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Nov. 24, 2012

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(Opening Statement)
"Obviously that was a lot of fun and a great way to end (the year). I am really proud of those seniors. I thought a couple of those guys really battled their tails off in this game. You can see it really meant something to them. I think there is a lot owe can build on. We had some young guys step up and make some plays, which is great. The defense came up big at the end. (It was a) complete game. We knew we didn't want to let them play with house money and of course we threw a ball right to them on a third down and they ran it down there and put our defense in a hole. Those things just can't happen. We have to have a great offseason to get those things cleaned up. Overall, I am obviously very happy for the win. We now get a chance to reflect here for a couple hours before we head out on the road recruiting. I think this is something that can really help our program. Three wins here at the buzzer here at home was great. The fans that did show up were loud at the end; that was cool. I want to thank those people as well."

(On the poise Connor Smith showed on the last drive)
"I thought it was great. The guy is a little unflappable, which is great. He just shook off the turnover from before and a couple bad reads. At the same time he went in and executed the drive exactly what we wanted to do. It was good to see him hit Joe Hansley in stride. With that I thought, we had great protection up front. It gave him some time to get it off because that is a slow play to develop."

(On the wheel route that the Rams scored on to win the game)
"It's interesting, that was a form of the same play from the first score of the year at Mile High and then the last touchdown. How fitting is that. It was very similar concept."

(On why Joe Hansley received more touches tonight than in previous games)
"It probably had to do more with the numbers we had at that position. He had a lot more reps and between he and Marquis (Law) and Charles Lovett they took a lot of snaps in this ball game. They never backed down. Some of the things that don't show up Hansley did a great job in the run game. On the fourth down on the last drive he was the guy that sealed the edge. That might have been the best play he made the whole game."

(On why Chris Nwoke was given the ball on the final fourth down of the winning drive)
"We had rotated those guys in and it was his turn. It wasn't a determination one way or the other. I thought Donnnell (Alexander) did a great job running the ball again. He got into the open field and was patient. I thought he grew a lot this year. He has an opportunity to be a pretty decent back in this league. I thought Chris the last couple games has gotten back to his form and held on to the ball and done the things we wanted him to do."

(On if he thinks the team improved over the final stretch)
"I think we did. I think we got better and adapted to some of the injuries we had. Guys stepped up and played a lot of downs. There are some positive things we can take from the back half of this season. There are some good learning experiences from the front half of the season. That won't be forgotten. As you know I'm disappointed in our win-loss (record). I am not disappointed at all in what we're building. Everyone is starting to understand the expectation of excellence. It doesn't matter who you are. If you touch this program in a way, shape or form it is not okay not to give your best every day and that is where we are heading.


(On the game)
"We fought at times pretty good. We do some good things."

(On Colorado State)
"I thought they kicked us in the mouth. We never could get any rhythm on offense. We're not going to win if we can't play defense. The big picture is you got to be proud of these kids and proud of their fight. It was too bad we couldn't win."


Conner Smith

(On winning the last game )
"It means a lot. I'm really happy to have gotten it done, especially for the seniors. It was good to send them out with a win. Plus, having a 3-0 win-streak (at home) is great and it provides that momentum for next year."

(On earning confidence as a starter and being 3-1)
"I try not to think about the statistics, just go out and play to the best of my ability. I also expect that out of my teammates as well and tonight we were able to get a win."

(On the freshmen making the important plays)
"We have a lot of young talent and it's obvious with offense and defense. We also have many redshirts that will be stepping up next year. It really builds a lot of confidence and provides momentum for next year."

(On himself)
"I feel like I played okay throughout the year, I couldn't have done it without my teammates. Most of my success goes hand in hand with them. I'm fairly satisfied with it, but I feel like I could have done better.

Marquise Law

(On the opening drive)
"We have been talking about that all season. We've been able to move the ball all season like that, but we were always losing. For us to be able to put a drive in like that was great."

(On the final drive)
"I always thought that there would pressure in situations like that, but I felt calm because we do it so much during practice. It was a time where we had to use it in the game so everyone felt calm and was ready to do their job."

(On how the team has grown)
"We haven't been weighted down by our losses; we still go in feeling like it's our first game. Everybody has been working hard and we haven't allowed each other to feel down. Everybody still wants the win and they still want to work hard. That's the big difference between this season's team and last season's."

(On his last game)
"I gave everything I had. I am excited for the real world and see what life holds. I'm not sad, I'll miss my teammates, though. They're like brothers to me. I gave everything I had and we got the win."

Donnell Alexander

(On young players stepping up)
"It's something that is very important for the team. A lot of us will be back. We contributed now and we can now grow off that as a team. We need to take the next step to success."

(On the offense)
"Offense was great with opening up holes. They just had to do what they had to do. They get a lot of the credit for it. We wouldn't be able to do anything without them."

Joe Caprioglio

(On his end of the season performance)
"Obviously, you want to win more than you did last year. It gives us a look of what the future holds for us. We have so many young players that play well and that will be stepping up."

(On the teams' end of the season performance)
"It was nice to gain momentum. I felt like our run game really came together. It was nice because it was something that we could really do and it was something that we had been doing. It gives them a little momentum going into next year."



(On the close game)
"We got to execute and make plays when we need to."

(On CSU)
"You got to give it up to Colorado State. We we're a little timid."

(On not winning)
"These guys are like my brothers. With them not going out with a victory is tough."



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