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Nov. 2, 2013

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(opening comments)
"There were some good things that happened in that game and, obviously, some disappointing things. We've got to continue to learn and to grow."

"Our guys hung in there until the end. We gave ourselves opportunities a couple of times. The third quarter was a hindrance, (when) we didn't answer with points offensively."

"Obviously, it was the big plays. You put yourself in the position to make plays; now you have to make them without panicking. They had some pretty good answers. It was a good football team that we played. We're disappointed, but you should be disappointed when you lose. It's how you learn from it."

"Now we prepare for next week against a really good (Nevada) Reno team coming to town. We've got a lot to play for, and I put it up to these seniors to finish this thing out the way it should be. So not all is lost. We are a football team in transition, and a team that's learning. Every time we play we get a chance to learn."

"I don't think we backed down at all. The first drive of the game with that field goal, we settled for that... And then me going for it on fourth down and coming up empty. Those are two opportunities down in the red area for our football team, and you have to come out with points. So that's on me. I called it."

(on what can be done to improve the pass defense) "
Working on fundamentals. We need to work on not panicking when the ball is in the air. I'm not giving up on those guys. We keep working. We work on fundamentals every day. We just keep working on them, and when they're in position they make plays. There comes a point where you look yourself in the mirror and say `I'm going to go compete.' That's the bottom line."


(on QB Grant Hedrick's performance)
"He's getting more and more confident. He's a weapon with his feet, he's more accurate. The more he sees different blitzes and coverages the more comfortable he'll be."

(on personnel)
"This game was close to until the end. We were just playing with who was healthy and could play."

(on big plays)
"The personal foul that they got was a big play to eat more clock up. They executed that onside kick perfectly. We had a guy there, but he was just not tall enough. Hat's off to them for that"

(on the targeting penalty)
"He (Cleshawn Page) was not targeting and they got the call right, but we have to be more careful running down the field full speed, just with the nature of how the game is now, keeping kids safe, not losing yourself for a game, all those things."

(on injured players' effect on game)
"They're tougher because we got some young guys and they're tougher because we have so many guys that are dinged up."


WR Charles Lovett

(on frustration with stalling on offense for a period after a strong start)
"We went in at halftime, regrouped a little bit, came out, played a little bit better, but we just gotta work on offense and not stall out like that. It's kinda like what we did in the Hawaii game but we fought back strong and I'm proud of my guys."

(on whether this loss hurts more than two previous losses to Boise State)
"Boise's a great team, good offense, good coach. We've just got to come back on Monday and regroup. It hurts, it hurts more than all the losses because we lost big the last couple of years but this one was actually closer and it hurts probably more than any loss this season."

(on finishing on offense)
"Our offense is explosive but we just gotta come together all as one team. If our offense `wins' and defense doesn't, we still lose as a team. We just got to try to come together as a team and get the victory."

(on his increased involvement in the offense tonight)
"Yeah it was alright, but we came up short. I'll have no catches with a `W' before I have 7 with a loss. I mean that really don't mean nothing to me; I'd rather get the win. We're all about family on this team."

(on regrouping and bouncing back)
"Its gonna be tough, but we've got to have short-term memories and get back in the film room and forget about this. We've got a good team coming in next week, we've just got to regroup and focus on them. This game's behind us and we can't get it back."

S Trent Matthews

(on frustration about the loss)
"Good question. Real frustrated because we had a good week, we practiced the routes, the routes were there for us to go play, but we didn't execute. What I can say is, I can learn from it, personally, and as a secondary."

(on what Boise State did so well offensively)
"They didn't make mistakes, and we did, and they capitalized on our mistakes."

(on the first long touchdown on a "wheel" route)
"On the wheel route, he's a fast guy, he turned up, the ball was overthrown, and he just made it a track race. I mean I give him the credit, he just beat me athletically and I gotta fix that in the training room." 

QB Garrett Grayson

(on losing when there was a lot at stake)
"We knew it was going to be a heavyweight fight, thats what coach Mac said all week. When we had the opportunities we had to score. We knew it was going to be back-and-forth all game. They just got a big lead there and it was tough to come back from."

(on Coach McElwain giving them every chance to be successful)
"He told us that this is the type of game where you pull out all the stops. They have some people that are saying they're not the same Boise State team, but as long as that coach is there, they're going to be the same Boise State team in my eyes. I think coach Mac kind of had that same mentality, that we have to pull out all the stops to beat a team like this. He did, he had our back and we just have to come out and finish."

(on Coach Mac's postgame message to the team)
"He was pretty upset, and he had a right to be. We had the game, we had it going how we wanted it there for a while, and they just got out into a big lead; and we just couldn't come back form it. He told us that we should be disappointed, as you should be after any loss, (but) we have to get over it and get ready for next week. We have a good team coming in next week that we've got to be ready for."

(on moving the ball but only getting 17 points out of it)
"Coach Mac told us at halftime that that's not ok. He pulled me off to the side and said `hey, we got to finish.' When we get down there we gotta put it on the board, we can't stall, we can't stop; when we get down there against a good team we need to score a touchdown, and we weren't doing that."

(on being ready for today's game)
"We were ready as could be for it. All the guys were focused. Coach Mac came up to me and said we were pretty quiet in the warmup and I told him `everybody's focused and ready for this opportunity, we're quiet because we've never been in this situation before and we're ready to show people what we've got.' It's not a bad thing at all. We came out in that first half, we had a good first half, we struggled at times. I feel like we did pretty well in the second half, we just have to come out and play better."

(on what's causing issues in the second half)
"Just mental mistakes. You could just say we're shooting ourselves in the foot, it really the thing. If we do get a good play, we have a penalty here; just things like that you can't do against teams like Boise State. We fix those kinds of things the sky is the limit."

(on coming out and scoring even though the team was down in the fourth quarter)
"It says a lot. It shows the guys aren't going to quit. It shows that we're going to battle back. Once we got it rolling on offense like we did it kind of opened up people's eyes that we can battle back. We have scored 28 points in one quarter before, so we know we can do that. We just can't let big leads get out of hand."

(on his interception)
"I thought [WR] Joe Hansley was going to cross his face, we had just a little switch route, and I thought he was going to get in front of him. I should have just checked it down, that's the one play I want back out of them all. After getting an onside kick, and the way we had been playing, that was a big letdown on my part."

LB Shaquil Barrett

(on bouncing back from this loss)
"We just have to come out to practice with the mindset that we want to get better and don't want to go on the downslide. We want to bounce back, we want to come back and win games again."

(on Coach McElwain challenging the seniors to take charge)
"I agree with him because this is our last go at it, and we want to go out on a high note.

(on what the front seven can do to help the pass defense)
"First we need to communicate and just make sure everybody knows the calls. If there's a five-step-drop we just need to get pressure. If it's a three-step-drop we just have to try and get our hands up because it's pretty difficult to do when they get the ball out fast."

(on the frustration of getting pressure on a play but giving up a big gainer)
"It's tough. Guys down there are going hard trying to affect the throw and everything. We just have to take away the big plays, because we have given up big plays pretty much every game we have played, so we've been working on that and trying to take that away from our approach, but we have not been as successful as we need to be at that."

(on feeling the momentum slip away during the game)
"Yeah, you could feel it slip away after the missed field goal right before the half. If he would have made that we probably would have gained it back and we would have came out and our offense ready to attack, our defense ready to attack. That shouldn't have to happen for us to come out like that, we should just be able to get that on our own."

(on taking the same drive that allowed them to win two straight games after losing to San Jose State)
"It's just going to be up to us, the players; because the coaches do everything they're supposed to do. This is just going to be up to us, how we attack everything, how we approach everything; we just have to have the mindset that we've been here before. Everybody likes the feeling of winning, and we want to get that feeling back."



(on his 68-yard touchdown pass to Shane Williams-Rhodes)
"There's no better feeling than laying on the ground and watching Shane run into the endzone"

(on his team's injuries)
"It's hard. I think every team in the country is battling that same problem, but with us, our guys just have to step up and step in when they need to and have that focus; it's hard when guys go down. I think we needed to establish a good pass game to help our run game out"

(on winning on the road for the first time this year)
"All of our losses have been on the road, so it's good to come in away from home and get a W"


(on starting slow)
"We were just trying to play fast, play physical all game, but I mean sometimes that's just the way it goes."

(on CSU QB Garrett Grayson)
"We just knew we had to get pressure on him, that's something we harp on all week at practice is pressuring the quarterback, just being like a resilient defensive line."

(on winning on the road)
"It's big, it's big for everyone's confidence."


"It feels good to get out of here with a win, and there's some things we still have to work on, some basic fundamental stuff, and we'd like to finish a little better as well."

(on his team's injuries)
"It can be tough... there's guys stepping up...there's some young guys stepping up and it's really helping out. We obviously need to start a little faster, and you know we're going to have to go into this bye week and think about what it is we need to do differently in order to come out fast."



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