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Nov. 30, 2013

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(general statement)
“What a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The way we sent these seniors out and the way we atoned for seven years of butt-whooping against these guys, I’m just really proud of our guys. To see the Ram-Falcon Trophy back in Fort Collins is something our fans and players should be excited about. We were physical, we played relentless and we played the way Ram football is going to be played here for a long time to come. I can’t say enough about these seniors. I’m really happy for the fans that showed up and had the opportunity to see a group of guys that had invested; that’s satisfying.”

(on likelihood of bowl bid)
“Our guys played the number one team in the country (Alabama), they have battled, they have dominated some opponents; we have a pretty good football team that a lot of people would like to see. We’ll see what happens.”

(on Garrett Grayson breaking single-season record for passing yards)
“That’s what he is supposed to do; he did his job. I’m sure he has some passes that he would like to have back. Those things are nice, but those things only come about when the people around you do their job and do it with a passion and a sense of pride.”

(on energy and effort today)
“Our focus this week and our sense of urgency, even coming off of a loss, was great. They are starting to figure out how to think and understand that you are either going to get better or get worse; you are never going to stay the same. Our theme going into this week was attack. Last year when we played these guys we sat back and let them dictate the tempo of the game, and I really felt that our guy established a tempo. For our defense, I can’t say enough about how our defense played; that was a pretty dominating performance.”

(on whether this is most complete game played this year)
“There are a lot of things that we’ll look at tonight and grade the tape and look forward to getting better at, but I would say that from our guys’ attitude and the way they approached the game, it was pretty impressive.”

(on Kapri Bibbs)
“One of the things you do is establish toughness and relentless competitive spirit. The next thing we needed to do was get some explosive playmakers, and we aren’t there yet. Explosive playmakers are what change games, and he is one of those guys that makes explosive plays for us.”

(on Garrett Grayson’s strong finish to the season)
“I had belief in Garrett. He was the right guy for the job. He had to overcome some things as far as understanding how to play the position and preparation to play the position, and I think he has grown immensely with that. He did a pretty decent job today throwing it to the guys in green and not throwing it to guys in the other team’s jersey.”


SENIOR C Weston Richburg

(general comments)
“It’s a good way to end it. I wish we could’ve had more success early on in my career, but we’ve got a great coaching staff, great players coming, and I think it’s only the beginning for Colorado State.”

(on the win)
“Its really nice. I was kind of hoping for the shutout but we got to get some other guys in and get some experience there. It was a great win, really fun. I sat the entire fourth quarter and that was fun, just to kind of sit back and enjoy it and think over all the memories I’ve made and all the people I’ve met. Some of the guys on the sideline were seniors when I was a freshman so it was good to see those guys and reminisce about stuff. It was really special.”

(on whether there a little bit of a statement being made with seven bowl-eligible Mountain West teams)
“We came into this game knowing we needed to score a lot of points to keep up with their offense. Our defense did a great job of shutting them down and we were able to continue doing what we’ve done most of the season and it was a lot of fun.”

(on whether he’s excited to get a 50th career start, extending his school record)
“Yeah, it will be nice, I think I’ll catch up with some of the other guys in the country who have 49 and maybe I’ll over-take them.”

(on QB Garrett Grayson)
“He’s done a heck of a job, not only with his plays but also with this leadership. He’s kind of a shy guy, and he’s been able to step in and be vocal. The guy is a leader, and when your quarterback is a leader guys are going to follow him. It’s been really awesome to see him develop and mature.”

(on whether he was surprised by the running game and that Grayson broke the single-season passing record)
“I didn’t even know he was close to breaking it until they announced it. I had no idea, so that’s really cool.”

(on the development of the offense)
“Since last year, it’s a night and day difference. We’ve matured as a unit and as a collective effort, it’s been awesome. It was nice to see it come in the second half. Sometimes we don’t come out (sharp) in the third quarter. It was awesome to see and it couldn’t have come out any better.”

SOPHOMORE RB Donnell Alexander

(on whether the guys felt like they had to make a statement?)
“We knew we had to have a big game, and score some points offensively.”

(on how it felt to be back on the field after missing two games because of injury)
“It felt really nice. I didn’t even play much after the third quarter. We let the other guys and other receivers who don’t play much step in and that was a good feeling. That’s when you know everything’s in the clear.”

(on the feeling of seeing the seniors get some carries)
“It was special because those guys have been around a long time, and you don’t get to see what they do behind the scenes, they don’t get a lot of the glory, so for them to get in there and get those plays that meant a lot for them and a lot for me.”

JUNIOR QB Garrett Grayson

(on when he heard he had broken the CSU single-season passing record)
“I didn’t even know I was close to be honest with you. Its cool, it’s a huge honor, and it really goes to the guys up front. When they give you the time, like they’ve given me all season, it really makes my job a lot easier; and then it goes to receivers who are making the plays for me.”

(on how satisfying it is come back from questions about is QB spot early in season)
“Obviously it feels pretty good. After the second game I went up and talked to Coach Mac and asked what I was doing wrong and I think that was a turning point to me, to talk to the head guy and get some pointers, and that’s when things started to change.”

(on whether he gained confidence from Mac talking about his confidence in Garrett)
“Anytime the head coach, knowing what he has done in his past, can come to you and tell you he has 100% confidence in you and the job is yours and to go run with it, makes you feel good about yourself and makes you relax because you realize you’re not going to lose the job so you can go out there and play football and have fun.”

(on how big the quick start was for the offense)
“Obviously we know we hadn’t had the trophy in 8 years, so we wanted to go out and put up as many points as we can so obviously that was a huge confidence boost for us to know that we could go out there and put up those points right away.”

(on throwing deep more today)
“We knew from the first two drives how they were going to play Crockett and our run game and bring guys up closer to the line of scrimmage so we looked for those one-on-one matchups like we did.”

(on the confidence gained from the way the defense is playing)
“It’s huge for us. Last week we saw it, and obviously didn’t help them out. And this week they stepped up big for us in a rivalry game, and we stepped up on both sides of the ball and that’s what you can expect.”

(on how disappointing it would be to not make a bowl game)
“Very disappointed, but I think we’ve put up enough points in the past few weeks to get us there.”

(on whether they felt like they had to make a big statement)
“Our goal coming into this game was to send the seniors out and send them out the right way. And I think we did that putting up 58 points on the board, letting them get the trophy back here, and hopefully making it to the bowl game. Nobody mentioned it, but I think it was on everybody’s mind that we need to go out here and have a big game, and let the rest be the rest.”

(on what the dream is in “One Town, One Team, One Dream”)
“To keep moving forward and to the bowl game, we’ve got to get that and then win it. We don’t just want to get there and lose, we want to win and send the seniors out right. And then we’ll go onto the next season.”


(on the mentality of the team)
“We wanted to go out and send our seniors out the right way, just like Garrett said. We needed a win to have a bid at a bowl, we had to get seven. We just wanted to go in and get a win and send the seniors out the right way.” 

(on QB Garrett Grayson breaking the single-season passing record)
“I think it says a lot, as a school-record-holder that really means something. I think as an offense we really clicked this year, and he really stepped up and as a unit the o-line played great, and to break records that’s a pretty big deal.”

(on when they got the sense that the passing game would carry the team today)
“We had some running backs banged up, Kapri (Bibbs) was a little banged up and so was (Donnell) Alexander, but they still ran the ball great. (Chris) Nwoke ran the ball great. I think how they played their defense opened up some of our big plays to throw the ball down field. I think that with the running backs that we have you really have to play the box and play the run so it opened up play-action pretty well.”

(on the difference from last year to this year)
“As far as the game standpoint, just playing in the game we have come a long way from last year. This year the offense has really clicked and last year we couldn’t really get going. It was good to get a win and get that Ram-Falcon Trophy.”

(on the difference in effort between this year and last year)
“A little bit. I mean last year we just struggled to get the system going, with having a new coach and stuff like that. I think we’ve tried to keep the mentality high, we have good coaches to get us going, and players that want to play. I wouldn’t say the mentality was different, we love to win every game; but it was the last game and senior night.”

(on how the seniors make this team better)
“Just from a leadership standpoint, the seniors really step up and get you going. Our seniors’ play really helped up out a lot.”

SENIOR LB Shaquil Barrett

(on how great today was)
“It feels really good, because I was expecting to come in and have a dog fight. But to come out and play the way we did it was a real good feeling, it just lets you know that the great practice we had really paid off.”

(on building on last week’s defensive performance against Utah State)
“Yeah you could say that. We built on that, we had a great base from last week only giving up 13 points and they had tremendous field position the whole game. And against Air Force we had special teams, and our offense did a great job of pinning them down into their own territory; we just had to keep them back there and we won the field-position game.” 

(on when they knew LB Aaron Davis was going to play, and how much of a difference he makes)
“He makes a huge difference when he’s out there for our team. He plays fast, he plays hard, he’s always getting to the ball; that’s what you can count on with Aaron. He’ll fly in at 100 miles-per-hour and make the tackle.” 

(on how it felt to really shut a team down)
“I haven’t had this feeling since probably like high school. It feels really good to know that everybody is clicking and everything is going the way we want it to go. They got a couple first downs, but we were able to bounce back and not hang our heads, we were able to get back going and reset our mindset like it was the first play again, and go three-and-out from there. Everybody had that mindset and even when we didn’t [LB] Max Morgan came in there and told everyone to ‘reset’, ‘start it over’ and I think that helped us out a lot.”

(on if this win is even sweeter given the way Air Force beat them in 2012)
“Yeah, we feel a lot better about ourselves too. Coach Mac let us know that that’s unacceptable behavior for our team to get run on by any team, no matter who it is. We came out there and tried to not allow them to get any rushing yards, I don’t know what the total was at the end of the game, but I know it was a lot better than last year.”

(on if it helped seeing the triple option twice before this game in Cal Poly and New Mexico)
“I think that Cal Poly probably helped the most, because New Mexico it felt like we took a few steps back as a defense. Our effort from the previous game also, we were able to use that to the great performance we had today. The New Mexico game, we did bad for the most part, but when we did step up it was at big times and it was in the fourth quarter and the little momentum we had from that game helped us too. 

(on how much what was at stake was on his mind)
“It was definitely on my mind, I can’t speak for everybody. I know it’s my last year and I wanted to go to a bowl. I knew if I came out here and we came out here as a team we took care of business, that it was going to happen. It was in the back of my mind, and I thought about it here and there; but I tried to not let it interfere with the game today.”

(on the best part of today, having a complete game)
“Yeah that was probably it. This was a great performance, a great team performance, special teams stepped up. [K] Jared Roberts kicked a 54-yard field goal, that sent some shock waves through my body; I was so happy for Jared because I know he’s a really good kicker and for him to come out and get the opportunity, that coach trusted him.” 

(on what he’ll take away from his time at CSU)
“I just like the bond that I have built with the guys that I did. I like playing under the coaches that focus and make you pay attention to every detail. When you don’t pay attention to the little details they become big things. Just pay attention pay attention to everything, don’t show up late to work and make sure your shirt is tucked in, because if I go to a regular nine to five job I’m going to have to be on time with my shirt tucked in. Just making us worry about every detail of football on and off the field.” 


(conclusions from this game)
“First of all, I thought Colorado State played very, very well from the get-go. You could tell they had good size.”

“We got bounced around today, and frankly we got bounced around a bunch throughout the season. We have to look at every aspect of what we’re doing. We have to coach better, we have to play better.”

(on preparing younger players)
“If we get in situations where we have to play, we have to go three or four deep in a position, we have to do a better job as coaches… If we have to play the third or the fourth guy, we’re going to do a better job of getting them ready to go.”

(on the defense in the future; played one senior)
“It goes to… what do you do over the winter and through the spring, what do you do to make your body better and mentally to know… we had some guys now that should learn lessons the right way, they have to learn lessons the right way to realize what it really takes to play at a high level of college football.”


“You don’t want to go out [from] your last game on a loss, but I wouldn’t change a thing… the guys in there, they’re my brothers; just knowing what we all go through, what we’re all going to go do, that gives me some comfort inside even through a tough loss.”

(on first time losing 10 games in 1 season)
“I can’t do anything about it now. The only thing the younger guys can do is come back in on Monday and start working for the next season.”

(on what he’s leaving for next year)
“I think you can get a positive from anything, it just depends on how you look at it… you need to focus on those positives.”

(on whether he’s glad the tough year is over)
“It has been a tough year, but I’ve enjoyed going everywhere with these guys, practicing with them, working with them, and you find out who people really are when you go 2-and-10.”


(on whether this loss was the worst feeling of the season)
“It felt pretty bad, that’s for sure. I mean we practice our tails off all week, it just doesn’t transfer over. We have the opportunities, we just have to make it less difficult on ourselves by first and second down and making a reasonable third down; we have the game plan, we have the people, we just have to put it together.”

(looking to next year)
“Monday we’re going in, [and] we’re getting after it, we’re getting ready for the 2014 season, so that’s all I can do. I could tell you [about] the experience I had this season, but starting Monday it’s a new season, and we have to start over.”

“We didn’t do our part [on offense]; a good offense is a good defense too. If you’re not converting third downs and your defense has to continuously go out there, you’re not helping them out.”

“Team chemistry-wise, we need to come together, we have to feed off each other. We have to play not only to put points up, but to give our boys on [defense] a rest.”


(on the defense)
“We’re getting out-worked, it’s just as simple as that. We prepare well, we come in feeling confident, but when it’s time for us to hit the field on Saturday, we just haven’t been playing well.”

(on next year)
“We just have to get better all across the board; offense, defense, special teams, me individually, coaching has got to be better, everything has to be better. We went 2-10 this year, and that’s not what we wanted, and next year is not going to be the same.”




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