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Oct. 27, 2012

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(Opening statement)
“I want to say how excited I am for our guys. They got this win. It’s something that we really needed as a program and our guys needed it. I was really proud of how they fought. I was obviously really proud of our defense. I thought they really, really picked it up and dominated the game. I was really proud of them especially for being as battered as they are. A lot of guys stepped up and made some plays. Obviously, you can’t put the ball on the ground like that. Yet, it tells you something that we’re are learning as a program that we can build on. I’m not so sure in the past that there might not have been a little us versus them between the offense and the defense and I could really feel our guys stick together and help each other up. That’s really what it’s about. A wise man once told me ‘don’t ever bad mouth a win’ and I never will. Believe me having been on this stretch I’m probably one of the most excited guys in the country. I really think we took a step today and we took a step as a family. We took a step where we picked each other up and that was really exciting.”

(On if he is starting to see the potential of Chris Nwoke)
“He had a bunch of fumbles last year too. We have to teach him ball security. You can’t play the game if you put it on the ground. We gave them their first touchdown like we have a couple other times by putting the ball on the ground. We have to find somebody back there that wants to run behind their pads and physical and understand how much it means to maintain possession of the ball. That’s why I put in James Skelton. This guy will hold on to the ball, he’s tough and it means something too him. I’m ready to put him back there full time.”

(On how he gets his running backs to hold on to the ball)
“They weren’t trying to put it on the ground. There were some extra efforts deals. We work ball security drills every day and we just have to do it. It’s kind of like shooting free throws, once you start making a big deal out of it you can’t hit any of them. Go back to fundamentals and techniques.”

(On how joyous the locker room was)
“We forgot how to do the countdown. They almost forgot to sing the fight song because it’s been so darn long since we did it. They were excited. They were relieved. They feel the pressure. As many positive things as these guys are doing in the classroom and in the community and together as a team, they feel the heat of not winning. This was big.”

(On Pete Kontodiakos)
“He was awesome. He bailed us out today and it showed what a quality punter he is. We’ve been waiting for this.”

(On if it was fitting that the defense scored the final two touchdowns)
“Absolutely, I can’t say enough. I thought we played pretty good offensive football in the first half and we really did other than the fumble that we had to give them the game right out of the shoots. We played pretty good. Conner Smith did pretty good for the most part. Even the interception that guy made a good play. He went to where he was supposed to.”

(On injures)
“Not good. Kevin Davis, who as a true freshman has just been playing lights out, and is just another one of those young guys in our recruiting class that has a bight, bright future is probably going to be out. Aaron Davis went down and I can’t tell you how severely that one is. (Ty) Sambrailo we will have to see. He told them tape me up and he stayed warm the whole game just in case he had to come back. A lot of these we will know better by Monday.”


(on his general thoughts)
“I thought the defense played well in the second half and capitalized on all things. I felt our guys hung in there. I thought our guys played hard, and we’ve just got to cut the mistakes.”\

(on not capitalizing on the CSU turnovers in third quarter)
“It was awful. It was terrible. That’s what cost us the ball game; and the fact that we could have gone up 21-7 but we fumbled the ball in the first half. That was tough. Our defense really stood up and played and we didn’t take advantage of it offensively."

(on CSU’s DeAndre Elliott interception return TD)
“We  don’t worry about them, we worry about ourselves. We should have been able to block the guy.”

(On referee’s reversals)
We don’t take advantage. We don’t capitalize, and when we did, they (the officials) called it back, which I knew they would. That seems to be happening all the time to us – only to us. We haven’t had a reversal all season long. I told the guy in front of me, ‘I bet you a 100 bucks they reverse it,’ obviously enough they did.”

(On wanting to change calls)
“They should have been a little bit more creative down by the goal line, instead of just trying to pound it in there. We tried a couple pounding it in there, things like that. We ran the ball pretty well the first half and thought we could continue to do so, but they toughened up and we lost a couple of yards.”

(on CSU’s 76-yard return)
“I though Sean (Schroeder) got a little greedy. He didn’t take what they were giving us. He tried to make some big plays, but that’s just Sean he wanted to make something happen and couldn’t do it. He needs to know when to throw it in there, needs to know when to back off. That’s what it takes to play quarterback.”

Colorado State Player Quotes

Pete Kontodiakos

“Since the year started, the coaches have challenged me to be what I can be. We just locked in today. We knew that field position would be important in this game. We all encourage each other before we get onto the field there was no doubt that we were not going to win this game today. We can in and we had a different mindset coming out of the tunnel. ”

(On the win)
“I think it was big. We had the opportunity to go six and six, coach preached that it was like how we start another season, start how we finish, start one and zero. We started this half one and zero. Just taking it day by day, this was very big today. ”

(On the block)
“That was on me, we had Januska go down. We didn’t get a substitution and I saw it at the last minute. We didn’t have our left end and I should have called a time out.”

Shaquil Barrett

“It was really big, we had a large losing streak, and being able to turn that around and having players get their energy back, like in the first game, and now we go to the next game feeling really prepared. It's just getting everything boosted back up and knowing that we can get another win.”

(On chances for going to Wyoming)
The win was good for our team. It boosted our confidence, and when we go to Wyoming where going to be on the high horse, and we're going to try to not let anyone knock us off of it.

Connor Smith

(On his first win as a starter)
“I try treat it as any other game. I've been playing football since I was really young. I just try to go out and not let things get to my head, and I feel like we executed as an offense, especially in the first half. That's what matters at the end of the day. We all knew we had it coming, and it was great to go out and get it. We had a good shot against Hawai'i. It’s a good feeling.”

(On Nwoke)
"Nwoke is a good running back. Everybody makes mistakes, it happens. It’s our job to pick him up and let him know that we had his back. He came back strong after that.

Chris Nwoke

(On self and the offense)
“We went out there and offensive line played their hearts out, they created great holes. Me and Tommy we do our running, and that's something we both have to work on, holding on to that rock. It's unfortunate and it came at a critical moment.”

(On the fumble)
“I have to make it up to my team, I can't single handedly be that reason that they score. I wanted to show my team that I want to give it back. I wanted to clear some energy, get that touchdown back and redeem myself. I put it on myself in critical moments, our team was playing their heart out. It's something that we have to work on at practice to get better. ”

(Overall view of the team)
"It was a great game for us, there were some mistakes that we have to go back and clean it up. We're on the right track. We need to keep working hard, stay healthy, then we can do this for every game.

James Skelton

(On first touchdown)
“I can't describe something like that, I'm just fortunate the hole was so big.”

(On moving full time to offense)
“I would be fine with that. I played a couple of plays in high school. I'd be fine for helping out the team.”

(On the young players)
That just tells you what the Rams are going to be like in the future. We have some good talent coming up."



(on defensive temperament)
“The defensive team was just doing what the coaches have been asking of us by getting out there and trying to shut down the running game.”

(on half time conversation)
“Our first series we did a pretty good job. Our coach told us we’re capable as you can see by that series, but we’ve got to come out and continue to play like we did in the first series.”

(on being a defensive leader)
“We had a team meeting last night and I told my teammates that we had to start taking advantage of everything that we can. You never know when it’s our last game of football. We lost a teammate who will never be able to play again, so I keep pressing these guys that we’ve got to take advantage of every opportunity we have and to play to the best of our abilities.”\


(on the loss)
“This one hurts a lot. Being in it the whole game and then giving it away at the end. We had a lot of opportunities that we let down and it just got away from us.”

(on missing goal-line opportunities)
“We just need to work when we get back home tomorrow and see on film what we need to improve on.”


(on Colorado State running game)
“I wasn’t expecting that at all. It’s kind of a strange situation for them to do as well. But they had the momentum, so I can see why they would want to capitalize on that. It was just one of those things where you have to be aware at all times.”

(on taking hits)
“When you’ve got ten guys running at you it’s always going to be a little nerve racking, but you’re going to take the hit anyway so you might as well catch the ball. That’s all I try to do.”

(on play after long offensive series)
“I was a little tired from the offensive series before. I just ran out of gas.”



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