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Jan. 16, 2013

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Colorado State Head Coach Larry Eustachy
(opening statement)
“Our thing is to stay on an even keel, which is to not get too high or too low. I thought our guys, after Saturday’s game, were challenged very hard in the locker room about if we want to do what we want to do, we need to win those games. Air Force was just a bad call away from beating UNLV the other day also, so you have to put those behind you and go to the next one. I thought after we gave up three easy baskets early on, we really buckled down and played as well as we have played to date. I’ve told our team that on a given night, this team can beat any team I’ve ever had. I’ve had some great teams, but that is how much I believe in this team. I liked the way we bounced back and I loved our attitude. We are not afraid of anybody and we don’t back down from anybody.”

(on Colton Iverson)
“You don’t really realize how big, and strong and powerful he is. There is not four other guys in the country that have his skill level and his size and his strength. He is able to have three guys on him and pass out of it, which is impressive. I think all of our guys are just different players from eight weeks ago. All of our guys are getting better.”

(on defensive effort)
“That (Air Force) is hard to guard. That’s what is called a Princeton offense. They work on it a lot, and I thought we put a lot of pressure on the ball which forced some erratic play. They had only 19 turnovers in five games. I’ve never seen a team that didn’t have a single player with more turnovers than assists, so for us to force 19 turnovers tells you that we played the game plan right and got right up in to them. We kept the guys that didn’t have the ball in front of us and eliminate those back cuts. I thought it was an ‘A’ overall.”

(on team meeting his challenges)
“That’s everything. We have gotten tougher, but we can get even tougher. The problem with the whole game plan is that this year’s team is better than last year’s team, but there isn’t a team in our league that can’t say the same thing. That is the problem. This is a very difficult league, and the problem with the situation is that we are better but UNLV is more talented than they were last year, San Diego State is better than last year, New Mexico is better than last year, and there is Boise State and Wyoming. We’ve got toughness, and we have gotten better at it, but we need to to have a chance.”

(on ball movement)
“It was terrific. We spent a lot of time on that after the San Diego State game. We worked hard on spreading the court and making longer cuts. This team is unselfish and they will do whatever you ask them to do. I thought Wes (Eikmeier) was special tonight. It was almost like an old-school Kobe Bryant game where he focused on getting his teammates involved first and then took over when challenged in the second half.”

Colorado State Players
Wes Eikmeier
(On setting the school-record for consecutive home wins)
“I don’t think it really crossed our minds at the moment but that is something we will be proud of down the road. When you’re going through the season, Coach [Larry Eustachy] kind of reminds us as seniors and older guys that it’s hard to capture the moment a lot of times but as you get older those are the types of things you will cherish.”

(On the team’s performance tonight)
“Coach [Larry Eustachy] always tells us that’s what really good teams do. They don’t get too high and don’t get too low and don’t – they call it scoreboard watching and don’t let that affect the way you play. Keep doing the things that you do; that’s what good teams do. They play one way and they stay at it for long periods of time.”

Pierce Hornung
(On the win being a complete team victory)
“That is our team. We have a lot of good players from top to bottom. You saw those young guys come in and make an impact right away when they got in. That is what you want from a team; you want depth and you want everyone contributing and we did a good job of that tonight.”

(On the increased ball movement)
“We definitely made that a point of emphasis to move without the ball, hard cuts and that is definitely something we worked on the past week.”

Colton Iverson
(On the team’s performance)
“It was a good win but we definitely could have done things better. We started off the game giving up three lay-ups I think. I thought we bounced back and played a pretty complete game. We played a long period of time without too many mistakes and that was key.”

(On the team’s potential)
“We know we have a high ceiling. We set our expectations high and today was a good win but you can’t get too high and you can’t get too low and we have a tough game coming up this weekend.”

Air Force Head Coach Dave Pilipovich 
(on Colorado State after Air Force took an early 6-5 lead)
“They just played a lot more physical after that and we weren’t able to get to the basket. Coach (Eustachy) probably told them enough is enough. They’re very physical, they’re very strong, they play extremely hard, they’re very well coached. They came at us, they punched us, they punched us, they punched us.

(on CSU's Colton Iverson)
“He did a great job. He is so big. So even when we doubled him we are not his size. He was able to throw out of the double team.”

(on Wednesday’s performance)
“We weren’t very good. I’ll take the blame for that. We have to be better. We know we are going to play more physical teams, bigger teams. Teams are going to be stronger defensively and we have to play through that. We did Saturday and maybe that wore us down. Not to make any excuses because Colorado State was very good tonight.



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