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Sept. 1, 2012

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General statement
“I can’t tell you how proud I am of our guys. You have to invest on a daily basis to get what you want. Those who invested are with this program. I’m really proud of those guys; I’m really proud of the way they hung in there. We did not play a good football game by any stretch of the imagination. Plain and simple we have a long way to go. At the end of the day as good as it is for Colorado State, for our students, our faculty, our fans its great but its one game. As excited as I was for them, they have to realize we have a long, long way to go before I consider us a decent ball squad. My hat is off to the guys we played. They played their tails off. That’s what a rivalry should be. Those who weren’t here missed a heck of a ball game.”

On Jared Roberts
“He did that all spring. He did it in the fall. The reason you’re a kicker is your supposed to make it and he did it. One of the things we preach to our guys, just so everyone understands, is do your job. I don’t care what your job is; just do it. That’s with everyone who touches the organization, whether you’re in the academic department, whether your in the training room, whether you’re in the equipment room; do your job and be excellent at what you do. That’s just a thing that we have.”

On the muffed punt at the end of the half
“I tried to screw that up too. There again it goes back to win this play. Whatever you do win this play. Don’t worry about anything else. The people who look at the scoreboard are the guys that are getting run over. It’s something pretty simple. Don’t worry about what happened just win the next play.”

On how surprised he was CU didn’t attempt a field goal in the fourth quarter
“I wasn’t because you have half a yard to go. They’re big guys, bigger than we are. I wasn’t surprised by the call at all. I was thankful that they reviewed it because the ball was over the plain before it probably crossed the plain. That’s what I’m saying. Win that play; our guys won that play.’

On the decision to run the ball on 3-and-10 prior to the Rams’ final field goal
“It’s one of those deals when we were in that range. Let’s face it we weren’t throwing the ball well. It’s not like Joe Namath was out there slinging it around. Garrett (Grayson) did a great job. He did a great job of managing the game. What we ask our guys to do it let the people around you help you be successful because of how they’re playing. We just felt right there our defense was playing pretty darn good. That look in their eyes I felt really comfortable with our defense.”

On the team’s increased confidence
“That’s something that we’ve been preaching. Let me explain, the investment that these guys have put into what we’ve been doing and the foundation and through this process is something that I am very proud of. They believe. They believe in each other. Somewhere along the line you’re going to stumble but the one thing that is constant is your family is always there to pick you up. These guys have done a great job of taking care of each other. Not caring what their area code is. When they get here they are Rams.”

On the enhanced defensive pressure
“Part of getting after some guy is you’re going to have to bring pressure from somewhere. I really thought our game plan going in was not only very sound but our guys did a great job of formation recognition and personnel substitution. They were responsible both physically and mentally to know what to anticipate. I thought the way our guys played defensively they were pretty good.”

On if he was surprised with CSU’s success at stopping the run
“Shocked might be a better statement. We preach gap control. You have to preach trust. To have a great defense you have to know that the defensive lineman is taking care of his responsibility so I can scrape to my responsibility. I thought our guys played very solid gap-control defense.”

On Donnell Alexander’s 37-yard run in the third quarter
“We knew that they were going to go start corners over and play man because they needed to get back into it. It was a great call by Dave (Baldwin).”

On CSU’s young players
“All I heard about was how young the other team was. I never heard about how young we were. I was really proud of our guys because our young guys really stepped up and made some plays.”

On penalties
“We had too many penalties. The things we didn’t have were unforced errors; the illegal formations, offsides and all that kind of stuff. Obviously, two critical penalties in the special teams. Pass interference is going to happen; we’ll take a look at it. If it was, it was. “

On his first win as a head coach
“It’s been 27 years. The one thing you learn is it’s never about you. I give up myself so others can get better. That’s just who I am and how I’ve always been. I’m disappointed in how we played. I’m disappointed we didn’t play crisper and execute how we should. I’m never satisfied that’s just how I am. I’m sure 20 years from now when we look up and someone has a picture of the scoreboard I’ll think ‘that’s pretty cool.’ Right now I have to get this thing graded because we have a long way to go.”

On Grayson
“I thought he got rid of it a little quick, which when they’re bearing down on your I used to do the same thing. It’ll be interesting to see. It’ll be a great learning experience. The scheme they played against today has NFL written all over it. He was calm. I liked his eyes on the sideline. The game was not too big for him.”

On the decision to go for it on fourth-and-one
“Stupidest decision ever. My dad was looking down and saying ‘boy Jimmy you messed that one up.’ The biggest thing is showing faith in your guys. I have faith in them. I told the defense if we don’t get it I have trust in you.”

On Chris Nwoke’s injury
“There’s nothing broken or anything like that. The guy has a bad ankle. Someone else has to step up. That hurt us a little bit because he’s a good football player. He wanted to be out there.”

QB Garrett Grayson
On the call to go for it on fourth down
“I was excited about it. We figured when we were going empty they were going coverage zero, every time we went empty.”

On WR Joe Hansley
“What you guys saw today is what he’s been doing all camp. We’re going to use him in all different ways. We’re all excited about him and he has a bright future here.”

On the win and Coach McElwain
“It is a huge win. And it’s a huge win for Coach Mac. First coach in CSU history that’s ever beat CU in their first game. Knowing that, that brings more confidence out in us that we’ve got this coach here and he’s with us. He’s been coaching for 27 years and this is his first head coaching job so to have him be with us, we’re behind him.”

On his confidence
“I’m more confident than I ever have been before. I told everyone before the game that I’ve been playing football since I was four and I’ve never felt like I’ve had these brothers. And I go out there and I play for them and they play for me and I’m confident in them 100 percent.”

LB Shaquil Barrett
On finishing the game strong
“That’s what we’ve been working on a lot this spring, and this fall, and the summer too. Just finishing the fourth quarter. At halftime they said, we’re gonna win this game in the fourth quarter. The coaches said, as long as we believe in each other and they believe in us, we’re gonna pull it out.

On the change of culture because of this win
“It’s a big step forward. I know everybody, like, we had like some incidents off field last spring, and we probably lost a couple fans that week, but Coach Mac has been instilling “do what’s right” and we’ve been working on that since he’s been here. That was the first thing he told us, to do what’s right. On the field, off the field, go to class, do what’s right. It’s general, but it’s specific too. You want to sleep in, but that’s not doing what’s right and Coach Mac’s going to find out and you’re going to get in trouble. Just do what’s right.”

On the difference between the feeling of last year’s loss and this year’s win
“It’s a great feeling. I don’t remember the last time I had this feeling because we went on a losing streak last year and it’s been awhile. The emotions in the locker room were great, everybody had high energy, the scouts gave us a great look in practice, they did a real good job. Everybody’s just real happy right now.”

CB Momo Thomas
On what CSU did better in the second half to slow down CU’s pass game
“We just came in at halftime and the coaches made some adjustments. We just played faster and harder and we were able to slow it down a little bit.”

On the muffed punt before halftime
“It was a big momentum changer. Coach Mac just preached ‘keep pushing, keep pushing’ and we’re going to fight through adversity. We did that a lot better today and we came away with the victory.”

On winning the showdown
“It means a lot. The last four years we haven’t won at (Sports Authority). It’s just a great feeling. It means a lot to come out here and beat CU.”

On the attitude of the locker room
“Everyone is really excited to get this first win and start 1-0. Coach said we have seven hours to enjoy it and we have to come back and play a really good team next week in the (D1-AA) national champions.)

C Weston Richburg
On what didn’t work in the running game
“We have to stay on blocks longer. We’ll be fine. Donnell (Alexander) did a great job today. He came in and really played well. Once we get more reps and get more game experience we will be fine.”

On Donnell Alexander
“We saw him in the scrimmages over fall came and that guy can do it. He and Chris (Nwoke) can do it. I think we’ll be fine.”

On Garrett Grayson
“He’s always poised. That guy isn’t going to show any emotion or anything. He did at the end of the game but that is just because we were really excited. He’s a cool customer in the huddle.”



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