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Cammy S.
 Cammy S.

Windsor, Colo.

High School:
Windsor High School

Business with a concentration in marketing

Birthday: May 1,1990

Years you've been cheering or dancing: 6 years

What you are looking forward to most about the upcoming year? Meeting new people and having the chance to be a part of this team

Favorite aspect of being on your CSU spirit team: Getting to be at every game and supporting my school and of course spending time with great teammates.

What else do you do at CSU other than the spirit team?
I haven't had the opportunity to be involved with many other activities but I hope to change that in the future.

Hobbies other than cheering or dancing: Spending quality time with family and friends, camping, snowboarding, boating, hiking, and swimming.

Favorite sport to watch: Football

Favorite place on CSU campus:
The oval

Favorite Fort Collins restaurant:
Texas Road House

Favorite Colorado activity: Snowboarding

Post-college plans or career goals: Eventually get my MBA and work as a marketing agent

Not many people know this but I...would really like to become a lawyer at some point in my life