Outdoor Track
CSU resurfaces indoor track


Sept. 2, 2010

By Danielle Marshall
Athletic Media Relations

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – The Colorado State track & field program is in the process of resurfacing the Rams’ indoor track at the South College Gym. The procedure is scheduled to be finished in the latter part of next week.

Patch work was completed in worn areas and three layers of rubber are going down with a spray coat to add stability with each layer.  The final layer of rubber granules will be a finer material used to fill in space within the larger material which helps finish off the surface. After the track material cures, lane lines and start lines will be painted on the track surface.

“The staff and athletes are very excited about the new surface,” commented Head Coach Brian Bedard. “It will provide the team with a softer and more durable surface to train on. It will also help in the recruiting process when we bring prospects and families through the facility they can see a quality indoor track with a new surface.”

The track was last resurfaced in 1997 after the “Spring Creek Flood” when a two-day period of record rainfall flooded much of Fort Collins and the CSU campus.