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Postgame Quotes: San Jose State vs. Colorado State

Oct. 1, 2011

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CSU Head Coach Steve Fairchild

General: “Well it’s certainly a disappointing outcome, but when you turn the ball over three times like we did, you’re going to let anybody in the game and obviously we dug ourselves a huge hole right off the bat at 24-7. It seemed like we had a tough time getting them out of there and it looked like they started getting some momentum and then when we started to play and come back it was probably a little too late. So we got back to 31-31 and we had a chance with a drive and got really good field position and we couldn’t punch it in and put any points out of it and they got a good shot out of it, they drove down and scored. So, congratulations to their staff and their players; they deserve the win.

On CSU opportunities: ”There’s no question that we had plenty of opportunities and we started to move the ball a little bit, but, again, we turned it over and didn’t run it as effectively as we needed to and when you do that, you run the risk of struggling offensively and we certainly did in those two drives.

On the decision to attempt the fourth-down conversion early, down 10-7: “They started moving the ball and that was makeable and I would do that again and I was looking to make the lead if we could.

On whether CSU should have lost game: “We played it and we lost it and I give them credit. Like I said, down the stretch 31-31, we’re getting the ball in great field goal range and we can’t close it out and they certainly did. They did that big play at the end, so again if we get in a position like this, I’d like to say we wouldn’t dig ourselves 24-7 to start, but we did and suffered the consequences.

On Pete Thomas throwing for 387 yards and three touchdowns, and running for a fourth, in a loss: “Like I said, the last two weeks, we have been showing signs in the passing game so that’s a positive, but we still hang our hat on running the football and we didn’t do that very well and obviously we didn’t slow them down much. So we have always tried to win here playing defense and running the football. If things aren’t up to snuff then you run the risk of losing a game like this.”

On how close was DeLine’s final field-goal attempt was: “I couldn’t tell from the sidelines.”

On what just wasn’t working right: “Well they were getting off blocks and running plays and it looked like we were trying to run it hard, but we didn’t run it very effectively. Our offense is based on establishing runs and when we can’t have that type of success, it makes us do some stuff that we don’t want to do.”

On whether he was surprised that CSU couldn’t stretch the defense more: “The frustration after the CU game when they line up to take away the run and you can’t throw it, it’s just frustrating and today we did spread them out. They had a hard time one on one with our receivers. So they were dialing it up for us to run it and we didn’t run it very well so that is frustrating.”

On the play of the wide receivers: “All those guys showed up and obviously we needed them to show up every week.”

On whether the loss can be a positive in any way: “I don’t see this being a good thing, but it’s part of life and we just need to go back to work. There is still a lot of season left and nobody is going to feel sorry for us. We’ll just go back to work and try to play our best football next time we get a chance.”

On the road being tougher after a loss like this: “No question, I would rather be 4-1 but, like I said, that’s not going to happen; you can’t replay it. There’s still a lot of football left and we can either hang our heads and go in the tank or respond and try to get better every week and see if we can achieve the goals we set out to achieve.”

On the attitude in the locker room: “They were sad and very disappointed.”

On the mental state of the team, players believing in each other, even though they didn’t win: “Well when you start talking about believing in each other and that’s not the outcome; that’s believing you get yourself back in from 24-7, to 31-31. So I think those kids do believe in themselves.”

San Jose State Head Coach Mike MacIntyre

General: “It feels great. It’s the first road win they’ve won at San Jose State since 2008. A lot of our young men had never won a road game. It’s important to us to do this. Last week we broke the dam down. We hadn’t won in a while and we had to get one. I thought once we got one, games like this in the past we would lose because we hadn’t won one. They didn’t feel like they could do it and now they know they can. I just think that confidence level was there. What a great football game to watch. It was an up-and-down game and we were fortunate to come out on the top. (Pete) Thomas, their quarterback had a great day. He played really well and he played good enough to win for them. We just made a couple more plays. Our quarterback played really well also.”

On Colorado State: “This is a very good football team. It’s the 31st-best defense in America, No. 1 in the Mountain West. They went to Utah State and won a great game. They were rolling. I knew they would play hard. We had a couple of turnovers and gave them an opportunity to go score. The thing that I was really proud of our guys, in the fourth quarter when they had all the momentum, we stopped them three times in a row on their 40 and they didn’t get anything. That was the whole difference in the game. And then our offense, after they missed that field goal, I honestly didn’t think they would stop us because our kids, we go do it and we’ve done that before. We’ve just missed the field goal and not made the play before but we’ve gotten down there. I knew this time we’d make the play.”

On overcoming the loss of RB Brandon Rutley: “It was very tough to overcome the loss of Brandon Rutley and our cornerback Brandon Driver. We lost two really good senior players. Brandon Driver will probably be out for the year. Rutley will be back. Rutley was going to gain 200 yards again. He had 131 when he went out. I guarantee he would have had 200.”

On stalling of running game and offense after injuries: “Everything kind of stalled. He’s a big key for us but on that last drive we ran the ball about 30 yards of that drive which I don’t know if they were expecting us to run it because we hadn’t been running it. We put Jason Simpson in and he ran really well and that was a key for us.”

On RB Jason Simpson: “That was phenomenal, to come in in that situation, four minutes to go in the game and you got to carry it and the last time he ever carried a football he fumbled it in a game. It was a big deal for him. I was really glad to see him do that.”

On QB Matt Faulkner: “He grew up today. He grew up last week and he grew up again today.”

On the last touchdown pass: “On the last touchdown pass we had a call; we had a trip-set in one-on-one backside so our call was to go to the front side and if they manned us up backside, he would go back to (WR) Jabari (Carr) and if Jabari was covered he’d come back front and dump it down and we’d try to kick a field goal or something. Jabari got over the top of him and went and got it. Jabari is a phenomenal player. He’s just a freshman, too. He’s a really good player.”

On team’s thoughts after the tie: “When we stopped them three times in a row from their 40 in and they didn’t get any points, and we got the ball the last time, I really thought we’d win. You could see our kids rise. There were smiles on their faces. They were excited. Before they were kind of like not knowing what was going on. That was big for us. Really, really big and we took it down and got it done.”

On importance of win: “It was huge for our program. Last week was huge. This week is huge. We are taking steps in the right way. We broke the dam down and we’re driving the boat now and seeing some success. For us to come on the road and win against a very good Mountain West football team is big for us. We have got a really tough game again this weekend. We got BYU on television and so it’s a big win for us to get this.”

On contributions from both sides of the ball: “The kicking game was excellent today. Our punter was phenomenal. Our field-goal kicker made his kick and then our kick-off kicker, who was our punter, kicked off really well so that was really big. They had one return there and they got down there and we stopped them, which was big. That was critical for us.”

On LG Fred Koloto’s injury: “Hopefully he’ll be back. We need him. He’s one of our very best offensive linemen. I do not know what his injury was. He didn’t return but he’s walking around and I hope he’ll be alright.”

On CB Peyton Thompson: “He has an arm that is really sore and when you hit it, it hurts. He has to shake it off and then come back out so he played like a warrior doing that. He had a really big pass breakup. That was big.”

On secondary: “They stepped up when they needed to and we made a couple picks. We were really off on a couple of things. They had a couple double moves and they made some nice throws and catches.”

On first road win as head coach: “It’s great. We’re going to fly the plane back ourselves, I think. That’s what we’re excited about.“

K Ben DeLine

On the missed field goal: “It was probably five feet to the left. It was a great snap, great hold; I take every ounce of that miss on my own shoulders. That was my fault for missing that. Tanner (Hedstrom) got it back there, Matt (Yemm) got it down, and the kicker missed.”

On the feeling on the sideline during the fourth-quarter comeback: “When we came back and tied it, it was night and day compared to how it was when we were down. As a team, even when we’re down, we need to have that type of energy and enthusiasm like we did in that fourth quarter up until the end. That really helps having your team behind you. When you’re on the field and you can hear the crowd, the team is into it and the crowd is into it.”

On whether he thinks CSU has run out of luck: “You create your own luck. I’m a firm believer that you create your own luck. You can come back from anything.”

CB Shaq Bell

On whether he thinks CSU deserved to win: “Coach (Fairchild) tells us nothing is going to be given to us. We worked just like they worked. They came out and made the bigger play and made the last play and deserved to win.”

On whether the missed field goal was a factor: “No, that wasn’t a factor. We go down and the defense makes a stop and we go to overtime.”

CB Momo Thomas

On whether Brandon Rutley was better than he expected: “Yeah, he was better; he was more shifty, but we knew what he was going to do in practice the whole time. You just have to play disciplined football with a back like that.”

On missed tackles: “We just got to go back to fundamentals; wrapping up, finishing, the tackler staying on their feet.”

WR Thomas Coffman

On the run game: “I really don’t know what went on there. It was just a lot of people getting tackled early.”

On playing in close games: “Well that’s been our problem, starting a little too slow sometimes. This team can beat anybody when we’re together, and we were 100 percent confident we could come back when it was 24-7. We just needed a little bit more.”

On going three-and-out on final two drives: “That did shock me. I was hoping that we could drive the ball a lot better there. The O-line is coming together. They’re doing a great job. Pete (Thomas) is doing a great job. We’re really confident in where we’re going right now.”

QB Pete Thomas

On the first-half woes: “Yeah, we couldn’t get on track, offensively, defensively. Like I said, I make a few more throws, this game’s not close and we win it.”

On not scoring in two possessions inside the 50 late in the game: “That killed us, too. We didn’t execute and obviously that falls on my shoulders as quarterback.”

On reaction to 10-0 deficit early in the game: “We knew they were going to come out hot. They’re a lot better than their 1-3 record says. We just didn’t come out with the fire and the edge that we need to and that falls on the players’ shoulders."

WR Jabari Carr

General: “Our motto since the first week of camp has been start fast, finish strong, and we feel we started fast and we needed to finish strong. That’s all they’ve (coaches) been preaching all season long.”

On considering SJSU’s recent history on the road, whether he thought, ‘Here we go again’: Not really, because we’ve been working hard. With the people we have we knew what we had and we knew we could get it done.”

On his game-winning catch: “The quarterback just, he called a good play. Friday, during one of our team meetings, somebody said, ‘You gotta find out what motivates you.’ What motivated me the whole second half was I gotta make plays.”

On how they were able to stop momentum: “It’s just a mindset thing, to be honest. It’s just a mindset. If you keep preaching, ‘Keep the momentum, keep the momentum,’ it becomes second nature to us.”

On whether this is the biggest win he’s ever had: “It is one of our biggest wins because of the fact that we haven’t won on the road in a while. So to actually get one and to have the feeling, we want that feeling again. From here on out we want that feeling.”

QB Matt Faulkner

On how confident he was that Carr was going to be open like that: “I believe in all of our receivers and the offensive line to give me time. The second I saw him stack it and get right on top of him and beat him, I just put it out there and he’s a fast guy and he ran out and got it. I knew if I gave him that route it was one-on-one coverage and I knew that he would get there and get it.”

On whether this shows that SJSU on the revival path: “I think it does but we got to come back and do it the next week and the next week. It’s a long season but we’re picking it up. We knew that, especially starting off 1-3, we needed to do this and we’re doing it. It’s an awesome feeling.”

On Brandon Rutley: “He’s huge. He’s an unbelievable running back. Just watch him play and you’ll know he’s a special guy with a special talent. He’s a nice complement to keep the defense honest with the passing game. I think when he went down we were kind of like, ‘We’ve never done this before without him. What are we going to do?’ That last drive we needed to take it down and score.”

On the difference with this team between the first two weeks and now: “I think it’s all a growing process. It’s my first and only year starting here. So I was getting comfortable with the offense. Then I got hurt for a little bit. Our defense we got a bunch of guys back playing with the new guys. I think once we got that out of the way, we’re a really good football team.”

On how SJSU regained momentum: “I would have to say our defense. After that fumble I was getting ready to throw the ball and it just happened to go backward. That was a really good chance for them to end the game. They (SJSU defense) did an awesome job of stopping their offense. They missed the field goal and gave us the opportunity. We knew it was ours.”

RB Brandon Rutley

General: “It’s good. They’re working hard. The O-line was blocking great. The quarterback was making his reads. It was really coming together nicely.”

On his ankle: “It’s just a minor injury. I’m fine. The guys just wanted to get it done with or without me out there. We have a good group of guys that work hard and we showed it out there today.”

On the win, with a lot of good things happening: “Absolutely. Like I said earlier we’ve changed and we are going to try and display that each week. Come out here and play hard and the team with the fewest mistakes will win. That’s how it goes.”

On how long he’s been waiting to get on a plane after a win: “Oh man, it’s been too long. Happy about it now, though.”





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