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Oct. 6, 2012

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(Opening statement)
“I saw something from our guys. I really did today. I saw a defense that answered the call after a week ago; a team that scrapped against a very, very high-powered offense. Give credit to their guys, they took advantage of the things that we talked about early in the week that we couldn’t do, which was give the ball to them in short field and let that offense go. I was really proud of the way our guys scrapped and swarmed to the ball most of the day and played hard. Those are positives. I’m very disappointed for the fans. This was a fantastic turnout. It was the first cold night that we’ve had and they were in the game. I want to say thanks to the people who came out to the stadium because they helped on third down and it was exciting. It’s disappointing that we’re not giving them something tangible to hang their hats on and feel good about. As I’ve said I see what we’re doing and I see the guys we’re doing it with, and the Rams are going to be a force to reckon with in the future I can tell you that, and I guarantee that. I’m proud of them.

The game itself, (was full of) inconsistency and not being able to control the line. Do I sound like a broken record? Because I am. What you do is you keep working and you keep moving forward. There are no quick fixes. I checked the waiver wire and they didn’t allow us to take any. I was going to see if Coach Fox in Denver was going to throw us any. You know what, I don’t want anyone else. I want these guys. I want these guys to get to where they are going. That’s where we are at. From an injury standpoint Austin (Gray) obviously went out. That is yet to be determined exactly where that is. It looked to me like he might have gotten his eggs scrambled a little bit. That’s not always a real positive thing. Kevin Pierre-Louis actually got a stinger late in practice on Thursday. Conner Roggy, a walk-on, stepped in and give that guy his due he made a big third-down stop right after half and gave us a chance and momentum as we stopped them. We have a lot of guys who lay it out there and I am proud of their effort. I’m proud of their commitment. As the ball coach I am very, very disappointed in our results. That’s my responsibility and I will take it 100 percent. I really believe in this place, these guys and the program and I know it’s hard to see but I know down deep in my heart I feel real good about it.”

(On if he contributes any of the offensive struggle to M.J. McPeek’s first start)
“That’s a valid question, and I say none. None. M.J. did some good things. He’s going to want some things back. I’ll take the responsibility on that. We’re not doing what we need to do on offense to get things done. It’s obvious; let’s call it the way it is. That’s my responsibility as the head ball coach. M.J. had some good things he did. We have to get a running game going, plain and simple, to be a successful football team. The team we just played, as much as they threw it, they ran the ball effectively. That’s where it starts and we just have to get it going. That’s not M.J. We have to get him some help.”

(On the defense)
“Our defense played their tails off and they did what they needed to do to win this football game against an explosive offense.”

(On the touchdown that got called back)
“We discussed it, whether he was inside the box initially. He was supposed to be; I know the rule. They didn’t see it that way and that’s how he called it. I’m sure it wasn’t because this was a good crew and a Big 12 crew that sees it all. It was huge. It was like ‘oh now what; here we go again,’ which is what we are trying to bleed out of them. That’s what we are trying to bleed out of the program right now. It’s not the ‘here we go again.’ It’s not your dad’s same old Chevy. This is the new Rams and we have to bleed the bad taste, we have to bleed the cancer and we just have to get rid of it. To be successful you just can’t think that way.” 

(On how tough this loss was personally)
“How miserable am I? I am miserable but I am not ready to jump off the cliff because I saw the fight in the comeback from what they should have been embarrassed about the week before. There was some resolve. There was a huge disappointment because I know what they put into it. As they know we come back to work and we keep moving forward. The guys that are on board will be out there.”

(On San Diego State)
“We’re playing a real physical front coming up this week in San Diego State and a defense that sits in a 3-3 and comes from all over. Every blitz that has ever been invented and known to mankind we get to see next week. That’s really exciting.”


(on defensive strategy)
“I thought our defense did a good job stopping the run, where it was tough on them third-down wise. I thought our third-down defense was pretty good, but we were getting off the field. And we got a couple big-time fourth-down stops. I think the defense understood what they were trying to do. We knocked a couple balls out field, forced one fumble, and we had that pick late. Anytime you win the turnover ratio, you’re going to win.”

(On blocked punt in first quarter)
“Coach Germano called it. It was a block. It was at a time we had felt we had a pretty good key on them. Coach Germano does a great job in our special teams, whether it’s a fake punt, whether it’s going after the block.”

(On defense improvement)
“That’s our charge. We’ve got to get better next week. I think our guys do a good job practicing every week. We’re not satisfied. We have to continue to get better, because we know we have a huge challenge this week, against a team that we haven’t beaten in a while.”

(On offense picking up in the second half)
“The difference was were weren’t getting as many penalties, and when we did, we overcame them. We had a bunch of first-and-25 situations, we’ve got to get rid of those.”

(On Carr's performance)
“It’s always tough when you come in conditions like this, but I think it was good. He grew through this. (Josh) Harper dropped a couple balls early, then he made a big-time catch for a touchdown. That’s good to see. When guys start making plays it gets the whole offense juiced. I think Derek fed off of that.”

(On improving from past weeks)
“Whether we’re at home, whether we’re on the road, it’s about execution. We didn’t execute the first two games very well. And we had some tough conditions here. I thought after the start we came through and did a much better job the second half, consistently moving the ball and it was good to get those points.”

(On establishing running game early on)
“We felt our matches were pretty good. We knew that they weren’t going to let us run our receivers against man-coverage all day. When people are going to try to defend your pass a little bit it’s going to open things up for Robbie (Rouse), and the good thing is we’ve got Robbie. So if they were going to double cover our guys, we’re going to run the ball.”

(On facing Boise State next week)
“Right now we’re 2-0 in the conference. Next weekend is going to determine who has one loss and they’ve got it at home. So we better have a good week at practice because we know we’re going against a team that’s won a heck of a lot of ball games, especially on their own turf.”



(Overall thoughts on the game)
“We have to start fast and we can't wait till the second half when there's two minutes left to score. I put that on me because I need to exude confidence, put people in good positions and I didn't do that until the second half. ”

(On his first full football game in five years)
“I've been doing this for five years. I've been practicing and waiting for my shot. I feel like I didn’t have to scrape any rust off I just need to be a leader which I didn't do because we lost.”

(On his momentum after the touchdown being called back)
“I don’t know if it destroys it, you just have to start gaining it back. You're at the top and you have the momentum and then you just have to go through the process again and get more momentum.”

(How much tougher was it to be down 14-0 than 7-0 at the break)
"It's only a two score game, a two possession, and as we showed, we can score at will when we want to. Whether it's a one possession or a two possession game, it really doesn't matter because our goal is to score every possession. End it with a kick or a touchdown. We didn't do that, we gave them a short field and they scored the first touchdown by fumble and we gave them a short field on the punt and gave them the second touchdown. We put our defense in a bad position.

WIDE RECEIVER Charles Lovett

(Overall thoughts)
"It's frustrating because we had to come back on Monday and continue to work and not look down on anyone. All around we just need to keep everyone up.

(On defense)
As offense, we need to come together as a group and execute. When we start executing, we cannot just keep leaving it on our defense for every game.

(Thoughts on midpoint of the season)
"We have to keep doing what we're doing and practice. We need to just come out here and continue to fight, and not let the record or fans get us down. We need to stay positive and it will pay off.


(On how they did against the opponent and keeping them at a minimal point count)
"I'm not satisfied, but we did some good things. It's going to start back the same way with some more effort on Monday.

(On loss and what needs to change)
"We need more belief in each other and oneself. I feel like at some parts of the game, we're down when we still had a chance. We have to believe more, believe in each other.

(On opponent having the short field after the block punt in the first half)
"It was tough, we practice for that though. Coach McElwain believes in us, it was pretty much a practice game for us.

(How the team is being challenged after loss to Air Force)
"We have to go back to the basics on Monday, the plan with belief, like when we played CU. We just have to have that fire and we're trying to find each other as a team.

TIGHT END Crockett Gillmore

(Defense vs. offense)
We have to get it going and start the game off with some points. We're not gaining any yards on the first play. I think that if we can get a long drive at the beginning, it could help set us up.

(Possible pass interception that could have been turned into more)
"It's part of the game, deflecting balls and making plays. You don't expect to get the turnover all the time. Fresno dropped some balls too and it's not like we're both taking advantage of opportunities.



(On win on the road)
“That was huge. Our boys came together and really fought hard to get that win. It was a tough environment being so cold but the defense and offense played great.”

(On weather)
It was cold today. The focus we had knocked it out. It was cool having the heat lamps on the side of the field. We put that aside and it wasn’t a big factor. Maybe with offense dropping a couple balls but that’s just focus and we’re going to take care of that.

(On potential shut out)
At the end we were definitely hoping for a shutout. They brought their twos out and they worked hard, harder than our twos. You can’t really look back on that and be too disappointed, though. We played well as a defense.

(On defensive performance)
Third downs and fourth downs too. We really stepped out and got them out of their funk I think.

(On fourth down attempts)
Most of it comes down to them having so much confidence in the defense, especially for us. I can’t talk much for Colorado State. Coach DeRuyter has a lot of confidence in the defense in those positions.

(On turn overs by Colorado State defense)
It was huge. The defense kept talking about it. Just because the offense didn’t convert the one time doesn’t mean that we could let up. We came out there and had the right mind set and made a couple of good plays and good tackles.


(On general overview of the game)
“Our game plan was to swing it. We knew that they were going to come out, every tight end, every personnel, and that they were going to run the ball. We knew that we had to stop them so our main focus was always to practice and we came out here and we did that. We stopped the run pretty well. I think they got a few that got out on us, but for the most part I was proud of the way that we defended the run. Every week goes to make the team one dimensional, which is to make them throw the ball in the air because we know that we have ball hogs in the secondary. We have people that make plays.”

(On personal performance)
“I feel good. I’m a team player. If I’m doing my job and the right responsibility for what the team needs me to do then I’m happy with my performance. With this defense a lot of plays come my way, they do a lot of things with me and I’m happy about that. I’m happy to be able to get other guys plays as well; Whether it be blitzing or jumping back in coverage.”

(On interception)
“We were in a deep coverage and they did a toss sweep but none of the blockers were heavy pass reads, so I saw that late and I just went back into coverage knowing that it would be a trick play. We knew they’d have to do that coming into the second half because they were doing too much on offense. I just read the play and made a play on the ball.”


(General overview)
We had way too many penalties. We have a lot of things that we need to clean up. I was happy with the win; always happy with offense not turning the ball over. We’ll get the corrections on film and prepare for Boise.

(On personal performance)
“There are always things that I need to clean up.”



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