Colorado State University is the sole owner of its name and the symbols, graphics and marks that identify or are associated with the university.

The trademark licensing program gives the university control over its logos and marks, thus ensuring the quality and consistency of all university merchandise. Trademark licensing also enables the university to generate revenue from the sale of merchandise bearing its logos and marks to fund a variety of programs, such as athletic scholarships that benefit the campus and students alike. Outside of the university, the trademark licensing program creates a cooperative and positive working relationship with the manufacturers and retailers who work with the university.

The University Licensing Program
All items featuring the university's name and/or logos, or trademarks, whether manufactured for internal distribution or commercial sales, must be produced by a currently licensed vendor. Unlicensed vendors reproducing the CSU name and/or logo do so in violation of federal and state trademark law.

Getting Licensed
Colorado State University partners with Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), the nation's leading collegiate trademark licensing and marketing company, to protect, manage and develop the CSU licensing program.

The mission of CLC is to be the guiding force in collegiate trademark licensing and one of the top sports licensing firms in the country. As such, CLC is dedicated to being a center of excellence in providing licensing services of the highest quality to its member institutions, licensees, retailers and consumers.

Royalty Policy
To produce items bearing the university name, trademarks or logos, vendors must be officially licensed. Unlicensed vendors that produce Colorado State items are in violation of state and federal trademark law. Items intended for internal use by CSU employees are exempt from royalties but still may only be produced by licensed manufacturers. Items intended to be sold externally (i.e. T-shirts for fundraising) are subject to royalties. Royalties are collected by the licensed manufacturer at the time of sale and are paid to the university through the Collegiate Licensing Company. Royalties are funneled into athletics to pay for scholarships, and to the licensing program to cover administrative costs.