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Nikki F.
 Nikki F.

Westminster, CO

High School:
Broomfield High School


Birthday: 09/25/91

Years you've been cheering or dancing: I've been dancing since I was four years old and I was on the Broomfield Poms team all four years of high school.

What you are looking forward to most about the upcoming year? Meeting new people and getting my college education off to a new start.

Favorite aspect of being on your CSU spirit team: Enjoying the sisterhood that evolves from being on a team.

What else do you do at CSU other than the spirit team? This is my first year but it seems like studying and being on the dance team will fill most of my time.

Hobbies other than cheering or dancing: I love to draw and paint, fashion and interior design, music and high speed roller coasters that make my stomach drop.

Favorite sport to watch: Football, basketball and the World Cup

Favorite place on CSU campus: Don't know yet but after exploring more I should have one.

Favorite Fort Collins restaurant: Still exploring but I enjoyed eating at Pickles and Cheeba Hut.

Favorite Colorado activity: Snowboarding

Post-college plans or career goals: Start or open my own business

Not many people know this but I... can talk like Donald Duck.