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Emily N.
 Emily N.

Littleton, Colo.

High School:
Denver Christian

Health & exercise science

Birthday: July 30, 1991

Years you've been cheering or dancing: 6

What you are looking forward to most about the upcoming year? New opportunities!!!

Favorite aspect of being on your CSU spirit team: being a part of a family and being right on the sidelines of my favorite games

What else do you do at CSU other than the spirit team?
I am an RA & involved with the Navigators

Hobbies other than cheering or dancing: Camping, Mountain Biking, Hiking.. anything in God's beautiful creation!

Favorite sport to watch: Football

Favorite place on CSU campus: IM fields

Favorite Fort Collins restaurant: Texas Roadhouse!

Favorite Colorado activity: Rock Climbing

Post-college plans or career goals: I would love to be a Mom & on the side a Physician Assistant fº

Not many people know this but I... have jumped out of an airplane 2 miles above the ground! Skydiving rocks