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Feb. 23, 2013

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Colorado State Head Coach Larry Eustachy

(opening statement)
“I thought it was pretty plain and simple, the tougher team won. I’ll give New Mexico all of the credit. He had his team ready to go and we had no answer for them. We couldn’t stop them. The score’s a little misleading because we had to foul, but any time you score 82 points you should be winning the game. This week has been coming. AS a staff we recognized it after air force in spite of winning. I think that we havfe terrific yoiung men, it’s hard to handle success. I’ve said that forever. It’s a great life lesson for these guys. Nothing’s changed. WE’re practicing the same way. We have to take into account that we lost to the number three RBI team in the country. We lkost in a tough, controversial game on Wednesday to the number 19 RBI team in the country, so two tough game against two top 20 teams. The opponent has a lot to do with it, but we have to get back to who we are. This team shot 52 percent on us, they should 12-23. Sometimes you catch these guys like lions, like Williams was, but he was completely unstoppable. I’m anxious to watch the film and see how many shots were contested and how many shots weren’t. I thought our team tried, we’ll just have to watch the tape.”

(on UNM's Kendall Williams)
“I would say he was more determined, their team was far more determined than us, starting from myself on down. It starts with me and ends with me. We didn’t play good defense on him We went under the screen. He’s a 28 percent three-point shooter, he hit a few and we readjusted and went over the screen. We were late in a lot of situations from my vantage point. To get 16 shots off, we wanted to take his shots away. We did not execute well enough to stop him.

(on looking forward)
“We’ve given up 86-91 points, we’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of us starting Wednesdsay. But I believe in these guys, I know they believe in me. This is just a great life lesson. We didn’t start the game. Why, I don’t know. I thought Kirk just totally got caught in the post time after time and that was not the plan. They out-determined us, it was that simple. And they’re really good. You can’t have the third team in the country and have them out-determine you. It’s just a shame.”

(on fans and atmosphere)
“What makes it a shame is that I feel bad, and I apologized to our fans and our students, because we had the kind of atmosphere that we have been talking about tonight. I feel like we let them down. I feel like I let them down. I promise we’ll do better in the years to come.”

(on losing at home)
“We’ve got to become more determined. What we’ve been doing since I arrived on campus.”

(on loss of focus)
“I think that’s a big part of it. We got caught up in being on posters. I think we forgot what got us on posters. Monday morning we had a two and a half film session that was brutally honest. The team needs to listen. We all need to do better and we will.”

(on new journey)
“I don’t know this team in these circumstances, this is all a new journey for me. This is a great life test for these guys. I’ve been down this road with other teams.

(on teams response)
"I believe in these guys. No question.  I can’t get a crystal ball and tell you how they’re going to respond, but I believe in them as much as I did going into this week. I believe they’ll respond. Face it, this team was picked fifth in a lot of magazines. They caught two really difficult opponents.  When you play these types of teams you’re going to have to play near perfect. I’m not a coach sitting up here dumbfounded and not knowing what the answer is. I know exactly what the answer is. This team needs to listen and execute better. Take it from the meeting room to the practice court and then it will show up in the game. This coach needs to do a better job explaining that in the meeting room and in practice and it will show up on the court.

Colorado State Players

Dorian Green
(on what New Mexico did down the stretch to win)
“They just played better than us, made more plays then we did. They didn’t do anything that was surprising; they just played better.”

(on UNM's Kendall Williams)
“He hasn’t been shooting it well this year but we gave him some uncontested looks and let him get hot.”
(on the outcome)
“It is disappointing because we are a lot better than that. We just have to be better. They were the better team and they won.”
Wes Eikmeier
(on the loss)
“We just didn’t put our toughness out there. We need to come Monday ready to work and just get back to our game. We have to focus better as a group and take it upon ourselves to hold ourselves accountable and to a higher standard. The last three games we haven’t been tough enough.”
(on UNM's Kendall Williams)
“Like Dorian (Green) said, we just gave him open looks early. He got hot and then was just feeling it the rest of the night. He got to the line 17 times.”
Colton Iverson
(on New Mexico’s play)
“We got beat by a very good team that out-toughed us. We have to get back to our old ways.”
(on UNM's Alex Kirk)
“He was definitely the more physical player this game. I let him bother me and I can’t let that happen.”

New Mexico Head Coach Steve Alford

(on Kendall Williams’ performance)
“Well, it was just an incredible individual effort, for one. 10 threes, 46 points, and not just that, but doing it on the road. Hostile environment, 27 game win streak, playing against a very good defensive team. This is a very good defensive team, so for us to score in the 80s and him have the night individually speaks volumes. He should be hands-down player of the week, I would think.”

(on if past performances by Williams were leading up to this breakout game)
“No, I mean, 46? Come on now. Not a lot of people doing that. He’s been consistent for us all year. He’s a double-figure scorer, he’s one of our best defenders, he’s got the most assists on our team, he’s been terrific. To think that we’ve been waiting on a 46-point effort, I think it has only happened three times in the history of men’s basketball at UNM. No, he’s just a very special player, and he got on a roll today, and it was a 40-minute roll. He never stopped. He really got in rhythm, he took good shots, he got to the free throw line 17 times, he did a lot of good things.”

(on what New Mexico was doing to open things up for Williams and overall offensive flow)
“Well, his teammates, his teammates. His teammates did a great job of screening and finding him, kept going to him. Our guys do a good job of knowing who’s hot. First game, it was Tony (Snell). But, you know what, again, I think that’s why we’re hard to prepare for. If you look at our first game against Colorado State, it was all Tony Snell. So I’m sure a lot of their prep was on Tony Snell, and now Kendall busts out. Hugh (Greenwood) can bust out. Our bigs. I thought Alex (Kirk) did a great job. (Colton) Iverson’s a load, and for him to get 19 (points) and 10 (rebounds), a double-double, that was big for us. I just thought it was, we took every good shot from a team that’s been playing very well, especially at home. And I thought every good shot, our guys responded.”

(on if Colorado State looked different than the last time they played UNM, and overall game comments)
“No, not really. We just do what we do. Our offense is the same. Our defense is the same. We had a week off. We had a week to get rest. We had a week to heal, we’ve been beat up. Mentally, that really came at a good time for us. We gave a tremendous 40-minute effort. I thought they gave a tremendous 40-minute effort. I really thought we took best shot after best shot, and that’s why I’m so proud of our guys. Because you do that in this environment and still win, that’s a lot of positives.”

(on if he saw fatigue on Colorado State’s side in the last five minutes)
“No, not really. I don’t think so. It’s kind of what we’ve been doing all year. We’re 23 and 4, and the last five minutes of games, we’ve been pretty good. And we were really good in the last five minutes of this game.”

(on how often he addresses the last five minutes of the game to his team)
“Well, we talk about it all the time, about winning time. We know that’s winning time. That’s why, at The Pit, that last media timeout, we talk about winning time. Our guys understand it. Our locker room has won championships, so they’ve got that championship mindset. They know time and score very well. They know the ebb and flow of the game very well. I thought they did a tremendous job. This our fourth win in league play on the road. There may not be anybody else in the league to get to four road wins. We’re picked to win it, we’ve got a two game lead now with four to play, and we like our position. And now we’ve got to go back home and try to get ready for an outstanding San Diego State team.



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