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CSU Football at Colorado post game quotes

Sept. 6, 2009

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Colorado State Head Coach Steve Fairchild

“I can’t say enough about Larry Kerr and the way our defense played because we built up against the run and got out of there on third down. That kind of dialed it up on offense for us tonight. We made enough plays offensively; it was difficult balancing the timing with Leonard Mason in his first game. We had to take a few chances and air it out a bit. We have to balance it because we have new guys in there, but I thought we left some stuff out offensively as well.”

On Performance of New Players
“I thought Grant [Stucker] played pretty good, but I will say this in his defense, he is going to get better as the year goes on. Leonard Mason came up against the physical guys, and continues to get better and better. Certainly, the offensive line helped us."

On playing at Colorado
“We have to change the crowd, the crowd can’t change us, and we did a great job of taking the crowd out of the game tonight. We don’t want that extra turnover, that extra offsides, you’re going to have a holding call. We just couldn’t let the crowd get into it. I think we changed the crowd.”

On Scoring Points Early
“He [John Mosure] got us going with something out of the backfield. There was plenty more of the game-plan without John in there. We have to go to [some other players]. There was some stuff that wasn’t available, that I wish was, but that is just part of the game when someone gets hurt. But I thought John [Mosure] did a great job. We had a big third down play there. When you go back and look at the tape, I know I am going to feel this way, there was a lot hanging. We could have had a better first half then we did.”

“I think it helped his [Grant Stucker] confidence when we aired it out on third down. We showed him that we trust him, he is always going to have to play well and he did a nice job.”

On Stucker’s Struggles in Practice
“I may have cussed at him a bit. I wasn’t seeing it out of anybody. There are just some growing pains with a new quarterback, we are not out of the woods yet, but he is a talented young man. Not bad for a kid who had never started a game. I will certainly pat him on the back, because that is not easy to come to a place like this and playing like that.”

On Team’s Defensive Play
“Yeah it is better; we are going to get better at third down defense. We have some young defensive lineman in the program. As years go on time goes on, so we are going to improve drastically. I like our young guys; a lot of them are not on the field yet.”

“We have some nice depth to us, some nice pace to us there defensively. We are not the New England Patriots or anything but we are good at getting a lot of hats on the ball.”

On Colorado’s Defense
“They have got an experienced secondary, and if you noticed we tried to stay away from Jimmy Smith. That guy will play in the league. They were subbing with our subs so it gets some particular defensive backs in some particular defensive spots.”

On a Rebuilding Year
“The next few are, really. Until we get to where we want to get to there is no reason we can’t play hard and just like last year represent ourselves. It is a journey, not just a one year deal. With our staff and our administration we are heading in the right direction.

On Colorado’s Goal-line Stand
“That’s that balancing thing. I knew a field goal there would turn it into a two possession game. With the time on the clock and the way we were playing. In hindsight that was a little conservative. I just felt like I would take my chances that way, you can always second guess play calling.”

On Officiating
“I didn’t have to challenge. The officiating crew was really great, they waited for the replay guys to make the call. They worked with us and communicated. The replay booth upstairs saved a timeout.”

On Magnitude of Win 
“It’s a big win. I felt like that bowl game [last year]. I don’t know, I feel like we want to keep going in this way.

Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins

“Well they did a really good job, they ran the ball and they hit their shots.  They got the momentum going early.  We came out of the tunnel in the second half and got some good execution. It was the tale of two halves, I though we played much better in the second half and made some good adjustments.  They just hit us on some plays in the first half. We had two drives in the red zone that got stalled on bang- bang plays, but that’s what it comes down to.  I give them a lot of credit, they ran the ball and executed really well. “

On Keenan Stevens
“I though Keenan (Stevens) played well in there. Obviously he is not the first team guy but we have a few guys who can play in there so we will see how they do.  He did a good job when he came in.”

On Slow Start
“They ran the football well and controlled the line of scrimmage.  We had a hard time getting pressure in the first half.”

On CSU’s Game Plan
“It’s not that big of a deal, we know what they are going to do but they have a few more wrinkles.  I thought he (Grant Stucker) did a good job in there.  He played really well and executed really well.  He had a couple picks in there but by and large he did a really good job.”

On Halftime Talk
“You have to go in a half time and think about what adjustments you have to make from the first half.  Its not where you go and chew guys out, we made some good adjustments and came out better in the second half.”

On Moving to the Next Game
“We have to move on no matter what happens in the game.  Even if we had won the football game, we don’t have any time.  We just have to throw it away and keep moving.”

On What Need To Be Fixed
“There is not a big problem, it just comes down to really little things.  It ended up being a relatively close game in the end but we have to clean up a lot of those issues.  I think we will be alright.”

On Finding a Rhythm
"We missed a couple throws in there, but again I thought he (Cody Hawkins) played well down the stretch and made some nice throws.  The thing that hurt us was trying to find a rhythm in the first half.  It’s hard when you drop a pass then we had the in and out ball on Scotty (McKnight), where it was a catch then a pick. It’s hard when you are three plays and out to get any kind of rhythm going.”

On The Running Game
“With the score being what it was, it was hard to get into the running game—but we have a few things to brush out everywhere.  I think all our guys are coming back and getting healthy and it’s just a matter of how we rotate them in there.”

Colorado State Players

QB Grant Stucker
GENERAL- “(The win) is still such a shock right now. I can’t even comprehend how big this is.”

ON COLORADO STATE’S OFFENSE-“One strength of ours was definitely the wide receivers. We knew we had to put the ball in their hands and let them do what they do. We had excellent play-calling by Coach Fairchild. He was spot on today. We were able to exploit their weaknesses.”

ON COLORADO’S SECONDARY -“We knew coming in that one of their strengths was their secondary. We don’t shy away from that though. What better way to make a statement than to attack their strength.”

ON COLORADO STATE’S OFFENSIVE LINE -“I thought they played unreal. They are definitely the strength of our team.”

ON COLORADO STATE’S FIRST DRIVE-“We just had to find our rhythm. It was a good thing we found it quick because in Boulder if you don’t find it quick, it gets lost.”

ON HIS PERFORMANCE –“It wasn’t perfect. No matter what you do, it’s not going to be perfect, but you have to strive for that.”

ON HIS FIRST START –“Winning in Boulder, it was surreal. This is overwhelming.”

OL Cole Pemberton
ON COLORADO STATE’S OFFENSIVE LINE— “We just know how to come out and play physical. It’s just like we did last season.”

ON COLORADO’S OFFENSIVE LINE—“You can be a big dude, but it doesn’t mean you can move people. We were able to control the line of scrimmage. Not to take away from them, but our D-line got it done.”

ON THE WIN –“We won in Boulder so this is huge. It’s a big lift and a confidence builder and big for Fort Collins.”

DB Elijah-Blu Smith
GENERAL –“This is amazing. This is all we needed and has us excited for the whole year. Everybody focused coming in to this game, we had weeks of preparation. We came out today and played hard.”

ON HIS THIRD QUARTER FORCED FUMBLE–“That was just a good play. You’re always taught to look out for a guy and we knew coming in that (Colorado WR) Scotty (McKnight) was that guy. It was a big hit and a big play. I didn’t realize it was a fumble at first, but after I got up I saw we picked up the ball.”

CB Nick Oppenneer
ON THE COLORADO STATE FANS—“That’s something you dream about to be in that situation. I think I’m more tired from screaming and yelling with the fans than from the game.”

ON COLORADO STATE’S DEFENSE—“We relaxed a little bit in the third quarter, but we bounced back and that’s something that great defenses do.”

ON WINNING THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN SHOWDOWN –“Growing up in Colorado, this is a great win. To do it at Folsom with this crowd and this atmosphere is incredible.”

RB Leonard Mason
On Offense Working Early-“We work hard for it.  Ever since day one we go out there and try to put CSU on the Map.”
On Big Game-“It was what I thought it would be.  Fans were loud and that’s new to me.  We just stuck it in there and came out with the victory.”

On Mosure Going Down-“Talking to Mosure he was kind of out of it.  He was kinda telling me the right things to do and I Just went with it….I was ready [to go in] It’s hard to see part of your team go down like that, but I came at the time and did the best I can.”

DB Klint Kubiak
On Beating CU And Start To Season-“It will stop tomorrow or tonight.  I’m gonna enjoy it.  I will never forget this as long as I live.  Reading the paper this morning no one picked us to win.  I could sense something the way we traveled up here.  No one said a word on the bus was quite.  We had that quite confidence.  I never expected us to come out like we did.  Heck of a way to close out a Senior year.”

WR Dion Morton
On Atmosphere After Game-“It was an amazing feeling.  Kind of indescribable.  I can’t even describe the feelings I’m feeling right now.  Feels like I could drive home to California and come back and work out tomorrow.”

On Throwing The Deep Ball-“It was part of the game plan.  Sometimes the Way the defense plays they might take away some of it.  We were able to establish ourselves throwing the deep ball.  We have in the past and we will continue to.  It’s really nothing new for us.”

DT Ty Whittier
On Play Of D-Line-“We knew we had a big job to do.  We have the experience it just varies all the way through us four.  It was big, and we knew it and played our butts off.”

On Emotion-“I think it was fun.  It was good, great.  It was the best feeling ever.  Beating CU at home, it was awesome.” 

Colorado Players

QB Cody Hawkins

ON CSU-“They always play a good game. Any team that comes in here is going to play hard, try to win, and expect to win. It’s not a shock that they played well.”

ON START-“We have to focus in and get better at coming out and starting fast. We need to play two complete halves. It’s on us. We didn’t come out with the intensity we needed to. They just lined up and wanted to play smash mouth football and that’s what they did.”

“We need to be more efficient, run our plays and make our plays, and they did a better job of that tonight.”

ON CSU’S BIG PLAYS-“There’s no one reason we gave up big plays. Our eyes weren’t in the right place. Maybe we had some small problems with technique, which got us out of position so they could run behind us. We need to focus on our technique, make sure our eyes are in the right place, and not get nervous when we get out there.
We knew they were going to pick up our blitzes. That means we have to strap it on in our secondary and we didn’t do that.

ON WHAT’s NEXT-“We have to forget about this. Go back out there tomorrow and correct the things we did wrong and the things we did badly. We have to get that gag reflex out and prepare for Toledo. That’s the beauty of football. You always get a week to redeem yourself.”

ON WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED-“I don’t think too much needs fixing. We just need to focus and go out and work on the small things. We have a plan because we have a good defense. We just need to realize, after taking this blow, that we are still as good as we thought we were.”

“It’s a tough pill to swallow. I’m a very proud person as a football player. I’m a junior, and when you see that you just take it all in as food for next week and for the season.
I’m not mad. I’d say I’m disappointed. Now we have to focus on what we need to do to get better. There’s no point in being mad for no reason. You have to work hard and use it for something.

ON WHAT CSU DID-“We had a lot of missed assignments. It was typical in this game. They did an awesome job flying around and they had a central game plan on defense. They were going to line up and play their butts off and they did that. Thought they did an awesome job making plays and getting on the ball. They didn’t really do anything that was unexpected. They just did an awesome job of executing and we weren’t able to do so.

ON C MIKE ILTIS-“I was definitely bummed when Iltis went out early. He’s the center cog of that offensive line because he makes so many calls. Keenan did an awesome job coming in for him. It’s a little tough when you got guys that are playing a couple different positions. I’m really confident in those guys and I’m definitely looking forward to going into battle with them this season. We have to clean up of those little first game jitters.”

“I think just making calls is a little bit different just because you’re hearing it from a different voice. I think everyone’s comfortable with Mike and hopefully he’s okay. Keenan is a guy who has put in a lot of time here. He works very hard. He knew what he was doing. He did a pretty good job and he fought like heck and I’m proud of him.”
ON HIS PLAY – “I’m never going to rate how I play based on any statistic. I take it as a win or a loss, and that one was a loss. That’s definitely on me as a leader on the offense. We have to clean that up. But luckily for us, we have a really short week. We have to get back out on the field pretty soon and force this one out of our system. We know starting right now, we’re on to Toledo, so we have to flush Colorado State. They played a good game. We just have to rally for next week. We’re going to have to squeeze in more treatment and more film in a very small span. We’ll have to adjust to the schedule and do our best.”

ON CSU-“One thing that they did awesome, they lined up to stop the run. They did an awesome job rallying around and making our blockers miss. I don’t think it was an intensity problem on our part, but we just didn’t execute. We have to make sure we’re going 100 miles an hour in the right direction. That’s why you have a first game and that’s why you see a lot of teams around the country playing a tune up game, so they can work the kinks out. We’re not that fortunate because we know each and every year we start out with a great opponent. If you don’t execute like you should, then we’re going to have tough games like this. I think one thing that is really important for me as a leader is to emphasize how much work we have to put in towards Toledo. I’m going to dive in a watch some more film and be more vocal with the guys. I expect a lot more from us because we’ve been doing really well at practice. I think the way we came out and played today didn’t really reflect out preparation, but that just means we have to prepare even more. We have to go above and beyond because we’re not getting the results that we wanted. I think a quarterbacks best friend is always going to be a good running game.”

ON RECEIVERS-“Not having Markques (Simas) is definitely a tough thing for us just because a lot of times they can double team one receiver and force other guys to make plays. Scottie (McKnight) is a great receiver and our other guys are doing a great job too. They’re fighting their tails off, but when you have a talent like Markques on the side lines it takes a little bit away from the fire power that you have when he’s out there.”

OL Ryan Miller
ON OVERALL PLAY- “Overall I think it was a great game, I’m disappointed on how we executed but that’s the beauty of football.  We just have to come back next week.  We have a short week, we have to redial and get ready for the next opponent.” 

ON OFFENSIVE IMPROVEMENTS-“We can always make improvements, we are not perfect but we always strive to be.” 

TB Brain Lockridge
ON OVERALL PLAY—“We didn’t do what we should do, we have to learn from our mistakes and at the same time we are at home, and we would like to win at home especially against CSU, but you have to bounce back.

ON TOUCHDOWN RUN—“it feels good to be back in there, but it doesn’t feel good to lose.  I had good blocking, so it wasn’t that hard to make that touchdown.  That was probably one of the easiest touchdowns I’ll get, the lineman were blocking well and it was easy for me to run through.”

WR Andre Simmons

ON OFFENSIVE PLAY—“We came out a little flat, but we picked it up in the second half.  I think it worked pretty well.”

ON IMPROVEMENTS FOR NEXT WEEK—“We need to execute better, throw this game out the window and just move on to next week.”

OLB B.J. Beatty
ON OVERALL PERFORMANCE—“we just let them get out too early, and let them make too many early plays.  We have to take advantage of opportunities when we have them.”
ON STOPPING THE RUN—“It was the first game, I think everyone was a litte anxious but once we settled down, we got things under control."

ON NEXT WEEK’S GAME—“We play in five day, so we have to get it out of our heads and get ready for Toledo.”

LB Doug Rippy
ON FIST APPEARANCE AS A BUFFALO—“It was great, I was a little nervous for the first play, but everything after that went well.”

ON DEFENSIVE PLAY—“I think the defense played pretty well.  We came out a bit sluggish but we were able to turn it around. In the second half we turned it up; we all knew what we had to do to win the game.  If we would have played like we did in the second half it would have been a whole different story.  We just have to bounce back and perfect our play.  It was a learning experience.”




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