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Ram Club Q&A: Kim Mestdagh

Senior Kim Mestdagh

Senior Kim Mestdagh

Dec. 20, 2011

What is your preferred pregame meal? 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I haven't figured it out yet.

Favorite song on your iPod right now?
I Don't Want This Night to End by Luke Bryan.

I'm not sure many people realize how much time you and your teammates invest into school and your sport. What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day for me is classes and rehab or treatment in the morning, with practice in the afternoon and study hall at night. We also have weights three times a week before or after practice.

What excites you the most about the current/upcoming season?
I am really excited about the upcoming games. We are better than our record right now and we have been working hard every single day. We have been improving every game and I can't wait for our hard work to pay off. Oh, and Cancun was fabulous!

How has being a scholarship recipient impacted you and your family?
My scholarship has made it possible for me to come to the U.S. and attend CSU.

Give an example of how a coach has helped you in the past year.
Coach Holt has been a big part of what I have accomplished at CSU. She definitely helped improve my game but most importantly she believes in me.

What is your favorite memory of competing for CSU?
Playing in Moby in front of all of our fans.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of your current team?
My teammates.

What are your plans after graduation?
I don't know yet.

What is the hardest class you have taken at CSU?
Probably Exercise Physiology.

If you could compete against any other athlete, from any time in history, who would it be and why? Who would win?
Becky Hammon, because she is a big time player and she made great history here at CSU. Becky would definitely win!

What does it mean to you to be a member of the CSU community?
It means a lot for me. Everyone is very caring which I like, especially being so far away from home.