Downloadable 2013-2014 Team Schedules

Rams fans can now keep up with their favorite teams' schedules by downloading them right into their calendar! Fall 2013 schedules are available now -- just follow these simple steps.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Step 1:
To download the file, just click on the download link below and choose the "Save to Disk" Option.

Step 2:
After downloading the file, open Outlook and follow these directions for importing it into your calendar:

  • In Outlook, select the File / Import and Export... Menu option (choose File / Open / Import... for Windows 7 users).
  • Select "Import from another program or file" and click "Next".
  • Select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" and click "Next".
  • Select Browse and locate the desired CSV file and select "Do not import duplicate items" and click "Next".
  • Select Calendar and click "Next".
  • The next window will have a title which says, 'The following actions will be performed' just click "Finish"
PLEASE NOTE: Schedules are subject to change. Changes will be reflected on each sport's schedule page, and will not be automatically updated in your Outlook Calendar. Please be sure to check the sport's schedule page for changes to be sure you have the correct game time and date.

Apple/IOS/iCal Calendars

iCal: double click on the link to download the iCal document. iCal will ask if you want to create a new calendar or import into an existing calendar.

Entourage 2008: drag the iCal document link to Entourage icon. It will import into your default Entourage calendar.