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Sept. 22, 2012

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(on his general thoughts)
"Let's start with the positives. I'm a positive guy and I am not going to get down on these guys. We need to find some identities. I really felt that we were going to give our fans a sign of what is to come. Let's point out the obvious: we're getting in no rhythm offensively and rhythm is very important in this game. We have some really good stuff. We have to make sure we can handle it and do what is right for the guys that are playing in the game. Defensively, I really thought they showed flashes. They played hard. They gave up a big play and yet they came up with a couple turnovers and gave us an opportunity. We have to put touchdowns on the board when we are down there. The one good thing is I didn't see guys quit. I did not see them throw in the towel. That is encouraging. Special teams: we have to define the players, and this next week we travel with a smaller travel squad when we go into conference play. There is a lot of open spots, and guys are going to be on that bus that are committed to playing had every down and committed to their role. We're going to find that and we're going to get it going. I thought our secondary for the most part stepped up and recharged a little bit. I am proud of those guys. The big thing is right now that we continue to move forward and not lapse into the past. I am disappointed enough for all of Fort Collins, for all of Colorado and everybody that is a Rams fan. I will not let that get me down. I know what we are doing is right and our guys know it because I can see it in their eyes. We're undefeated in conference so lets move forward."

(on the Rams inability to capitalize on momentum)
We get a big play and then we shoot ourselves. Those are all the consistencies that you must do everyday. It goes back to what you do everyday in preparation. It's simple. The formula is not rocket science. As we look at these films there are common themes that occur and they go `oh I kind of get it.' We have to get it whole-heartedly."

(on last weeks preparation)
"I am not disappointed in the effort of our guys. Sometimes we have to play the game, maybe, a little more intelligent. I don't know what the word is; I can't tell. I know we are just out of sync and I have to get that right."

(on if his players are understanding what he is trying to teach them)
"Obviously, based on our production, no. Again, it goes back to lets evaluate and maybe were asking a little too much and maybe trying to get ahead of the curve. I am not convinced of that because I have seen it work. I think the big thing is it goes back to finding rhythm and that is something that is important."

(on if there are open seats on the bus to Air Force)
"Well they aren't really open. With a smaller travel squad there are certain guys that are going to have to play extra roles and special teams. It's going to be a small group that goes down. I am looking forward to dissecting this game film tonight. I am looking forward to the good things we did and I am looking forward to correcting and teaching the faults that we had. We'll get ready to go play next week."

(on if the upperclassmen are lapsing)
"You know I don't think they are. I believe in this senior class. I put a lot on this senior class and I still believe we can send them out winners and that is my goal. They deserve to know what it's like. That small group of seniors that we have I can see the hurt in the eye; I can see the want."

(on if Utah State's success running was due to too much focus on QB Chuckie Keeton)
"No I don't think so. We were in the wrong front one time that popped. It goes back to gap control. I thought for the most part we did well with our up-front guys. Those guys hung in there and did a pretty decent job."

(on his evaluation of Garrett Grayson)
"It's a little too early. There were a couple miscues. He's not looking really comfortable in the pocket right now. He has to understand when to shuffle and reset and some things like that. We will take a look and we'll keep moving forward."

(on the inability to get a fast start)
"We get a bit of a spark; we move it offensively and then tragedy. It's the ability to overcome the negative and not dwell on what happened. It's something we need to keep working on and we'll get there."


(on his victory and the overall game)
"We lost the turnover battle and won on the road, it's a very difficult to be able to do. The kids fought hard and made some good plays. This is a big victory, I don't' know how many times I've come here, but I know I'm not .500 when I come here, and this is a hard place to play. It's always a tough minded, physical football team. I thought the kids executed, made big plays, which they had to do. I am proud of the kids. They played well. We have a lot to do to get better, but this is a big victory."

(about the win and whether it was big in a sense of being on the road or bouncing back after the loss to Wisconsin)
 "I think both. I'm highly concerned and highly on guard about the youthfulness of this team. We were slapped in the face last week and there's no question about it, it was a tough loss for us. The way the kids came back and handled it was very impressive."

(on Matt Austin and Chuck Jacobs)
"To continue down those roads is the first thing to say, I think that we have to get him involved and Chuck involved a little bit more, but Matt's a tremendous wide receiver. He gets the ball and he seems fast to me right now, he's running well which is great to see with the injuries he's had. He is obviously a threat on the deep ball anytime; he is a very good receiver. Chuck Jacobs is a very good receiver; he got a huge return was giant for us."

(on how the team will fit in with Mountain West next season)
"We are very excited to be a part of the Mountain West Conference. It's familiar territory for me. I get to come back to the old mountain rush and it's a great opportunity for our football program. We're really one mind, our mind set football wise is to compete and contend for the championship. We are recruiting into the Mountain West so it's something that we talk about often and we're very excited about the opportunity, it's going to be a great conference for us."


QUARTERBACK Garrett Grayson

(On starting slow in the first half)
"We've come out every game and started slow like that, then come out the second half and it seems like things started clicking. We're all watching film more than I ever have and I'm watching it with the offensive line. It's just little things, we miss a block there and I miss a pass here and we just never get into a rhythm and it's just shooting ourselves in the foot is what it really is."

(Opportunities with three interceptions)
"Those were things we need to capitalize on. I was just talking to Trenton Mathews about that, he was saying they needed to get us the ball more and I was like "you got us three interceptions, that should be three touchdowns and 21 points." Looking back, those are the things we need to capitalize on and it changes the game big time. Momentum goes towards us and the defense gets behind you and everything changes when you can do that."

(On progression of offense from game one to now)
"I think we've made big improvements. People can argue with me all they want, but I really do. We know it's a process, coach Mac says that to us all the time, he's not expecting us to be the Alabama teams that everyone saw...It's just all reps, it will come with time."


(on starting in deep hole)
"We start slow, but we never give up. We keep fighting on the sidelines. We keep believing. So it's going to fall into place."

(on personal game today)
"I was just competing. I had a bad week last week and I wanted to come back, show that I'm a better player than that. I had in my mind to win every down."

(on team improving)
"We are getting better every week. Coach Mac is seeing it, I'm seeing it. We're not giving up at all, the fight is there. We just have to quit giving it up at the start."


(on reason for slow start)
"I think it's our mindsets. We have to come out and play a great game, every game, from the beginning like last game. We have to drive the ball. Three-and-outs are killing us and we have to get going and get a rhythm going. We didn't get a rhythm going this game and I think that really hurt us."

(on career-high in yards gained and first touchdown)
"I just felt good to help my brothers out. I just wanted to make sure that the "O" line got the credit they deserved, because they definitely created a pocket and Garrett made some good throws. They made my job easy, they did all the hard work."


(on main places for improvement)
"Starts with consistency. We just need to make sure that each player executes every down and every time in practice. Once we get that consistency going we can start executing it fluently in the game."

(on feeling prepared for game)
"I'm ready to go. I'm all healed up and ready to contribute to the team."

(on frustration after third loss in a row)
"It's frustrating, but we need to stay together. Obviously, we have some stuff we need to work on, but staying together, being a team, keep working, keeping out head up is the big thing and that's what we're going to emphasize in practice."

LINEBACKER James Skelton

(on mistakes that led to loss)
"We just had difficulty fitting up our gaps and some miscommunication. Small stuff that we're going to change and I don't think we'll change it, I know we'll change it."



(on overall thought of the game)
"We got a win and I'm pretty excited about that. On defense we played excellent, but at the end we got a little lackadaisical. We let some touchdowns slip away and that's not what we are. We should be playing all four quarters."


(on defensive game)
"That was huge for us as a defense. Anytime you can keep them out of the end zone when there's a huge, big play like that on their side of the ball, is huge for us. We've got to continue to do that if we want to keep winning football games this season.

(on offensive success)
"That was awesome. The first half I felt like I hadn't even played so the second half we were pretty fresh. Our offense is going to need to keep scoring points and we're going to have to keep the other team's offense from scoring points and we're going to keep winning games this year. "

(on bouncing back from previous loss)
"That's huge for us. I think it speaks volumes about our team's mentality this year. Our mentality is that we're going to win football games and that's what we're going to do."


(on overall thought of the game)
"It's always hard to get a win on the road, especially in a place like this. We haven't played well here in the past, so it's definitely a big win, big for the team."

(on ending of first half)
"No one was happy after that. That was a horrible way to end the half with a turn over right there. We should have gotten some points on the board. Going into the second half we knew we had to go out there and play hard."

(on 58 yard play)
"From start to finish the offensive line did a great job opening up a big hole for me. I just ran through the hole. The defensive line did a great job staying on top of the corners and the safeties. I had a clear path to the end zone."



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