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Abby W.
 Abby W.

Colorado Springs, Colo.

High School:
Air Academy

Sports medicine

Birthday: February 25th

Years you've been cheering or dancing: Danced for 17

What you are looking forward to most about the upcoming year? Performing at the games and cheering on our Rams!

Favorite aspect of being on your CSU spirit team: My favorite part of being on the CSU spirit team is dancing with some of my best friends and getting a front row seat for all the games 

What else do you do at CSU other than the spirit team? CAHS Deans Leadership Council VP

Hobbies other than cheering or dancing: Skiing, Waterskiing, tennis, swimming, running and all other mountain activities!

Favorite sport to watch: Baseball

Favorite place on CSU campus: The UCA gardens in the summertime

Favorite Fort Collins restaurant: Mexicali

Favorite Colorado activity: Skiing!!

Post-college plans or career goals: Ski patrol, physical therapy/athletic training

Not many people know this but I...can't say the word purple