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On the road with the Rams: Postcard Alaska

The team poses after the dog sledding adventure

The team poses after the dog sledding adventure

Nov. 14, 2007

On Wednesday morning the day dawned late on the Alaskan tundra but the Rams basketball team was up early. After a breakfast in the hotel the team loaded onto the bus, cold weather gear in hand, and took to the road to go on the adventure of a lifetime. As the bus turned off the main, very clear and relatively dry road, onto the snow-packed, sloped and winding road the bus driver informed the group that the most harrowing part of the day could be simply getting the bus down the road to the kennels.

As we rounded the curve and everyone started getting into warmer clothing, from massive parkas and ski masks to gloves and extra sweats. The group piled out of the bus ready for the adventure that was awaiting them. The barking dogs and owner Leslie Goodwin greeted us and explained what would be happening. She would have three teams running a route that took approximately 15 minutes and curved down a hill, across the field and back up to the kennels. Each person would have the opportunity to both sit in and stand on the sled that trailed the primary steering sled.

As the dogs were put in harnesses and the sleds were readied the student-athletes and coaches jockeyed for positions. Stuart Creason, Adam Nigon and Josh Dees were the first to get on the sleds. Photos from the adventure are in the photo gallery at GALLERY

More on the rest of the day to come.




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