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Feb. 2, 2013

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Colorado State Head Coach Larry Eustachy

(opening comments)
"I thought they were two different teams. I was frustrated at half-time. We went backwards in the first half and I think it was because of the environment, believe it or not. We were anxious and we were trying to do things all on our own. Particularly in the first half, Jesse Carr came over to me and said, `What says it all Coach is that we have two assists and seven turn-overs,' and in the second-half I think we had ten assists and six turn-overs. They got the message at half-time. It's funny, we beat them by nine in the first-half and ten in the second-half. We were back to who are in the second-half. A big key was going over the top of the screen on Gilmore. We shut him down a bit and we should have been doing it the whole game. I like that we haven't been able to do that before and we were able to execute it. There's a lot of upside for this team to go in a short period of time."

(on Wes Eikmeier)
"I like how guys can struggle. Wes didn't have his best game offensively, but he did a great job guarding who he was on.

(on Daniel Bejarano)
"If you notice, it's happened a lot. I'll put him in and I'll have to take him right out and have to talk to him. I think he's got a great role. He gets to sit there and he doesn't know when he's going to go in, but he knows that he's going to go in and he can study how the games going. It's kind of hard; no player is the best at it. He's got to come in for somebody and play right at that level. And if you notice, he just didn't. So I took him out and talked to him. He responded. That's what players do, they respond. Daniel followed orders when he went back in. There is not a lot of guys with his overall ability in this league. He can dribble, he can shoot and he's athletic. Once he went back in he was terrific."

(on Stephon Wynn)
"I told him to shoot it and he shot it. He followed orders well."

(on having five players in double-figures scoring)
"It's kind of who we are."

(on Greg Smith)
"Greg was terrific in 19 minutes. We took him out and the flow was not for him to go back in, it just didn't work out that way. I'm just so tired of having guys like Greg and Leonard Washington who play their whole lives to play in this situation and then they get eliminated by fouls. I'm not saying anything about the referees, I just hate the rule. These guys should not be eliminated from a game they work so hard to get to. That's what happened to Greg. It doesn't show up in the stat sheet, but he did a great job on Washington when he was in there for those 19 minutes. Great balance scoring."

(on coaching in first Border War)
"It was just another game to me. I've been in a few of these. I think those things are great. I just looked at it as our biggest game since I've been here and to keep on pace for to win the league.

(on Wyoming's effort)
"I think there isn't a better coached team in the league. Larry Shyatt does a great job. They weren't going to go away and they didn't. The score was a bad indicator to just how hard-fought the game was. We haven't had a more physical game this year. It was a very physical team we played. We finally got to their level in the second half."

(On CSU offense)
"I thought our defense triggered our offense. You see me running faster than our team down the court, we can't fast break. Every time I do a radio show they talk about our defense and our rebounding but we're a great offensive team. We shot almost 37 percent. We're ranked 35th in the country in scoring. We aren't just a rebounding team. We didn't do it well in the first half, but we share the ball and take care of it. We're way underrated in that area. I don't know where we are in league play as far as averaged points. Wyoming has scored 60 points or higher in almost 10 games. That's just how they play. They try to make it a low-possession game. 65 against them is like 85-90 against someone else. Our offense doesn't get enough credit."

(on CSU's defense)
"We played really well defensively. We out-rebounded them by 14. We gave up way too many offensive rebounds, particularly to Cooke, but yeah, that's who we are. I didn't think our guys played exceptionally well offensively in spurts, but they guarded great. They can always do that."

(on Pierce Hornung)
"I'm happy for him because there are nine games left in the regular season, only four on this court. For some reason he's decided to shoot the ball from the perimeter, but if he misses is there anybody better in the country that follows their own shot? That one that he got that went in the corner was pretty much the play of the game. It's neat, it changes our team. He's getting more aggressive offensively. We have a huge upside that we're going to keep moving towards, and the season will end too soon, no matter how good it ends."

(on team's improvement)
"I think Pierce is a better player than when I first had him. I think they all are. Who is not as good as they were when we went to the Bahamas? That's what you're supposed to do. They have the skill of listening. That's a lost art these days. They have a skill of just listening to the coaching staff and nobody outside the program. When people get in certain people's ears off the court and it really screws a player up at times. These guys are too mature for that. Pierce is just one of all that have gotten better."

(on conversation during game with Wyoming's Derrious Gilmore)
"He looked at me and smiled and goes, "You remember me?" In Southern Miss we had to drive to Jones Junior College 20 miles up the road and practice at the junior college he was it. He's been to probably 50 of my practices. We just didn't need a guard at the time at Sotuhern Miss. He's always been a great guy and he did say, `You guys are doing good.' Just chit-chat. Just a good kid."

Colorado State Players

Pierce Hornung
(On the team's first half)
"I don't think we got our game out on the floor in the first half near what we could have. We didn't start off the game particularly well. Our offense was a little bit stagnant; doing a little more one-on-one instead of working the ball around."

(On playing with energy early)
"I was just playing it just so happened that I made a few plays early and helped us get going. I think we had a complete team effort if you look across the board. We have five guys in double figures so that is the mark of a good team when we have the depth that we can do that."

Daniel Bejarano
(On hitting timely threes)
"I don't know I just tell them, `Get in the hole, there's only five seconds left.' I just get the ball and I just shoot. It happens to be at the last second but it is just a shot.

(On his performance at the end of the first half)
"I was just trying to bring everything out there knowing that we have a day off tomorrow but at the same time, once my number is called, everyone expects me to do what I do best. That is what I was trying to do; hustle plays, defense, rebound.

Dorian Green
(On Daniel Bejarano's performance)
"It was huge just getting a lift from the guys on your bench when they bring energy, knock down shots and rebound. That is huge. All our guys off the bench tonight were good. DB got some goo dlooks and knocked them down and got some rebounds. Everyone that came off the bench; Jon (Octeus) looked good so we are going to need that if we are going to do the things we want to do are."

(On holding a team to under 30% from the field)
"It takes five guys on defense playing together, everybody doing their assignment, not breaking down, contesting shots, and trying to make shots as difficult as possible. I think when we are edgy on defense and ready to go, we are difficult to score on. (Derrious) Gilmore got hot getting behind the screens but he was really the only guy shooting the ball well tonight. Sometimes a guy gets going but if you shut the other guys down it doesn't hurt you."

Wyoming Head Coach Larry Shyatt

(on whether CSU's physicality was the difference in the game and overall thoughts on the game)
"Yes, I agree with your thoughts. I thought our bench, Jack Bentz and Jason (McManamen) and Derek (Cooke Jr.) in particular, really gave us great support in the first half. At 24-21, I felt like the entire 19 minutes and 50 seconds, we carried the tempo exactly like we wanted. And then, this building, that I would liken to... well, the only place I've been in forty years that's close is Duke in terms of an ambiance and an atmosphere where it has sold out back to back years. But, I thought we gave them an opportunity, albeit a lucky four point banker. It changed the complexion from we're in control, we stayed the course, it's 24 to 21 at half. And then I think everybody, maybe except me, said no, no it's 30 to 21, it's a completely different game. And it really hadn't been, not only with those 30 seconds, but with the first possession, we made a really good drive. Josh is going to wind for two. I still thought we had the potential to keep this game at bay and then it turned. Fortunately for us, same-old, same-old. We were able to cut it from 17 twice to 8, and that's something that's been a constant all year, but we were never able to regain and reposition ourselves. Terrific team. I have great respect for their coaching staff and equally great respect for their guys and the way they approach the game."

(on Dorian Green's playmaking)
"Dorian Green in particular really rung the bell on us. Not just his points and his tough twos, but nine assists."

(on Wyoming's offensive rhythm and the Colorado State crowd)
"We were a little uncharacteristic on the offensive end. We had seventeen baskets on three assists. And if you go back and check our season up to this point, that's a little uncharacteristic for us. But, good ballclub. I can't tell you how impressed I have been back-to-back years with this crowd."



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