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Feb. 27, 2013

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Colorado State Head Coach Larry Eustachy

(on defense)
"We identified all first five of his (Olekaibe) threes. We went to what we call a `no catch' and we just kind of face guarded him. Jon did a great job of guarding him. Not only Jon, but Daniel. He did a great job of frustrating him."

(on Tyler Johnson)
"We came into the game knowing that Johnson is their leading scorer and we had a way to play him. But when somebody gets like that obviously we struggled to stop guys like that but I thought we did a great job with that."

(on under-classmen)
"Jon played terrific, and Daniel was terrific. Believe it or not, Gerson's two minutes were special. He took a charge, and made a shot. I said before the game that this team plays harder than any team in the league and they proved it. They weren't going away."

(on Octeus)
"Nobody on our team likes to compete and be in the game more than Jon. He just does, and he's just a sophomore. He has it. Some don't and some do, but he has it. He's a Pierce type.  We've got Pierce and we've got a whole bunch of seniors that are just like him, but this guy likes to be out there. He probably puts more time in the gym away from practice more than anybody on our team. He's into it big time. He needs to learn how to shoot, he's not a great shooter. He can make big free-throws. That's what the game is. Length and those dunks. I told him, "Don't shoot the ball unless you dunk it." I'm tired of watching him shoot this knuckle ball and getting your shot blocked; Unless you dunk and just dribble through. And obviously he's very coachable. He just dunked it."

(overview of the game)
"They know where we're going and who we're playing next. We lost in overtime and it's a black out I guess so it'll be packed. It wasn't an all-cost type game, but it was an important game, the most important game of the year just like New Mexico was and Las Vegas was before that. I kind of like to think that I know what I'm talking about since any scenario you want to throw out I've been through. It was important and we found a way to win. Because this team has as high of characters as any team that I've had. Not more character, but equal to the really special teams that I've had, and they found a way to win under a very black cloud over their heads. The sky is not falling on Colorado State. We lost to two teams. The UNLV coach comes up to me and says I think that you're the best team in the league. That doesn't change after seven games.  We're a good team. We just don't have any margin for error and that team was tough."

Colorado State Players

Colton Iverson
(on Wednesday's win over Fresno State)
"It definitely feels good to get back on the winning track. It wasn't easy, this team (Fresno State) plays really hard, credit to their coach and players. We knew they were going to come in and be physical. It was just good to come out with a win."

(on coming off to back-to-back losses)
"We just tried not to let it get to us or let it carry over to the next game. It was obviously a very upsetting loss (on Saturday vs. New Mexico) but we had to move on. We couldn't let it affect the rest of the season. We had to look at it as starting a new season for these final four games and then into the Mountain West Conference tournament."

(on the season ahead)
"We have a lot of basketball left to play this year and we are looking at it that way. We still think there is room to improve and we think we'll be playing our best basketball when March rolls around."

(on upcoming game at Boise State)
"We're not going to take them for granted. They're really tough on their home court and we know they're going to come in ready to play and be physical. We're really going to focus on them and be ready to out-determine them."

Fresno State Head Coach Rodney Terry

(on the resilience of his team after a weak second half in its previous game against Boise State)
"Well, taking nothing away from Boise State a couple nights ago, those guys, they executed, they made shots down the stretch. But we know we're a better defensive team than what we showed in the second half over there. Give them a lot of credit, they made plays. I think the guys came out tonight and did a great job defensively against a really good team. A team that has a chance to play the third weekend of the tournament. But, you know, we battled. Our whole team, all of our guys competed at the highest level tonight."

(on Kevin Olekaibe's performance and the contribution of the young players in the hard-fought loss)
"No, absolutely. Any time you see that ball go through the basket I think it's a great sign for him, especially early in the game. We got him going. But our young guys got a chance to get some great experience against a high-level team. Braeden (Anderson) got a chance to grow a little bit. Tanner (Giddings) got a chance to really grow. Tanner got kneed in the thigh and that kind of took him out of the game a little bit, but they all grew up. We battled all night long. I'm proud of our effort. Again, we didn't close the half just the way we needed to. I'm proud of our guys' effort against a really good team. We're competing to win. And I said to our guys, if you want to compete at a high level, you want to compete to win this game tonight."

(on what Fresno State learned from Colorado State and FS's progress this year)
"Well, I think the biggest thing, like I said to our guys a little while ago, the biggest thing you learn from this team is back when they were freshmen and sophomores, they weren't this kind of team. These guys have really grown up, but they've really bought in. Even with the coaching change, they bought in. You have to be two feet in and be fully committed to what you're doing on both ends of the floor, in all parts of the program. That's the urgency you have to play with this time of year. You know, we're working on that. We've been a work in progress. We're going to get there. We're going to get to a point where every guy that we dress will be bought in to what we're doing. And when we do that, we're going to be pretty doggone good."



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