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Hall of Fame Class of 1989

Track and Field (1975 to 1980)

Jon Sinclair is a two-time state champion from Arvada West High School who came to Colorado State University in 1975 to become one of the greatest long-distance runners in school history. Sinclair immediately broke school records and competed on two NCAA Cross Country teams along with competing in the NCAA Indoor Nationals in Detroit. In 1979, Sinclair won two All-American awards, the first for the indoor mile and the second for the outdoor 5,000 meters.

In 1980, Jon Sinclair went to Pocatello, Idaho and won the USA National Cross Country championship and began a monumental career in professional road racing. From 1979 to 1993, Sinclair became the all-time cumulative point leader in the Runner's World Road Race rankings. He won the USA National 10,000 Meter Championship in 1984 and as of 2012 is the US record holder for the 12K on the roads. In 2001, he helped establish the Colorado Marathon held in Fort Collins where Sinclair continues to coach long distance running.

Other Accomplishments:

  • Nye Award Winner (1980)
  • Road Runners Club of American Hall of Fame
  • Olympic Trials Finalist in 5,000 Meters (1984)
  • 1980 and 1982 International Cross Country Team
  • Former US record holder in 5K on the roads