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Nov. 8, 2013

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“I thought we made progress from last week against Regis to this week against Colorado Springs. That is a good team that played Wyoming right down to the wire and actually out-rebounded Wyoming. We were only up plus-2 in the rebound column in the first half and plus-15 in the second half. They took what we talked about and got it in the game. I thought it was a tale of two halves. I thought we were a much better in the second half.”

(on whether it is safe to say this team is still ‘feeling itself out’)
“The infant stages would be an overstatement. We are still a fetus. We have a long way to go with a great bunch of guys. So if we can stay healthy, it’ll be interesting to see how far we can take this team in this short period of time, in the next three-and-a-half months.”

(on whether he’d like to see David Cohn take over the point guard position)
“Going into this right now, Jon Octeus is our point guard but David (Cohn) might be our most natural one in terms of seeing the court and distributing the ball. David’s liability is defensively. I really liked the way he rebounded in the second half. He’s strong enough; he’s just not used to playing the other end of the court and committing to it like he does offensively.”

(on whether he’d like to see the big men grab more rebounds)
“I thought for the first time, we looked like a team I’m used to in the second half as far as from a rebounding situation. We got on the floor, we grabbed the balls and we didn’t do that against Regis. We lost all the 50-50 balls, I call them loose balls, and we didn’t get them. We did a lot better in the second half.”

(on whether tonight’s game will prepare Colorado State for next Monday at Gonzaga)
“This is a not a marathon, it is an ultra-marathon. It is not a sprint; we have a long journey ahead of us. What happened today won’t hurt Monday but it’s going to be a lot different situation. I have no idea what Gonzaga looks like, I never look past a team. We’ll start tonight looking at them. It won’t hurt how we played. We have guys lacking confidence and we have guys that have never played at this level. Whatever happens Monday we’ll be better for. We have a tough stretch with Weber State coming in, then at UTEP. This was a big game for us.”


(general thoughts on game)
”We’re proud of our guys I thought we competed for a good stretch there against a good team in their home opener.  I thought we did a lot of good things. We just finished Chapter 1 for our preseason in what we’re trying to do with a bunch of new guys and trying to figure out how we want to play on both ends of the floor.  I think we’re still learning about what it takes on both ends of the floor.  We put together some good stretches that we need to capitalize on, learn from our mistakes, and now go into our home opener Tuesday and figure out how to get a win.”

(on play of Derrick White)
“He’s a fearless and talented young man that is only getting better and better every day, every game, every year; so it’s exciting to coach him, it’s a pleasure. He’s a competitor and his skill set is just increasing as we go along, so when he gets the shot going it opens up his drive attack.  I thought He did a good job overall keeping us in the game from an offensive standpoint.”





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