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Nov. 10, 2012

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(General Statement)
“First and foremost, for the fans that came out here I want to say thank you to them personally because coming out here in a game that, quite honestly, we don’t have the record that we hoped. I look forward to these snowy days when we have 40 (thousand) plus (fans) in this stadium and we’re playing for a lot at this time of year. We’re going to get there.

Our guys on Wednesday really did some soul-searching. Mike Kent, our strength coach, did an outstanding job pointing some things out that we have been working on from the start. Guys took it to heart. We came in with the mantra that we determine the outcome. We do, no one else. I’m really pleased. It really helps when you get some defensive touchdowns. It shows how guys come back, especially on third down compared to a week ago. We did a good job getting off the field. It gave us a chance for a short field. I am really proud of the way they came out and performed in the game.

Obviously it looks like we might be a little beat up going into next weekend. It looks like we lost (Jared) Baird, (Thomas) Coffman, (James) Skelton, (Shaquil) Barrett and Aaron Davis.  I know those guys will do everything they can to get back in the game. I thought we did a pretty decent job upfront for the most part. Donnell (Alexander) showed the importance of ‘If you can make someone miss at the second level, you have the chance for some explosive plays.’ I thought he did that. Obviously, Conner (Smith) taking care of the football, we have to keep working on that. That’s our second conference home win in this stadium this year. There are some things we can build on and we have a lot of work ahead of us as we head for our game next week up in Boise.”
(On CSU’s defensive play)
“The thing we need to do now is build on consistent performance. We have been kind of hit and miss in certain games. They have played some dominating games, and at times they’ve given up some third down and haven’t been able to get off the field. I go back to saying ‘We determine, no one else does.’ We determine how we are going to play, what kind of effort we are going to play with, what kind of emotion we are going to play with. I thought our guys came out and had a little juice. That is part of building the foundation. I explain to them it’s cool to be excited. It’s cool to get excited for your team. It always seemed like they were waiting for someone else to do something. That’s unacceptable. That is part of the foundation. We have young guys that are stepping up and they are going to have to step up more as we start to lose guys to injury.”
(On if he could tell the defensive guys were ready to go from the week of practice)
“They were. It was on that Wednesday and really as a whole team. It’s fundamental to successful organizations that you practice with a purpose, a detail and you execute at a level so that the game become slower and easier. Sometimes we do it, sometimes we don’t. That’s what we are starting to see. We’ll go back and evaluate that and say ‘remember that play you made on Wednesday, where here it is.” It was successful during the game.”
(On if he is happy to see the running game starting to excel)
“Really happy. Conner (Smith) if they are going to load the box he has the ability to stretch it and throw it to our guys. I think we are really going to be able to get there.”
(On Chris Nwoke’s ball security)
“That was huge. He practiced hard. He deserved to play. Joe Brown I wanted to get him in there more. He is a little dinged up from Thursday’s practice. He would have been the first guy in and deserved to be but didn’t want to jeopardize that.


(On overall thoughts)
“Obviously, we’re disappointed we can’t win on the road. Certainly we can’t come in here and give their team three touchdowns with our offense and hope to win the game. It’s aggravating to say the least and disappointing. It’s got to stop. We’ve got to play the game better on the road and we just flat aren’t doing it. We just can’t turn the ball over like that and hope to win it.”

(On snow effecting the team)
“I don’t want to make excuses, I just want to say we better fix it. We can’t give up touchdowns with our offense. Their guys played in it too and their guys played better in it than we did, which is a credit to them.”

(On number of turnovers)
“We put the ball on the ground and we threw it to them. We gave them three touchdowns in the first half. You can’t gift wrap a game like that against a conference opponent. It’s an evenly matched game and they took it. Congratulations to them.”

(On versatility of offense)
“We were running the ball well, but when you’re down, we have to sprinkle in more throwing. I would say it wasn’t on the money in terms of the throwing game. So we struggled to throw it and being behind like that we couldn’t go out and bang on it like we thought we could.

(On CSU’s three touchdowns in the first half)
“It’s football. Nobody overcomes that, even the best teams. And we aren’t one of the best teams.”

(On previous showings against conference opponents)
We’ve played good in our conference games. They’ve been great games, Boise State wasn’t, but all of our conference games we’ve played great. We’ve been in them. We’ve won them. This is disappointing. Like I said before the game, they look at us as a beatable team and we look at them as a beatable team and they got it done. So we’re disappointed and nice job to them.”

(On final score)
“Start out down three touchdowns, and it’s not going to be good. It’s going to be hard. Start anybody with three touchdowns, and it’s just not going to be good. Alabama was down three touchdowns early on and they couldn’t overcome it and we certainly aren’t Alabama.”


RB Donnell Alexander

(On defense jump starting the game)
“The guys up front were opening up holes, and it was making it easier for me to go through.”

(On future games)
“We needed to finish strong and show people that we can keep fighting. We still have two more games, so we'll try to get two more wins.”

(On Chris Nwoke)
“He's a great guy. He is so encouraging and helpful to me. I appreciate him and I give a lot of thanks to him because he helps me on and off the sidelines.”

DB Shaq Bell

(Reaction to defense starting well)
“It's a big confidence boost, even for the young guys. They practiced hard all week. With the win and the practice, they start to feel comfortable around us. It's a big boost for them as well.”

(On the win for the younger players)
“For the guys that are stepping up, we need to encourage them and tell them to focus and just compete.”

(Reaction to injuries)
“It was hard because they're a core group. The young players are ready to step up though. It's hard to see them injured and we hope to see them come back. If not the younger players can step up quickly.”

LB Shaquil Barrett

(On defense and offense at the beginning of the game)
“We had our defense and our offense going well. It only takes someone to make big play and let the rest of the team know that it's okay for them to do the same thing. ”

(On excitement for the game)
“They (the coaches) tell us that we just need to get excited and we need to fuel the fire. When the team sees someone make a good play, it helps and it gets them joining the cause for the win. It was fun out there and it was good for the team."

(On defense and overall game)
“We haven't lived up to our potential, and we want to show them that we can. We definitely want to try to win the last two games. It was bad display last week; we had to bounce back. Keeping UNLV scoreless through the third quarter was a good feeling for us. It's good to be able to show the coaches that their game plan is working.”



(On his general thoughts)
“We fought back as much as we could. We’ve got to watch the film to correct some things, and get ready for the next home game. We put ourselves in too much of a bind to come back from.”


(On the overall outcome of the game) 
“I felt like to score really didn’t reflect the game. We left a lot of plays out there.”

(On turnovers)
“It definitely put us in a hole. I think it changed up our offensive game plan a little bit and we couldn’t get out of it.”

(On the weather)
“I’ve been in worst cold games.”


(On the weather)
“I feel like the weather was not that much of a factor, but I can’t speak for the team.”

(On turnovers)
“Turnovers killed us. We had a lot of turnovers out there. Nobody’s won a game with a lot of turnovers like that.”

(Overall outcome of the game)
“I feel like we let them keep the momentum.”

(Going into next week)
“I feel like we play good at home, and we have a home game coming up this week. We’re going to play good out there next week.”



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