulok: "It's got to be a record, four brothers, all Division I football scholarship players. You do the math on the Kawulok family and the money they've saved. Joe is the biggest of the Kawuloks. We've got Mike (Kawulok), a linebacker on our team and we had Chris (Kawulok) as a tight end when I first got here. Joe is a defensive lineman out of the Boulder area, and one of the top 10 prospects in the state of Colorado."

On WR Charles Lovett: "Very productive junior year; it's hard to be first-, second-, third-team all-state in the state of Florida when you start to talk about 350 Division I senior athletes, let alone the junior and sophomore athletes. This kid as a junior had such a good year he was second-team all-state. He's not real tall, so it wasn't like he was generating Florida, or Florida State, but he was getting some big-time interest. Then, like Lee Clubb, his high-school coach asked him to play quarterback senior year, knowing that's not his college position, and the kid unselfishly did it. We think we got a steal here."

On Trent Matthews: "Trent is a safety. Judson High School is outside of San Antonio, another very good high-school football program. He is a very special kid. He's got the presence to him and we think he's got the size to come in compete at the safety level. Interesting thing about Trent is that they are rebuilding that high school right across the street and it's going to open in the spring. They are going to go into the new Judson High School and out of all the people in the senior class, they asked this kid to make the address to the student body."

On FB George Maumau: "George Maumau, the fullback from Valor Christian. If you remember the name, his uncle Vili was the defensive lineman, I still have a nightmare about it, that tipped Moses Moreno's pass back in '96 out at Hughes and ran it 60 yards for a touchdown for CU. His uncle now is a CSU guy because of George. True fullback, kind of reminds us of Zac Pauga. He has skills to carry the ball, has skills to catch the ball, but those are all icing on the cake. When you look at a fullback, he obviously has to be able to go put his face on a linebacker and knock somebody out of there, which he does. Fullbacks aren't highly recruited; they're hard to find at high school and college because people aren't playing with them. We're one of the schools that still does use them and we were fortunate enough to come across a high-school program as good as George's."

On LB Steven Michel: "Steven Michel, a linebacker from Jones High School in Orlando. They'll have six or seven Division I signees out of there this year. They'll have six or seven next year and the year after. I was going to the high school; it's a stone's throw from the Citrus Bowl, which is not a very good area of Orlando by any stretch of the imagination. Sometimes, when you get into those inner-city situations you kind of gear up. I walked onto that Jones High School campus, and I couldn't tell you how impressed I was. It was an IB school, everybody in class, everybody doing honors, and AP work and really a kind of special place."

On DT Isiah Norton: "Big-time, three-star recruit. The thing with Isiah, if he walked in here, he is all of 6-5, you would think he was about 250 pounds; he looks very lean. We would put him on a scale and he would be over 300. Then he would walk down to Moby Arena, stand flat-footed and jam it behind his head. He is a very explosive athlete. He doesn't know how good he can be. He's got big-time upside and was Defensive Player of the Year in that area."

On WR Robert Nunn: "Robert Nunn played for a high-school program in Bastrop, Texas. We thought that Robert was going to Oklahoma State, and the reason we were in on Robert is because we signed Bernard Blake out of there last year. He is a true receiver and played on a team that went deep into the playoffs in the state of Texas. He's not a projection at receiver; he's got the height and the top-end speed. He's very productive.

On DB Kevin Pierre-Louis: "Kevin Pierre-Louis, from down in Del Rio. One of Kevin's brothers played at the University of Florida; in fact he just got done. They are a Haitian family, and he lives with his brother who is a border guard. Del Rio is literally right there on the border. He played for the same team as the linebacker (Cory James); he played everything, offense and defense. We think he will come in and contribute pretty quickly on the defensive side of the ball. He gives us some cover skills at safety.

On QB Beau Reilly: "Beau Reilly is Drew's brother. We had Beau in camp; he's a very productive 6-4 quarterback who played in the CIF finals in San Diego. We like everything about him. Again, comes from a family of brothers who are all Division I athletes. Beau will plan on going on a mission, and we will revisit him two years down the road."

On RB Davon Riddick: "Davon Riddick is a running back from Abilene. He lives with his mom, and grew up in New York. Right before high school he moved out to Abilene; his mom is a prison guard out there. He's a very humble kid who is a 6-foot, but has a 6-foot-6 wingspan. There are a lot of places where he could end up, but if you watch him on tape he's that high-knee, Roger Craig type of running style that is very impressive. He had a big-time senior year at a very good high school with an impressive program.

On QB Conner Smith: Conner Smith is a quarterback from the Houston area. We had him in camp. His skill set is second to nobody. He is a 6-5 guy, and it's hard to find a tall guy that can get the ball out with the speed that he gets it out. He has the arm strength to make every throw. He's just a very talented kid. He is raw, and ranked the 12th-best quarterback in Texas. He's a great athlete; strong, has it all. I'm very anxious to get a chance to work with this young man."

Having said that, that is our class. Still not over; we will continue to work it. We will obviously put most of our effort into next year, which has already started. We are very happy with this, and I will now open it up to questions.

On whether one of the quarterbacks, Grayson or Smith, will redshirt: "We will make that determination in August. There is probably a scenario like one could redshirt one year and another the next year, but that is very premature. M.J. (McPeek) figures into that mix as well. I think it'd be premature to answer what direction we're going with that, but you're sharp in saying that that's something we will eventually have to address."

On the challenges of recruiting with a 3-9 record in 2010: "We aren't dwelling on any of that. I just think that we're doing the right thing here. I think that we've increased our talent base every year since I've been here. We obviously didn't finish up like we wanted to, but each year is different; this will be a new team this year. And this will be a team with eight starters coming back on both sides of the ball, and a quarterback who has experience. You can see the feel right now as we begin our off-season workouts. I'm not going to flinch; obviously I wish we would have done better. But I know this: We are recruiting the way that we need to in order to get this program back where it needs to be. You just don't let it become a negative. If you're somewhere that doesn't have an indoor facility, then you don't have an indoor facility. You can't change in recruiting anything. And the more that I do this, the more that I realize that it's not about hiding anything; it's really about relationships with the kids. There are plenty of good high-school football players out there. I think you could start a school up in Alaska and get a good football recruiting class if you have the right assistant coaches, which we do here, you have the right work ethic, and you evaluate well. Then you can go out and get a good class, and that's what I think we do here."

On developing ties with Colorado prep head coaches: "I'm hoping that has something to do with it. I think that we're going to get some better years and then some leaner years within this state. If you're talking about trying to sign 25 guys out of metropolitan Dallas, you're going to be able to do that whether it is a good year or not. That is not the case here. I think it was a particularly good year, but then again, we all evaluate and to each his own. We didn't offer everybody that CU offered; we all look at it and see who is best for our program. And if we feel that there are enough kids in the state that we feel we want to offer, then we will do it. It just happened to be good this year."

On the more in-state players helping to build better rapport: "I like to think that. I'd like nothing more than to just sign them all. If I could sign them all from Fort Collins I would; it just makes it easier. But we're not dealt that hand necessarily."

On Dorian Brown being a gamble, with his knee, and whether he will redshirt: "No, he's not. Redshirting is obviously a possibility with every one of these high-school kids, but we feel very good about where he is in terms of rehab. We will see where he is for spring ball; I don't know if he will be 100 percent. But based on his spring football and his summer workouts we will make that determination whether he redshirts."

On evaluating incoming players' injuries: "We don't offer anybody until they have been on campus and seen our doctors. We feel very good about the medical process. In some cases a surgeon may call one of our surgeons and exchange data, talk about MRIs. There is no element of us just having our fingers crossed, hoping for the best. We feel very good. And like any football program, we have guys on our team right now who just had surgery and are rehabbing, and we expect them to play next year."

On getting injured recruits because other schools backed off: "Maybe. I know with Dorian that probably was the case; although I'd like to go back and say that we had Dorian sitting on a bench out here two springs ago watching spring football. We've known his mom and his uncle a long time. But I'm sure that factors into the equation, as do a lot of things."

On biggest recruiting accomplishments with the 2011 class: "I think in-state is number one. If we can look up every year and get five players from the state of Colorado, I'd be very happy. I think also not having the best record in the world, but still rallying as a staff and putting together a class like this, I feel very good about. I continue to feel good. For all of us from a media standpoint, this is the day when it kind of gets put on paper. But we are well into the 2012 class already, and through the year-round process which is very complex, I watch our staff work and see the camaraderie, and the evaluation that they do together, and I have a very good feeling about it. I know that this is a good one. Time will tell for sure. The two (classes) prior to this are very good recruiting classes as well. I keep saying if we continue to do it, we will put our program in very good shape."

On whether Isiah Norton's career will begin in junior college: "It will be if he does not qualify. Some of these guys are outstanding students; I would say that this might be the best academic class of the last three at this point. Some of them don't need anything else; they'll be fine. Some are still qualifying. A lot of these guys aren't qualifiers yet because they need that fourth year of English or third year of math, and they're doing it right now. So to sit here and say everyone is qualified, no, and we're in the process of doing that. And if somebody doesn't, then we tend to work a Plan B at that point."

On Colton Paulhus playing immediately: "I'm hoping that he can. He is a very high-motor guy, and when I look at our roster, getting another player in there in that rotation would be positive for us. We would like to get to where we are playing eight defensive linemen. I felt like with three years left that was a good choice on our part to go ahead and pull the trigger on Colton."

On when to expect to see on-field results from strong recruiting classes: "I think that we need to show a very significant step forward next year, there is no question about that. You don't have to be a genius to figure that out. But on the same token, today is more about these young men and their accomplishments, and what a great day it is. When you really think about it, there are kids sitting out there in high school right now who have been playing football their whole lives, and then all of a sudden are getting the chance to sign a Letter of Intent and go play what I always say is the greatest game in the world, college football. And to get somebody to pay for your degree, that's such a wonderful opportunity; we should be celebrating these guys right now."

On other injuries, such as Keenan Adams: "Keenan I don't anticipate being an issue at all. Cory James is probably in the same boat as Dorian. If Cory was a mid-year graduate, I'm not sure Cory would be ready to go in spring football. But like I said, we anticipate Dorian doing some things. We will rehab, train, and go through the summer. You have all the way through fall camp to really figure out who will be redshirting, and who's not. We always tell these young men that usually the majority of incoming freshmen redshirt, but I would like to play anybody who can help us, and I would like them to prepare between now and when they come on campus this summer like they are going to play. We will address is when the time is appropriate."

On Dorian Brown's position: "Yes, Dorian will be playing running back. That's where we would like him to start (begin his career)."

On players signing because of the opportunity to play as true freshmen at CSU, compared to other schools that automatically recruit to redshirt: "I think that's how it used to be. But with a lot of these schools now, they have a hard time keeping some of the real good ones around for four years. So I think that the pendulum has swung back to, 'If a guy can help you, play him.' We did nine (true freshmen) last year. But I think that anytime you look at a roster like ours that we've had to build from the ground up, there's a chance to play early, and that does excite high-school football prospects."

On which positions have the best shot as playing as freshmen: "We are going to need a third or fourth running back, there is no question there. I could see very clearly someone getting in the mix there. Probably a quarterback as well; someone will have to be a backup. If it's not M.J. (McPeek), we'll see coming out of spring football. We're very solid in the offensive line; I can almost tell you for sure they'd have to be a freak of nature to play as an offensive or even defensive lineman. If we got injured in some spots; maybe at linebacker a guy would be able to play. We are going to take a hard look at the safeties; we're moving Elijah-Blu Smith over to corner; maybe a guy could get into the mix there. But you start to look at our roster; we're starting to get stacked-up talent. We're not out of the woods by any means, but we're starting to get some intense competition going on within positions. I think at most spots we can withstand injury. We're getting there."

On Bibbs staying committed through his senior year: "He did, and that's a tribute to our coaches and to him. I'm not interested in these guys who flip-flop, and can't keep their word. We keep our end of the bargain, and it sure feels good when someone reciprocates. When you do the things that Kapri did and get recognized as the Player of the Year out of the Chicago area, there are going to be some people who are going to try to turn you, and there certainly were. But Pat Meyer and our offensive staff in particular did a great job with him."

On not getting as many Florida players this year: "When we start going out of the state, we can't cover the state of Florida with two people. We have a very hard time covering the state of Texas with three, and California with just three. TCU puts nine guys in Texas; that's just how they do it. It can be spotty at times. In the state of Florida we are more up in the Tampa/Orlando area; we have a bigger presence there than we do down in Miami. We try to recruit the whole state, but my point is that when you spot areas sometimes you're limited in where you look, and what you have on the list. One year Florida may be better, and another year it may be down. I think Texas is by far our best out-of-state area. I knew that when I got back here and first went down there. Again, the high-school football, the academics, the proximity, getting kids in the camps; it's probably going to be our strongest out-of-state area. "

On Keenan Adams grayshirting: "I'm not allowed to comment on grayshirting other than that we have grayshirt flexibility."

On Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando: "It's kind of what I was saying about the whole state. One year Dr. Phillips may have more prospects than the next year, and again, we may choose to not take as many at that position where they have their prospects. It's a very complex process, to put up the recruiting board, the number of scholarships that you have, how you're going to bring guys in, how you're going to offer them. So sometimes it just doesn't work out."

On Robert Nunn being a late addition: "Late addition means late commitment. There are a lot of late commitments on there. But that doesn't mean that they are late recruits. We knew about Robert because of Bernard Blake well over a year ago."

On weather being a factor in receiving letters from those affected by Midwest storms: "A few areas we had trouble with the Letters of Intent. The FedEx/UPS thing wasn't working quite like we'd hoped in some of the areas. But other than that, no. Everyone that we had anticipated getting back, we did this morning."

On Alexander's position: "You know, he played defense in high school; he played a lot of positions. So there is a lot of flexibility. Right now anybody who can play a position that can score a touchdown will start there. As we know, the more you coach this game you find that there are just certain guys who can get the ball into the end zone. So we will start him there, but we'll see."

On wanting more recruits at a certain position: "I don't really know the answer to that as we speak. I know some guys are going to have to come in big at defensive line next year. We will have to make sure that we address the cornerback spot next year. We'll see. Again, as you work your way through this roster and you go through the position changes, we'll start recruiting every good high-school football player we can find for 2012, and start targeting numbers in late summer."

On any of the players wanting to play basketball as well: "Isiah Norton is a basketball player, probably a little bit like Al Baker. We visited a couple recruits who we didn't end up going on who were in that category. That's an awfully tall order, to think you can play Division I football and basketball."

On Pete Thomas staying healthy: "I think we're very fortunate to have played Pete as many snaps as we did. He did wear down; there's no question. I probably underestimated the wear and tear that getting him prepared would take on his body. He wasn't a returning starter, so we grinded that kid in practice, just because the first time he played TCU that was his first time ever, so he had to see those looks. We wore him down, there's no question. Mathematically, we could redshirt both incoming freshmen, but I doubt that would happen, unless M.J. (McPeek) really solidifies himself as the number two."

On spring ball: "It starts on Thursday, the 24th of March. We will do our Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday format; I think we'll probably use one of those other days to make it work out. Our kids are back; they're already involved in our off-season conditioning. We'll have our first mat drill; you're all invited, 6 a.m. next Tuesday if you want to go in there. I can already tell just being around some of the players, it has a great feel. Tuesdays and Thursdays we're going to try to go in the morning; it's kind of a trend in college football right now. I'm not sure I want to commit to it five days a week, and I know I don't want to commit to it in the season before I try it. So this is something that our staff thought was a good idea, just to dabble in that. Our kids will take class after 11 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we'll see what we think, and step back in the month of May and see if it has merit for the fall or not."

On a long snapper: "We're actively recruiting still. We've got Tanner Hedstrom on campus that did it for us last year. We will see where that goes."

On Conner Smith not having the best senior year: "With him, I saw something in his upside. He might be one of the most talented skill-set guys that I've been around at the high-school level. I liked what he did; he didn't run the numbers, but I liked what he did his senior year. We're very fortunate to have him."

On worries with signing players who go on missions, and whether they will honor their commitment: "Well, there are more rules regarding that than you think, and there are some things that make it more of an obligation. A lot of times when you commit that far out it's because you know the family, and the coaches at the high school. Darren Wilkinson's from that area and knows that family. It worked out with Drew obviously; Drew went down to Laredo, Texas, for his mission, and here he is two years later, enrolled and ready to go. I believe in the Reilly family; we gave our word to them, they gave it to us, and I'm quite confident he will be back. I wouldn't want to do that with just any kid."

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